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  1. madandana

    Hamlet Liberation

    That was interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  2. madandana

    Cuba fishing trip

    I’m in Brother. Later in April works best for me. Thanks. Something else to look forward to😀
  3. madandana

    Please help identify

    I think you nailed it. Which fica is this? Thanks
  4. madandana

    Please help identify

    I’ve yet to get the sticks. He sent me this pic and said they were wrapped in a bambo thingy. Thanks for all the replies so far!
  5. They say what comes around go’s around. I got a call from a business associate today who likes to have a cigar now and then so I always share mine when we meet up at different functions. He had a friend just return from Cuba and dropped off this bundle. My friend wants repay all the favors and hook me up with a couple. He has no idea what part of Cuba or who rolled them. They don’t look like anything out of Havana that I’ve seen.(With the bambo wrap). Anyone have a clue? Thanks .
  6. madandana

    Cuba fishing trip

    I have a busy April but you know I never pass on an invite🍹. I might be able to do a weekend in late April if my liver is still functioning.
  7. Would love to get together. We will be in and out of Corpus Christi all winter. We drive dad down on 12-26, fly home on 1-2-19, then fly back on 2-12-19 and stay until the end of March. If you get down our way let me know. We’ll be on the beach right by Packery channel.
  8. How long are you in FW? We are coming through on the 27 ish.
  9. Thanks for that....I think.... Beer looked awesome. How may did you and you “Mates” have before filming? 🍻🍻🍻🍻
  10. madandana

    Hello from Northern Minnesota

    Welcome neighbor. I’m just west of MPLS.
  11. madandana

    Newbie from Atlanta

    Welcome. Nice to to meet you in Havana. Mike
  12. madandana

    Cigar Room & Man Cave

    All I can say is WOW. Sounds like you’re in Chicago.Not to far from MPLS. Let us know when the basement warming party is.
  13. madandana

    in flight duty free

    I don’t think we have in flight duty free in America. I’ve only seen it once or twice. I think it was from IT to Paris.
  14. RIP. Politics aside I know a few people who know the Bush family on a personal level and they all say you couldn’t meet a finer set of folks.

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