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  1. Great memories. Hopefully we’ll do that again soon. Miss this so much!
  2. Did you ever get the existing car running? I know it was quit a challenge at first.
  3. Di will have to mop up when she gets home🍹
  4. Good luck Rob, I know you’ve been a TB fan through thick and thin. Being a recovering Vikings fan, I’ve felt your pain. I will be smoking a Cohiba that you gave me when Dana and I were out to visit you and Di. I hope it brings you luck! We will try to join you on Zoom to have a smink together.
  5. Also highly recommend this beautiful family. Great friends. They always have over to their house for dinner.
  6. Ya, she looks a little mad if anything. Like once again she chose the wrong guy 😤
  7. That’s funny. Dana never tells me and when I ask if somethings new she says “ No I’ve had this for years “. One time I had to tell her that the tags were still on it.
  8. It looks like the way I’ve felt some mornings in Cuba.🍹🍹🍹🍹
  9. Happy New year from Dana and I. We are spending it with Dana’s sister in San Diego. We’re hoping that we get to see some of you this year once travel opens a bit.
  10. Thanks brother. We are bummed that you guys aren’t here. Plan on next year for sure. Hugs to Di,Lisa and the crew.
  11. Yup, I see them every day. If it’s a nice one I’ll take a pic for my neighbor so he believes me that they exist.
  12. Thanks for sharing John. Great story’s makes me feel like I’m in Cuba now with the boys like we’re supposed to be. We’ve had some laughs with Nick. Great guy.
  13. Vikes just took the lead. 21-16. Not that I’m getting my hopes up. After all they’ve been breaking my heat for like 50 years.😫
  14. Mods please admonish the Original poster for a violation- Talking US politics 😂 But seriously, for me this falls into the category of the OFAC having nothing better to do?

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