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  1. Imagine what that would look like after one flight with Qantas
  2. Beautiful ! I reckon those shelves will be empty by the end of November
  3. I bought a bunch of these, around Aus$4 each on eBay. They work well and you just bin it when it gets blunt and it's no drama if you lose it
  4. One thing I do know about Epi 2 is they do really well with age. Maybe park them for a couple of years and go back to them
  5. It is a lovely part of the world and it looks like the weather gods have been kind to you Cheers from a very wet and cold Perth
  6. Happy Birthday John I'm a bit late to the party but I hope you had a good one Cheers
  7. I have five of these in my humidor - one on each shelf. I also have one in the room that the humidor is in. I think they are great, nice and small and they are easy to calibrate. The app is good and you can check the status anywhere that you can get internet. The only downside (maybe) is the tag manager has to be plugged into your modem. Not a problem for me, all the gear is in the same room. I would recommend them 👍
  8. 6 to 10 boxes a day !! How am I supposed to work with all of this going on Is there an app for my watch so I don't miss anything ?
  9. The humidifiers in the Aristocrat puts moisture into the unit but it wont take moisture out. My understanding is that beads will do both but you'll need the correct amount of beads. I have never run the humidifier units in my Aristocrat, my problem problem is keeping the humidity down when the cooling units are working in Summer. I use beads and damp-rid to maintain around 66% Humidity
  10. Loose in the freezer, next to the fish and the curry...... Must taste amazing, the curry and fish that is, the cigars taste like sh1t 😂

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