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  1. I'm generally not an "event" cigar guy, but this is one exception for me and I'm now doing the same thing, keeping my eyes peeled for the first sign of May 2019 boxes. I know exactly what I want, but I doubt I'll manage to get it.
  2. I once ordered a box of Guantanamera, hoping to receive Sir Winstons. Unfortunately, they sent me a box of Guantanamera, instead.
  3. Probably 1998 Punch DCs, but maybe 1998 Montecristo Especiales. Do I have time to flip a coin?
  4. Are you looking for codes on boxes (of any vintage) that we encountered in 2018 or codes indicating manufacture within the year 2018, specifically?
  5. The last of mine will probably be well past it by the time I can convince myself to smoke them. 😞
  6. Every time I see one of those go up in flames, a tear rolls down my cheek. I hope it served you well!
  7. That's my list, right there. Good luck to us, right?
  8. Absolutely. I would advise trying at least one of anything before buying a box... but that's all the more reason to ask, "I like x cigar- does anyone else who also likes it enjoy anything similar even more?" That way, you can collect a few "comparables" to try out before investing in that box. It's one of the principal reasons that forums (fora?) like this one are a valuable resource, IMO.
  9. I think Rocky Patel will be really tough to beat for this particular "award". In the category of Being All Over the Map, I give Rocky Patel... a 95!
  10. Uh... because better is better... ? That seems pretty obvious to me. It would be disappointing to spend your budget on a box of something good if you could've spent it on something great, instead. That's what research is for and one of the easiest, most convenient and least expensive ways to research this subject is to ask other knowledgeable folks around here.

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