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  1. I’ve eaten a lot of things in Cuba that ended up being explosive 😫
  2. Great memories. Hopefully we’ll do that again soon. Miss this so much!
  3. Did you ever get the existing car running? I know it was quit a challenge at first.
  4. Good luck Rob, I know you’ve been a TB fan through thick and thin. Being a recovering Vikings fan, I’ve felt your pain. I will be smoking a Cohiba that you gave me when Dana and I were out to visit you and Di. I hope it brings you luck! We will try to join you on Zoom to have a smink together.
  5. Also highly recommend this beautiful family. Great friends. They always have over to their house for dinner.
  6. Ya, she looks a little mad if anything. Like once again she chose the wrong guy ?
  7. That’s funny. Dana never tells me and when I ask if somethings new she says “ No I’ve had this for years “. One time I had to tell her that the tags were still on it.

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