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  1. Doctorossi

    Weekend Photo Comp.........

    Ok, you can't just drop this in and walk away... $0.50? In Canada?! What's the story behind this miracle stick?
  2. H. Upmann Sir Winston Juan Lopez #2 La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or #2 (it says regular production!) Montecristo Especial Partagas Lusitania Por Larranaga Petit Corona Punch Double Corona Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona Ramon Allones Small Club Corona Romeo y Julieta Churchill
  3. In Canada, for the price of one of these, you'd get one.
  4. Not in Canada. These aren't expensive because they're premium, but because they're on Canadian shelves.
  5. Good luck. Canadian cigar taxes are so insane these days, it stuns me that they even bother doing Regional releases there anymore.
  6. Doctorossi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thanks! I was trying to make out the brand from your picture... I'm not familiar.
  7. Doctorossi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    How was it?
  8. Lovely stuff, @nino
  9. Doctorossi

    Kickbacks in La Habana

    This is my shocked face. No, really... it is.
  10. Doctorossi

    VRDA - UGO NOV 17?

    Well, they certainly look the business.
  11. Doctorossi

    VRDA - UGO NOV 17?

    Truth hurts. Not a flashy product by any stretch, but I wish the consistent quality, complex taste, classic size and prestigious tribute to the man himself that these cigars embody carried a little more market impact. Come on, people- recognize something good when it punches you in the face! I'm going to miss them more and more as they start to disappear from store stocks.
  12. Thicker gauges take longer to burn a given length, but there's an inverse relationship, as well, because thinner gauges need to be smoked deliberately slower since they can overheat more easily. For many people, it often works out about the same. If I'm smoking at a reasonable pace for each, respectively, it usually takes me about the same amount of time to smoke a Double Corona or a Lancero (same length, but substantially different gauges).
  13. It just depends on how much you're hoping to change them through aging. The more they're exposed to the open environment of your humidor, the more they will interact with the ambient air and humidity and chemically change and, conversely, the more they're sealed up, the more "slowly" they will age. Of course, the more "open" you store them, the better control of the environment you'll also need to have in order to ensure they don't also over- or under-humidify.

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