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  1. The last leg of our journey brought us to Dublin. We stayed right in Temple bar.... At Temple Bar. It was sometimes loud at night but it was a great location. We spent most of our days wandering the streets, sightseeing and hitting the pubs and most of our nights being showed great hospitality from our local friends. We did manage to tour the surrounding areas a little bit. One day we were shown around by an awesome tour guide we found. Highly recommend Chaperone VIP Tours- Eamonn 00353 83 8778 448 . Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited out to a friends sea side family vacation spot. Thanks to Andy Ryan, Rob Fox and their wife’s for the hospitality and great friendship! Also to Yurigos (spelling?) from JJ Fox. Most of all Thanks to Rob and Di for a great ( nearly 3 weeks) vacation. All of the scenery, food, drinks and fun means little compared to the company that we we’re lucky enough to share it with!
  2. Tried to post these as we went but internet connection was fickle.
  3. madandana

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Good times Brother
  4. madandana

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    You nailed it Brother. He couldn’t take the heat like us.
  5. It officially started last night although we’ve been practicing for a week. Habanos Mike and Kelly showed up. Andy Ryan and the Foxes. Today we’re off the some magical cliff for a full day of debauchery. Wish us well.
  6. Scenery is great but the people are even better.....More to come.
  7. Happy Birthday Mate!
  8. Thanks to Rob, Di and the Fox’s for a great afternoon. Also to all the generous new friends we got to meet. That’s what it’s all about.
  9. I’ll have a Negroni waiting for you in London🍹Safe travels.
  10. madandana

    London and Milan

    Thanks for the report. We’ll be there Thursday.
  11. madandana

    Mason Jars

    Wasn’t that a thing in your previous life?
  12. Under another topic the conversation of jar storage has come up so I wanted to expand on it a little. I started storing some of my customs in jars as I didn’t have enough larger cigar boxes to keep them in. First problem I noticed is the thicker ring gauge don’t age without any air flow. I have 2-3 year old cigars that I can still smell ammonia in and others that taste very young. Then I have others that seem flavor less when I know that they weren’t when I put them in there.(as the other poster had stated) I have loosened the lid for 6 month periods to let the initial aging process do it’s thing and also drilled a very small hole in the lids so there’s a little air movement in the jar. We know that even plastic bags breath a little so I’m attempting to simulate this. Anyone else have any of these things happen to them?
  13. madandana

    Current Fitness Routines?

    I’m lucky enough that if I take the long way to work it’s 3.5 miles on a nice running path around the lake. I run the first 2 to 3 and walk the rest. Get the employees going in the morning then walk the 3.5 Miles back home to have brekkie and shower up. When it’s time to lose weight it’s no sugar or bread and I go off the sauce for 1 month every year. Dropped 20# over the last 4-5 weeks. I leave for Europe on Wednesday for almost 3 weeks...... I’ll probably put the 20 back on and start all over when I get home.🍹🍻🍕🍔
  14. I’m not going to bring any.....I’ll just mooch off Rob and Havana Mike.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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