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  1. madandana

    Weekend vid: Prieto

    And she’s still talking about what a great host you are. Not to mention your great wine!
  2. These seem to be getting more popular. Dana and I are hiding from old man winter down in TX and were invited to a function at a local brew pub. I threw a stick in Dana’s purse on the off chance that I’d get to smoke one. To my great surprise, as I walked in the first vender was a Mobile cigar lounge. Matt and Michelle run Highlander Tobacco co. Matt rolls everything himself and has some great smokes. Very nice people and welcomed us in for a tour of the lounge. If you get a chance check them out. They spend time in the Corpus Christi and Houston areas.
  3. madandana

    Weekend vid: Prieto

    Sweet. Spent a magical afternoon at Hectors .
  4. I’m on my way over
  5. madandana


    Seems like this girl is always happy- Happy Birthday.
  6. We’re booked Geno. (Airfare and hotel)Thanks for the invite! You’ll see our registration tomorrow 😀
  7. madandana

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Glad you liked it bro. Quite possibly my favorite custom.
  8. madandana

    USA / customs limits

    I’m always honest about it. Out of 5 trips they only made me pay once and I had 350. Even then it was only $60.
  9. madandana

    Melia Habana Hotel

    I agree with this. Depending on what your bank charges you in the states as a fee for conversion, it’s not worth it to me. All the screwing around for to save a small amount of cash. What does work well is if you happen to be going to Europe at some point ahead of your Cuban trip, stock up on Euros from the ATM.
  10. If you go through Minnesota on your way let me know.
  11. madandana

    Has anyone dreamt about cigars

    OMG. A few more months and this can all come to fruition. Most of these are real senarios Can’t wait to meet Salma and try the vintage cigar.🍹😀🍹😀🍹
  12. madandana

    Melia Habana Hotel

    There is one US CC that works in Cuba. Stonegate out of Florida. It’s a great way to go and does save you the 10%. The rollers won’t accept them for customs but you can use it for regular production.
  13. madandana

    Melia Habana Hotel

    I always get them mixed up to. How I remember is the irony of it. Melia Havana is not in Havana it’s in Miramar. Melia Cohiba is in Havana.....Just my dumb way of thinking 🤔
  14. Sad. We do what we can when we can.......Wish we could do more.
  15. The more I get to know more people around the world I’m learning how they focus on many U.S. things. Movies, sports, politics etc. Most times they know more that I do on the subjects.

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