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  1. Winnies Esplendidos or Lanceros Fundies For a curve ball...maybe Romeo Churchill or Ramon Allones Gigantes
  2. Plenty of good NC cigars in my opinion. I generally buy CCs in boxes...while the NC purchases are singles here and there. I haven’t bought a box of NCs in a while. But I think it’s important to support the BMs when I go in their shops. So I will always try to pick up something. Maybe that’s a new release or just something that looks good or haven’t tried before.
  3. One thing I haven’t read much about was how the current president was chosen. I’m sure he was hand picked but am still sure the process was interesting.
  4. Cuba could be a tremendously successful country without America...if the Cuban govt would allow a capitalist economy to really get going. The crony govt would have infinitely more power and influence if they did because they’d be in control of so much more money.
  5. In a couple weeks I will have a full day in Barcelona with the family. Where should we go and where should I hunt for some good stogies?
  6. Mountain bike 2-3 times per week along with some weights and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. So that means some for the heart and lungs, some for muscle size/strength, and some for flexibility/core/skill improvement. It never gets boring because someone is always challenging me either riding up the hill or on the mats.
  7. So I have a guy who moves into the neighborhood a few houses down. We get along okay and his wife is the same with mine. Anyway he smokes a cigar occasionally and we have exchanged a few. I gave him a nice FOH tubo a couple months ago at a party and I think he liked it. So we’re at a cookout this afternoon with a number of families from the neighborhood and he reaches in his pocket and hands me a Cuban Monte 2. Here’s where it gets odd. He just pulled it out of his tube, no cover, no anything. So the wrapper is just all but destroyed. I thank him for the fine gift and make sure to keep it handy as I leave. I’m just scratching my head however. He is no cigar newbie. He had to know it was unsmokable. Maybe he thinks I’m a tool and a shredded Cuban is the appropriate gift. Anyway...I thought the whole thing very odd.
  8. This is what happens when the people elect those who think the govt is in charge and not the people. The govt has supreme power and just grows and grows until they start regulating and taxing everything.
  9. I would say JLS1 and Monte 2 of late. Been wanting to burn through a few of my Monte 2s so... Last year I think I was smoking mor JLS2 and BBF. I’d be happy as a clam with last year’s setup again though. Who could go wrong with those? LOL
  10. They are one of my favs....loves the profile and the size is my absolute top. My other tops are Romeo Beli and HUp Mag 50.

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