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  1. how bout; See my mule don't like people laughing...he gets the crazy idea you're laughing at him!
  2. kuma

    INT Store

    ok fair enough. PE stock from Rob (FOH) are miles apart from the other oline vendors or even the "B & M" stores. Thank you all for your input.
  3. kuma

    INT Store

    would like to know when buying from the Int. store how do I know the level / standard (PSP, HQ, PE) of the cigars I'm buying. I see no mention of this on the Int. store home page. any help would be wonderful.
  4. correct me if i'm wrong but steel toe boots / shoes were born in the US Navy for work on aircraft carries. reason being was if when a very heavy object came crashing down on your foot / toes the steel in the boot would end up cutting your toes clean off instead of crushing them into little bitty peices. a clean cut toe is much easyer to reattach then crushed one.
  5. For lite running flat surfaces Asics worked for me. For hard trail / rocky hill running Saucony never let me down. These two brands are outstanding for either running or walking. Worst running shoes were Brooks and Skechers. The buttom of the Brooks (sole) blew out (brand new) after making my way up a 400 foot rocky ridge near my home. They were called the "Beast" but they were a pussy cat. Skechers are cheap and not what I'd ever use for running. Nikes never worked for me rather a gimmick type of shoe that also feel cheap. New Balance is a very well made, rugged running shoe. But I needed a lighter shoe. NB's are rather heavy but worth the coin if you don't my the weight. Enjoy and remember to put both shoes on and lace them up as if you are going to walk / run in them. Walk arounf the store and test them see how the feel. If they feel good on your feet then they are what you are looking for. Enjoy!
  6. They are called "DEST" Don't Ever Smoke Them!
  7. kuma

    Fact or Fiction

    looks below PE level to me.
  8. 2011 in Barcelona bought a box of the 52's for $270.00 at the time. What a cigar then. The best I ever smoked. Wish I knew what I know now. Think about two years ago bought a box of 52's but man did they seem to be average at best. Maybe when in Spain again I'll ask the owner of the shop if they have gotten any better and if they are worth the price if he can even get them.. What a shame Habanos had a great, great smoke. I know there are still very good smokes coming out of Kuba but I do with the 52's were with reach. Why I did not get more after the 2011 batch thought they would be around for years.
  9. 2008,2013, 2014, 2015 visited France and some different regions. found it easy when in Nice to find a few good cigar shops. if I remember the CDG airport had reg. production stock. also Monte Carlo had 2 or three good shops not to mention the Casino has a decent selection. Aux Provence had a great cigar shop at the top of the main concourse. but in general looks like France is not that user friendly when it comes to cigar smoking. rather go to Spain a stones throw away from France and rub elbows with the cigar loving locals. Maybe only the 2nd best place to smoke/buy cigars other than Cuba!
  10. rest and relax with a good home cooked meal. no going out to many nut bags drinking and driving rather stay safe in my abode.
  11. keep your friends close but your enemies closer........ Leave the gun, take the canollies........ INTIMATES - Don't you care for my love? she said bitterly. I handed her the mirror, and said: Please address these questions to the proper person! Please make all requests to head-quarters! In all matters of emotional importance please approach the supreme authority direct!- So I handed her the mirror. D. H. LAWRENCE
  12. Wishing all "Peace and Goodwill" in this year and the next!
  13. the vote almost 50/50.
  14. Naw we would be bossom buddies.
  15. kuma

    Delivery Drones

    as long as who ever is making the pie knows how to make it. love thin crust, brick oven wood fired! White clam pie with the bellies, a little grated cheese and lemon on the side. I'd say they could can fly all the drones they want as long as they get the pizza right.

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