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  1. Been traveling regularly since February, mostly for work but also a little holiday here and there. All within Europe though. Here it’s easy, you’re vaccinated and pretty much good to go anywhere. Have to agree on the airlines, service even with the major carriers is non existent! Airports not too busy but still sometimes chaotic long lines, especially during the summer and now autumn holidays again. In many restaurants and hotels it seems like only the idiots managed to keep their jobs! Feels like I’m more often frustrated with service staff then before. I guess the smart ones m
  2. Hey Cliff, Rovinj and the countryside around it is one of my favorite areas of Croatia! There is a small shop called Havana Cigar Shop Rovinj. It’s inside the waterfront promenade of Grand Park Hotel, about 10mins. walk from the actual old town. I think this is the shop that Rob mentioned. During my last visit two years ago they had a pretty good selection. Just be aware that Cigars are not cheap in Croatia! If you’re into food and your trip isn’t fully planned yet, maybe consider a visit to the inland village of Livade. In September Zigante Truffles (I think Croatia’s big
  3. Enjoy your trip around France and Italy! In Cannes you might want to try La Civette Carlton, the best place in Antibes would be Tabac Boutique Contraste. On Capri I can recommend Della Monica directly at Piazza Umberto. Small but good storage and great quality smoking accessories! Hope the latest COVID restrictions won’t affect the wedding to much!
  4. Yes you’re correct, unfortunately the Casa has closed down end of 2019. They first moved out of old town down to Lapad beach due to the ridiculous rent in town. But then the laws in Croatia changed and they where not allowed to store the cigars visible from the outside so the glass doors of the walk in had to be covered up and all branding inside the shop and the windows had to be removed. Only the La Casa sign outside was still allowed. I think the location in combination with the “advertising” ban killed it. There’s a small spirit and tobacco shop not too far away in the Land area calle
  5. Very jealous to see all the awesome looking 24:24 boxes on here! Enjoy them gentlemen! Now that I’ve moved to Europe I have zero chance to ever score anything as it’s all sold out by the time I get up. I’m sure my wife is very please with that😂 On the other side I get to buy cigars at great prices in Spain now. That’s a nice plus! Currently on a short work trip to Greece, I found a nice little shop in Corfu old town today. Young knowledgeable owner, small but good selection of well stored cigars. Fair prices. As it’s roasting hot here I’ve decided to go for some small format cig
  6. Corfu old town with Frappe and an Upmann Epicure. Couldn’t smoke anything bigger, heatwave rolling in today, temperatures expected to rise up to 37C in the next days.
  7. This beast arrived today. And all I’ve got are these pictures, won’t be home for a few more month. Therefore the cigars will stay sealed, sorry, unfortunately no pictures of the sticks...
  8. This beauty just arrived back home in Germany! But due to Covid it’ll be a few month before I can head back to pick it up. Cigars are boxed and vacuum sealed so they’ll be fine. Price is pretty nuts but I love the jar! They have a customer who wants an empty jar so one of the next ones they receive will be broken up for singles! Will get a few, can’t wait to try them later this year and keep my pristine jar.
  9. Crappy set up, just watched the games on my phone. But very pleased with the results and the smokes! Sunshine during Tokyo winter is always nice!
  10. Been isolating in the Maldives for the last seven days before heading back on board tomorrow. Even though I couldn’t spend Christmas with the wife and kids I feel very fortunate to still work in these tough times. Merry Christmas everyone! Unfortunately the weather turned to rain and wind for the next few days... Best part was the meal in the underwater restaurant directly on the edge of the reef. My Christmas treat. Tomorrow it’s back to work on the floating beauty in the background. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Unfortunately they can’t drop the prices in Germany for Capitols and Club Kings. Once the cigars have been taxed by the government no change in price is allowed, neither down nor up! But hey, there’s always FoH?
  12. Yup, a friend of mine send me a picture yesterday from a LCDH in Germany, almost €40 for a tin of five. Way overpriced, but not quite as much as P. Capitols and R&J Club Kings. Sorry for the bad pictures, seems like he was in a rush? The only thing I like is the slightly curved shape of the Upmann tin, a little bit like a flask. Cheers, Leif
  13. When at sea we don’t really have a smoking area. The only spot we have is the crammed, noisy foredeck with bad ventilation. But no st of the time I’m not on board anyways if we cross from the Caribbean to Europe or Europe to SE Asia. During that time I travel ahead of the yacht and prepare shore side excursions and the like for the guests.
  14. Well, I’m in the yachting industry for more than 14 years after six years in hospitality, working for the same family since seven years and I’m earning a lot more than a GM at a 5* star resort is making. Base salaries for junior interior or deck crew are fairly standardized (and pretty good) across yachts these days but once you move up the ranks it depends on experience and negotiations. With longevity and seniority comes also more time off! I work a 2:2 rotation, two month on board followed by two month at home, 12 month fully paid plus an annual bonus. Compared to cruise ships we don’t
  15. Sailing the seven seas as a personal concierge to a UHNWI. Smoking daily while we’re in port. Resting around 1600 sticks back home.

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