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  1. VR XV Aniversario LAR DIC 12 was fantastic Best cigar i've had in a while
  2. Very nice indeed what have you used for cooling
  3. I say if they can get it why not Capitalisem at its best what bugs me is getting Taxed USD $943 per Kilo by customs so what i pay for cigars is not as relevent as the tax, as its not based on the price I pay for the cigars, now thats gouging !
  4. yep same here in NZ ,just paid NZ$590 to get a box of Punch DC released by those pricks Has no relationship to any kind of justifaction to Tax like this
  5. I enjoy the the Genios just finished a box from 2010 and felt they were improving with time, started on a 2012 box but feel these could do with more time for my taste
  6. Yeah found the same with the lever not working after 3-6 mths continuous use, now keep a few just for travel for which they are great !
  7. Smoking a very good Esplendidos from 2010 as i type but as said above find more complexity in a SW from the same year

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