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  1. My Favorite-Negroni but usually just when I’m traveling. At home it’s usually a heavy beer, rum or bourbon.
  2. I am unaware of any BM trying to sell “Cubans”. The Craigslist ads I’ve seen are surely mostly fake. I know of a couple flippers On Facebook and I’m pretty sure they are legit but I don’t buy from them.
  3. Congrats on your enthusiasm. I will say that your flying trapeze goals are a tad higher then mine.😀
  4. Small hairy rodents. Rob laughed at me for a week for jumping in the air when the squirrel scared me in London. As a kid I wasn’t scared of anything until a dog bit me at the age of 10. Been Leary of most animals ever since.
  5. Thanks for the laughs guys. Sign us up for the Rum tour.🍹
  6. Looks like fun. Glad you guys had a ball.
  7. We spent a few days down in Corpus Christi. Caught this Bull Red. We let him go so some else could enjoy the experience.
  8. Meat eater here. I prefer beef but pork done right will do just fine. Lambs not a big thing in MN but is getting more popular. The lamb chops Andy Ryan and his wife Nicola made us in Dublin were devine. Cant wait for Dana to take a shot at making them.
  9. Sounds good Brother, We are looking forward to it.
  10. Thanks Dee and everyone for the birthday wishes. We spent it in San Antonio TX at some fancy smancy resort we were at for some business stuff. Then down to Corpus Christi for some fishing and R&R. Fishing’s been slow but the R&R is going well🍸🍸🍸🍸.

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