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  1. 16 bottles and that's just some of the wines!! Must have been an amazing lunch
  2. Such sad news, Mike was so full of energy and fun. My condolences to Kelly and the family RIP Mike
  3. This... Not as full on as the Islay whiskys, but lovely mild peat flavour
  4. Take a magnet, if it sticks to the base of the pan the stove will work. If not you'll have to: Change your pans or change your stove top
  5. I have no clue what to get I was hoping for some ideas here..... But I'm not so sure now 😁 Maybe I should get drunk and break Rule No 1
  6. Hey Siri Pay Joe Joe Cocker starts playing on my phone So I shout PAY JOE The track changes to another Joe Cocker song FFS Siri f##king PAY JOE Siri says "I'm sorry I didn't understand" Then it starts getting personal, feels like I'm dealing with a dumb human when as it turns out I'm the dumb human In the meantime Joe sings "I get by with a little help....."
  7. I didn't think I would be any good at poetry because I'm dyslexic But I'm really proud of the way the two clay mugs turned out.
  8. Do you suppose that bottled Perrier would taste better than chlorinated tap water ? ?
  9. Got the idea from here, it worked for my PC and it's worked for me so far:
  10. Rubber mats for the home gym I thought I would set up. I've had them for two weeks, its on my to do list !
  11. You could watch the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix.. Just cancelled, maybe not !! We're starting to get it too
  12. Just did the weekly shopping... They have run out of baked beans, the shelves are empty.. Two rows down they have run out of toilet paper. Not surprising considering they have just sold out of baked beans !!!! Nothing to do with Covid, its the beans that make you sh1T !!! Got to love Covid19 Cheers
  13. These fine gentlemen, my Perth Band of Brothers and we meet as often as possible. There are a couple of blokes missing from the photo, we are 12 good Mates.
  14. I'm a St Dupont defy extreme fan. Also the maxi jet is great, nice size and it just works. @rcarlson I found the best gas is the Iroda gas for the micro jets. It reasonable priced, doesn't seem to clog and the nozzle fits the St Dupont lighters
  15. Happy Birthday Lisa Bit late to the party but I'm sure you had a good one Cheers
  16. Happy Birthday Rob Like fine wine and great cigars You get better with a bit of age Have a good one Mate

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