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  1. » » Any opinion on them? They look sweet. » » Why yes, I do. I opine that at $700 and $2700 U.S. respectively, I shall » not be » purchasing either. » » Seriously, though I haven't seen them in person, I do like the look of » many of the » PD products, and all I've read points to a reputation of quality. Maybe » some of our » high rollers can comment - Smithy, you around? I've been to the Porsche Design store at Copley Place in Boston. Everything looks and feels very well made. I liked the design of the majority of the items I saw there, but everything is ridiculously over priced When I was in the store, two customers were comparing notes on their Lamborginis! I'm no high roller, but did buy myself a Christmas present. A really neat butane lighter that fits into the "fifth pocket" of jeans and other casual pants. I think it was about $160.00. It was just about the least expensive thing in the store. There was a sweater I really liked, until I saw the $800 price tag! If you visit the website, you'll notice a lack of prices mentioned.
  2. » » »Forgive my ignorance. How does one smoke these tobacco braids? Are you meant to undo the three and smoke one at a time or keep them together, light all three and smoke them like a circus seal playing the horns? »
  3. This is long, but I think it's of interest to all of us. I’ve had humidors for about 6 years. My first desktop came with a cheap looking analog hygrometer, so I bought two identical Diamond Crown digital hygros. I’ve trusted these two digitals up until a few days ago. I just bought two of the new adjustable digitals hygros that come with a Boveda “calibration” kit. I’ve used the salt and distilled water in a baggie test in the past, but was always uncertain because of all of the variables (how much salt, what ratio of salt to distilled water, what volume of air in the container? All were unclear in the descriptions I read on the web) I spent the week using the Boveda kits to test all six hygros (two analog, two adjustable digitals and two non-adjustable digitals). The two analogs were very close to 75% after 32 hours and I adjusted them accordingly. The two adjustable digitals were also very close to 75% and then adjusted. The two non-adjustables read aprox. 3% low and I noted it on them with a sharpie marker. So far, so good. I then moved all my cigars (ten boxes) and all six hygros to my footlocker size humidor from my Avanti thermoelectric wine fridge. I emptied the Avanti to prepare it for the Johnson Controls external temperature control I was expecting. With the ten boxes stuffed in the footlocker humi., I adjusted the humidification level (Exquisicat pearls) so that the two adjustables hygros read about 65%. Before long I noticed that the two analogs had dropped down to 58 or 59%RH and the two non-adjustables a few degrees lower (remember they were 3% low at calibration). So, I decided, since the four hygros that were lower were all about 6 years old and the two higher (65%) hygros were brand new, I’d trust the new hygros and keep the humidification the same. This lasted a day and I received the Johnson external control for the wine fridge. I set it up and it worked well. I found one prewired from a reptile supply website. Once the Avanti seemed stable I moved the cigars and the two new adjustable hygros (that I had decided to trust) into the wine fridge as it was very hot and I was having trouble keeping the RH% down in the footlocker humi. That was Saturday. I spent a day monitoring the wine fridge with its new temp control. The RH% only fluctuated about 3% during a cooling cycle (65 to 62%RH). The temp stayed within about one degree F. (65 or 64 degrees). At this point I’m delighted with the wine fridge, which I had kept unplugged for the winter after getting it in late October. I’m thrilled with the Johnson Controls external temp. control. Later that day I received another package, a fancy looking hygrometer/thermometer from AZ instruments corp. that I won on ebay for $20. It looks much more expensive than $20. It’s a unit about the size of a very large television remote control with a six inch probe that connects to the unit via a thin cable. So I put the probe in the wine fridge and close the door with the probes thin wire running through the seal on the fridge door. To my dismay, this new AZ “industrial” meter is reading 4 to 5%RH lower than the two adjustables I decided to trust and, based on the AZ model # 2701, it might be very old. The model #s on the AZ website are all in the 8700 range. MODEL #2701 So I took all six hygro and the industrial meter and placed them outside of the wine fridge for about an hour. When I checked them again the two analogs were reading about 40%RH (room conditions, not in a humidor) the two non-adjustables about 3% lower, the AZ industrial about 41%RH and the two new adjustables were at about 52%RH. What had been a difference of between 4 to 7%RH, depending on which “lower” hygro I compared to the two new adjustables at 65%RH was now an 11 or 12% difference. I now don’t know which, if any, of the hygrometers to trust. I have all six hygros and the AZ meter in the fridge now and all are still about 4 to 7% lower than the two new adjustables. Even the industrial meter’s manual states it’s only accurate within 3% RH and that calibration might be necessary (they sell special kits into which the probe can be inserted for testing accuracy). I searched the internet and haven’t found a hygrometer, at any price, that claims to be more accurate than the common type meant to used in a humidor. I found one company, Adorini, that claimed their hygrometers were designed for optimum accuracy in the 65 to 75%RH range and that other hygrometers aren’t specifically designed for the cigar users needs. What do you all think? Anyone have similar variances between their different hygros at different humidity ranges? Do you trust your hygrometer?
  4. My Avanti 28 bottle thermoelectric wine chiller arrived today and I’ve been busy trying to get it functioning for my purposes as a very stable humidor. First, I set the empty unit to MAX (51 deg.F to 53 deg. F/11 C to 12 C) for about an hour to make sure it worked. The Hygro/Therm. I put in read 56 deg F and 45 RH . Then I set the thermostat to MIN (57-62 F/ 14-17 C) for another hour or so and the reading rose to 60 deg F and 56 RH). Although I had hoped the units humidity level would be higher, I wasn’t too surprised and added my Cigar Oasis XL plus. The RH rose to 65 in a few minutes. Now I was eager to try the whole picture. I put in 8 boxes of habanos (3 cabs and 5 dress). The temp inside the unit had risen to 71 deg F because I unplugged it to move it to it’s final destination and opened it in order to load with cigar boxes. So far so good. While the temp. remained around 70 F, the RH held at rock steady at 65%, but I noticed the Cigar Oasis (which I filled with distilled water yesterday) was turning on every minute or so, for about ten seconds. In my humidor, I seldom hear it switch on. This made me wonder about the units exchange of inside and outside air. Although the door seal was very tight, the humidity was not lasting very long and the C.O. was working overtime to maintain it. Then, when the unit had gotten the temp down to about 65 F, the RH was down to 60% and the C.O. was on constantly. I surmised that the temp was just too low and switched the wine chiller off completely. When the temp. got back to the high 60s I was back to the C.O. turning on every minute or so, for about ten seconds in order to maintain 65% RH ( I’m using two digital and two analog hygrometers in the unit, just to make sure). My questions are for those who use wine cooler/chillers to store their cigars (Tampa, Prof. Twain and any others with experience or general knowledge of this type of set up). 1. Is it more difficult to contain humidity in these units than in normal humidors, because of the air exchange involved in the cooling process? 2. Do you find it more difficult to maintain sufficient RH at the lower than normal room temperatures these units provide at their lowest settings? 3. What do you use in these types of units to provide humidity? I had read that some units went as high as 65%RH, but no such luck here. 4. Is there anything I’m missing or anything else I need to know in order to use one of these chillers successfully? My theory was that maintaining a consistent temperature would make maintaining a consistent humidity level far easier. That’s why I purchased this unit, rather than a larger humidor. Any help is much apprecitated.
  5. » Colt, you're known on this board as quite handy with photoshop. Any plans to photoshop a double corona into the jacko'lantern's mouth?:wink:
  6. » Here's a few cool shots of just how big we really are ! » » » » »
  7. » » » This shot reminds me of the movie poster for The Usual Suspects So which stick is Keyser Soze???
  8. » Here is Lisa at: » » The Statue of Liberty » » » » My two favorite ladies. The one representing freedom and the other our freedom to smoke as we like!
  9. » » BTW, what in the hell is "Thunderbird One"? An Ozzie version of Air Force » One? I think he's referring to the Thunderbirds tv show from before I was a glint in the milkman's eye.
  10. » » We at Czar house adore a Margarita. That's seems like something this guy would say....:-P
  11. » » Pretty maids, all in a row. You're not kidding about cigar porn. I can't stand up. Of course, it's because I'm afraid my right hand will reach down and grab my........ ...................................................... ...................................................... WALLET!
  12. Well, I guess you roos are a bit better at kicking a round ball than are we yanks. Although, there can't be too much pride in only tying a team that looks as though they made their jerseys from tableclothes they stole from a cheap Italian restaurant:-P
  13. » From Colt » » Sad to see that Ken makes a better female than male..... » » Thanks for the photoshop work. Does anyone know how to remove vomit from cigars?
  14. When I first read the thread title, I thought Ken was reviewing another snuff film.
  15. » » » I've heard of this being done and please forgive my ingnorance but » what » » is » » » the advantage to vacuum sealing cigars? » » » » Slows oxygen transfer and ages the cigars slower but theoretically » » "better". It is a theory but one that has some solid supporters. » » How can the humidity levels required be preserved? » » If it is indeed preserved (I don't know how), wouldn't mould growth be » encouraged (fungi thrive an anaerobic/low-oxygen environment)? » » If it is all OK, why aren't vacuum-sealed boxes the standard packaging » method (it would eliminate energy-intensive humidity/temp controlled » warehousing...) I think these guys are still keeping the vacuum sealed boxes in humidors.
  16. Up until a about a month ago, my wine fridge with external (Johnson Controls A419) temperature control unit was working very well for me. It was very steady with temperatures only varying about 1 degree F and humidity only swinging 3%RH during a cooling cycle. After only two weeks of using the Avanti EWC28 thermoelectric wine fridge, (I kept it unplugged all autumn and winter) it **** the bed. The Light and fan both remained in working order, but the cooling unit stopped cooling completely. Avanti was great and agreed to send me a new unit. They only requested that I cut a piece of the faulty units power cord, peel the metallic serial# label and send them, with a copy of the receipt, to their headquarters in Miami. I did so and received a new unit in about two and a half weeks. It had a couple of dents, but I keep it in a walk-in closet anyway and decided to just keep the replacement unit. I tested it for a few hours and it worked fine. I had kept the original unit at about 65 degrees F, which required it to go on and off quite frequently. Using the external temp. control, it’s the same as unplugging and replugging the unit every few minutes. I wondered if this was the cause of the units extremely short life span. I decided to set the external control for 70 degrees on this new unit. So far, it turns on less often. My question is about the 16 deg C to 18 deg C guidelines on the tissue paper insert found in each box of Cuban cigars. Was this range recommended because of the beetle threat? Now that Havana freezes all of its cigars before shipping, is this temperature range still relevant? Is there any reason to store ones’ cigars at approximately 61 to 65 degrees F, rather than 68, 70 or 75 F, as long as that temperature is steady? My theory is that a very constant temperature helps to maintain a very consistent humidity level, which leads to well smoking cigars. Do you guys know of any reason to store cigars in the low to mid 60’s now that beetles are supposed to be a thing of the past (on newer production cigars anyway)?
  17. » » Two for 27¢! What a deal. Hey Prez, how about you have a roll back » » day... roll back all of your prices to 1944 prices.:-D » » Awesome idea for an End-of-Financial year Clearance Sale! » » Reality-check: A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation, based on a » comparison of 1944 real estate valuations in Western Australia and current » 2007 valuations, would put the original price of the cigar somewhere » between US$68 and US$150 in present day currency... From measuringworth.com: In 2005, $0.27 from 1944 is worth: $3.00 using the Consumer Price Index $2.50 using the GDP deflator $5.71 using the value of consumer bundle $5.37 using the unskilled wage $6.87 using the nominal GDP per capita $15.30 using the relative share of GDP
  18. That doughnut looks like a doggy chew toy :-| I hope you washed the doggie toy before you took the picture!! :wink: » » Doughnut shot: » » » »
  19. » El Presidente.........:-D into the final » » Good game guys! I was really looking forward to you and Ken insulting each other on the chat while playing this Sunday. With any luck, Ken will also make the final table and we'll all be entertained.
  20. Is is okay to observe? I'd like to see if Smithy can wrap Aces around Kings as well as he wraps up cigar parcels:-)
  21. Nice game fellas. Hal, you f*cked me with those pocket Aces:surprised:
  22. I lit up a cigar at 8:45. I'm gonna have to run t:-) o the humi, mid-game
  23. Very well done. I thought you summed up the most important considerations and presented them in an interesting fashion. It really reads like something out of a book or magazine. (A good magazine, not those teen rags that Rob reads to find out whom Lindsey Lohan is dating during her latest stint in rehab.)
  24. When I read the thread title, I just figured it was some Australian brand of erectile deficiancy drug that didn't get Ken as big as he'd anticipated.

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