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  1. This hypothetical scenario isn't about trying to convert anyone; just demonstrating differences and what's out there.
  2. Your buddy in the well-stocked cigar store is a veteran NC smoker. You have your choice of one common, regular production stick with which to introduce your friend to "dat Cuban twang". Production years and box codes being unavailable/unreliable and all else being equal, what's the consistently twang-forward cigar, year in and out, that you grab to make the introduction?
  3. The number of the cigars in the book that you could buy for the price of the book is... not small.
  4. More than 10 albums worth of material of such a high level in a 6/7-year recording career- talk about prolific output. I'd have to give this album a 10.
  5. That Lawrence of Arabia was made is an absolute miracle and so is the movie, itself. It's among my personal top 20 and, out of 10, I'd give it 10 for sure.
  6. All of that to accomplish the same results as a Tupperware soup bowl.
  7. The oldest known cigar in recorded history, now petrified for posterity.
  8. <--- Came into thread to read how the headline number compares with prior years; leaving disappointed.
  9. Here he comes... that guy... Opus X are 100% Dominican.
  10. Thanks for the review (and for adding yet more fodder to the never-ending water rinse debate/discussion). I have some '07s that underwhelm me and some '09s that I haven't tried yet. Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts on the '09s?
  11. Those are so cool, @El Presidente. I'd love to have a (reasonably) functional one and charge my friends a dime for a "house smoke" when they come over instead of handing them out for free.
  12. This thread just reminds me that Clasicos and then Don Alejandros were discontinued and I don't have very many left of either. 😔
  13. No. Viso is technically a component of seco. It's essentially the uppermost priming of the seco segment of the plant, dubbed "viso" because it grows at about eye-level on a mature plant.
  14. Ok- now I have to defend DCs’ honor. If “strong” and “bold” are your requisites for “interesting”, I would offer that you may simply possess an imprecise palate. A “mild” DC can offer dynamics, nuance and flavor development to rival any other size. An 898 may be an exciting action movie, but a Punch DC can be Lawrence of Arabia.
  15. That's alright... none of them look terribly interesting, anyway. 😔
  16. Thanks for the review. I have a box of ‘15s I’ve yet to crack and I hope they’re half as good as yours.
  17. They don't have to be good, though. Remember, we're not trying to sell this friend on cigars, just show the variety of flavors. That's Kelner for you. 😄
  18. You're trying to convince a non-cigar-person buddy of the range and breadth of flavors that can be found in cigars. Your friend has agreed to try three cigars of your choosing in order to give your thesis a hearing. Which three cigars do you bring your cigar-newbie pal to best express the variety of tastes available in the entire cigar category?

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