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  1. Sorry about that post from HM. Don’t know how that happened and don’t know how to edit.
  2. I’ve got a couple of bottles, not my favorite. I’ll bring you to you first NASCAR race tho.
  3. If I had to defer to anyone, it would be you oh world traveler, cigar smoking bar hopper 🍹😂
  4. Dinner with the kids tonight. Company party tomorrow. I’m supplying the cigars (Quintero’s- they are rookies 😀) Got a bouncy house for the kids. Should be fun.
  5. Went to Greece a few weeks ago and was smooth sailing. No issues. Just back from Hawaii yesterday ( not international trip but felt like it). Again smooth sailing with minor hoops to jump through.
  6. You had me at Ridgy Didgy. Not a big show guy but did enjoy the Rock and Roll burlesque show at the Flamingo. Also enjoyed Elton John at Cesars when he was filling in for Celine Dion.
  7. I also spoke to him. He’s doing some traveling. Has also hit some other countries.
  8. I’m jealous. Can’t wait to get by and hang out with you and Edna. Great job bro. And glad you’re healthy!
  9. Ramon Allones Gigantes. Just so Rob could laugh at me every time I tried to say it.
  10. Shoot I didn’t know during Happy Hour yesterday. I guess I could have one for breakfast this morning.🍹
  11. Love watching these. Good luck everyone. I haven’t seen Havana Mike chime in. Maybe someone else has a chance.
  12. I think you ( meaning smithy of course) could incorporate a cutter maybe even v cut?
  13. If I’m reading this correctly. Peter must be the smarted among us. Might be a typo.

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