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  1. I have a box of these sitting and resting. For those of you who have smoked a few, what is the consensus on them?
  2. I’m probably a sufferer of that affliction. That’s okay’s not like there isn’t a market to sell them if need be.
  3. dowjr1

    Need a Taco

    They look amazing. Funny how some just need to rest. That is my assumption with these.
  4. dowjr1

    JL1 or JL2?

    I was first turned on to the 2...which I love. But the 1 is my preference for size and flavors seem a little more delineated. 2 is definitely a little more robust.
  5. I love Monte Double Edmundos...and third is probably Ramon Allones Sel 1.
  6. Smear the queer....a game with a football.
  7. They are one of my top three favorites in the Cuban lineup.
  8. I was going to say Epi 2s and Rome Wide Churchills on the down. On the up, I’d say the Monte Double Edmundos have been more available along with some more from the Trinidad and QDO line showing up.
  9. Yes I forget some of my purchases as well. I have a spreadsheet now.
  10. What’s the flavor profile differences btw the ful vs Wide vs Petite?
  11. I simply love Maduros but have none that are Cuban.
  12. Just got some CoLa’s in....excited to try them.
  13. Had a couple of these gifted to me. I was not expecting much but loved them. Just had my second box arrive today. 🙂

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