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  1. My favorite Marca is probably Romeo y Julieta. But I haven’t smoked a Bolivar I didn’t like. In fact I love the BBF. But fit whatever reason Bolivar is not my favorite. I haven’t really figured out why. Clearly I need to smoke more of them to investigate this mystery. How about you?
  2. Let me know if you need me to take those JL 1s off your hands.
  3. People do that on just about anything they don’t understand...especially if it’s new...Facebook, Instagram, IPad, text messaging (why would I text when I can just call?). It’s a good filter to weed out the folks who are uninterested, too lazy, too busy, or simply unwilling to take the time to learn about changes in our society. Others will study, learn, and make profits. I’m interested but have been too lazy to study it much...but I do know Crypto is here to stay.
  4. I have some ATs but have not fired one up yet. I’ve probably been sitting on them 18 months now.
  5. These really surprised me after the first time or two I smoked em. Really one of my faves now.
  6. It’s called whitewater kayaking. #gauleyseason
  7. Have the Winnie’s gone to pasture Prez?
  8. I need to try these....a lot of good reviews and reasonable price.
  9. This is a great the taste distinctions noted.
  10. Never noticed much of a difference btw early in the day vs afternoon or evening. All this talk makes me want to smoke morning cigars with coffee more often though.
  11. No I have never smoked one with much strength. They are like Great Danes...gentle giants.

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