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  1. Out to dinner at a Mexican joint Friday for my son in laws birthday, Dig into some Margaritas. Saturday- Outdoor art show in our town. We have a couple friends with booths so we will go and support them. Eat some carnie food. Then off to our home town (only 7 mi away) for what is called the Gear head get together. Everyone bring their old hot rods, motorcycles, lawnmowers, anything old and cool. There’s a car show, beer garden, bands. We will run into old friends and drink a few beers. Sunday. Chill out on my lakeside patio, have a smoke and Dana will smoke a roast.
  2. This I would add for an afternoon or late night snack Hotel National for a toasted Cuban samich . The sandwich is pretty good but more than that it’s the experience.
  3. Yup, I’ve been through a bunch and it’s all up to the officers. Also depends which city you’re landing in. Atlanta is less restrictive vs Miami. General rule of thumb is 100 cigars each and 1 bottle of rum.
  4. Had a blast with him in Cuba. Great Pinky Bliders impressions. Can’t wait to read his book.
  5. Do you know the scene in God Father 2 with Superman? That’s supposedly true. There was a guy hung like an elephant that they used in live sex shows. I think I read it in that book that was talked about here, regarding the Mafia in Havana.
  6. I’ll be sure to let her know. OK, she said hell no.
  7. Yup, I always pick up 10-15 while in Havana to pass out to friends. Their like $1 each.

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