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  1. well in usa the public has grown to accept and even love thier auto. it has gotten to the point that rail, boat and flying has suffered at the hands of the auto market. problem now in the states especially in the older cities, northeast New York, west coast and middle of the country, Chicago, Michigan..the bridges are failing and the roads are in piss poor shape. These cities are almost broke and they do not have the cash to fix the infurstructer that is under thier control. For work I drive a Honda that is called "Green Technology" it has a electric motor and a gas motor. The el motor is powered by a 200 volt ion battery, while the gas motor is a 4 cylinder normal aspirated engine. When the auto is moving the gas motor charges the ion battery. Not a bad setup. At least I do not need a charging station. And until the states gets enough of those (charging stations) 100% el auto will have a hard time making inroads into the auto market. If the eletric car makers make it easy to charge your el auto at home then you have a real challenge. note. gasoline for cars in the states is very cheap now. some towns and cities $2.40 to $2.80 gallon!
  2. kuma


    Have money, fast fingers and a good drink / smoke at your beckon call!
  3. kuma


    as a long ago system writer (Vb, COBOL, Adv, COBOL) there is the saying; garbage > garbage < . I'm sure any problems the system encounters will be handled in professional manner . Your IT guys do a great job! Can't wait for the fire works to begin!
  4. kuma

    Qdo 54 hype

    nothing like a re-packaging of a old smoke to get the blood flowing. remember what Habanos took out of production to make this smoke. Only the corona had remained for the French market out of 4 total.
  5. could care less about starbucks or for that matter coffee in general. I'll make mine a double shot of espresso w / tablespoon of sugar, glass of sparkling water and a good CC (from FOH) with the espresso could not ask for more. Simple and basic is the way to go. later gators!
  6. now dys I just buy from FOH. Unless I'm in Europe or Japan and pick up some smokes there I find no reason to freeze any cigars. So nope, never ever. But I will go to Kuba soon (two hours) from states as the 767 / 737 flies. Right now would like to see more creature comforts in country. The use of credit / debit cards are a must for me. I don't like walking around with wads of money on my being.
  7. Well if it was good for Samson then it must be ok for Kraft. I heard the rest of the NFL owners each threw money into a hat and hired a camera crew to flim the room where Kraft would be in when he got his groove on. The NFL owners were tired of his team winning all of the time and knew they had to find a way to stop it. Boom oldest trick in the book and he got snagged.
  8. kuma

    Favorite movie featuring the military?

    BATAAN - Staring Robert Taylor SEVEN SAMURAI - Staring Toshire Mifune Directed by Akira Kurosawa FULL METAl JACKET - Staring Matt Modeen CHRGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGARDE - Staring - Errol Flynn THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON - Errol Flynn THE SAND PEBBLES - Steve McQueen LAWRENCE OF ARABIA - Peter O'Toole STALINGRAD - Pyotr Fyodorov ENEMY AT THE GATES - Ed Harris THE NIGHT OF THE GENERALS - Peter O'Toole TOP GUN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN A FEW GOOD MEN
  9. Palio used to be great for the money. Ever sine they changed ownership they are not as good. If you think you have a orginal cutter just check the side of the cutter were the Palio logo is. It used to be a horse rearing up, now it just says Palio and as I said I think the new ones are well below the orginals in quality.
  10. Blood sport. If their were no plastic helmts there would be no real pain, aka broken this or that, crashing of two, three... men 250 lbs or more and what a sound it makes! if you have ever been on the sidelines when this happens very thrilling. Aslo same reason people go and see NASCAR, the crashings! Let's not kid ourselves human enjoy the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat! It is like what major Killgore said, "smells like victory" refering to naplam being drop on the enemy.
  11. Been to Spain and France and can say that Spain has some really great boxes of Habanos. I think one reason is the relationship between the two countries. I would not doubt that Spain is treated with special care when it comes the quality they receive. But I think more pragmatically and think that the B and M's in Spain just take care of their inventory at a very high level, in terms of how they store them. Spain has always has had a strong relationship with Cuba in general. Can't be said about France! Don't get me wrong I have found great smokes in France and Monaco ( i iknow not part of France) but close enough. Especially in the South of France along the Rivera from the border of Italy to the border of Spain (great local train ride) great smokes abound. But again Spain seems to get great quality from Kuba. Just my observation.
  12. DOA - bikes are a lot of fun. But the problem that comes into play are many numerous x factors. From everything under the sun like roads that should be outlawed for the condition they are in (at least here in the northeast) to your half blind grandma's / pa's who still takes their vehicle out on sundays but can't see over the streering wheel to deer (white tail) running across the road. Here (NE States) the traffic is super heavy and everyone is eager to get somewhere come hell or high water. and they don't mind running you over. Also in the state i live in there is NO helmet law so come every spring when riders are chopping at the bit to get out on the road including myself there is a huge spike in "car meets bike" accidents and you know how that ends. As I get older each new year I ride less and less. I have seen many friends die or get hurt very badly bike riding in thier all to often young life. Riding is super fun but most of the time it ain't the bikers fault it's the other guy / gal who tells the cop "I just did not see the biker". Most likely this is my last spring / summer riding. I want to retire with my mind and body intact. Bone fishing in the keys, walking along the Med. on the coast of France / Italy back to Japan and into onsens (hot baths) and above all smoke the best damn smokes i can get from Rob. Cuba is soon only three hours from where I live as the coach aircraft flies. So mates remember they won't see you until it is to late so watch out for them, stay safe and good luck!
  13. how bout; See my mule don't like people laughing...he gets the crazy idea you're laughing at him!

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