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  1. No I have never smoked one with much strength. They are like Great Danes...gentle giants.
  2. Just bought a 50 cab so this is a good review!
  3. Can you tell me about your watch? I am curious as to the exact model...



  4. It was a long time ago but I’ll give it a go.
  5. Of all the watches posted there, only this one moved me. If I am not mistaken, it’s a Rolex Day-Date II Platinum Ice Blue Roman Dial 41mm. Can anyone confirm if I am correct?
  6. It will be a happy day when those people finally get to experience real freedom.
  7. I have never smoked them...always a bit of a curiosity and wanted to give them a go. Is the taste different vs other Partis?
  8. I can't believe I am saying this but I am like Piggy and just go with the flow. There are times when I might smoke a bunch in a week and when the weather is crappy so a couple months and smoke nothing. I certainly don't smoke enough for nicotine to enter into the equation. I smoke stogies because I want to...not bc I need to do so.
  9. I have some but not smoked any yet. Their appearance was incredible and an interesting shape so I couldn’t pass them up.
  10. Wow...that’s too bad. What is the deal with the RE and LE releases?
  11. The Churchill is the most popular of their lineup and is awesome when on point. The Wide Churchills have been great also. Pres and co are usually pretty good at finding those deep reddish wrappers that are the key. But honestly there are a lot of people who like their smaller offerings as well. It was a friend, who returned from an overseas trip, that brought a small Romeo back for me to try. I almost didn’t smoke it as I don’t like the smaller formats much. But it was super dark and oily....simply amazing. Poof! Hooked on Romeos.
  12. What’s a cigar that you personally like or perhaps it’s your go to cigar but you don’t see others talk about it much? For me it’s the Romeo Belicoso. I’m not sure if I just have a thing for Romeos as a brand (I do) or that I like a fuller flavored cigar and simply like the Belicoso format. I think the Beli is Romeo’s fullest flavor stogie. I also love the deep reddish color of a good Romeo Beli. What’s your “secret” love and why?
  13. But that’s kind of the thing isn’t it? For many of these people it isn’t about getting through’s about being abrasive and forcing others to speak and behave a certain way. I’m an adult male and people should address me as Mr....which is how I address other male adults...but I don’t go crazy if they don’t. I can’t make them address me that way. With the exception of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction...people’s sex/gender is binary. There is no such thing as “gender fluid.” Something like “gender fluid” is a human construct designed for a specific purpose.

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