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  1. Been smoking in Greece for the last few days, perfect weather and the hordes of summer tourists are gone! And traveling up the coast, north from Athens to Thessaloniki also helps. Cigar + Frappe - quite ok! Every table on the outside decks of the ferry to Skopelos had at least one ashtray! And so many people are still smoking, love it! Relaxing on Skopelos, so green and so different from your typical Greek island expectations! Today in the morning I found a small Jazz Café down in the main port, tucked away in a small corner, outdoor seating under a big tree, good music! Tonight I’m at Kapnotopi Oinotopi in Thessaloniki, a small restaurant/bar with a surprisingly big cigar selection that puts many Hotel Cigar Lounges to shame (actually looked at the Four Seasons outside Athens on Tuesday and they literally had six boxes in their full size cigar cabinet!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. A few smokes from the last two weeks. First finishing up the summer season in Europe with a smoke on St. Marks square in Venice. Love Venice! Then a quick stop at home in Japan with a small bbq. Need to get a bigger place with a proper garden and space for a real bbq! Now in the Emirates lounge in Dubai enjoying some MNF. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Flew through Dubai last week on my way to Dubrovnik and they finally had the SLR Herfing at the Casa in Terminal 3. Added one box to the one I’ve already bought in Cyprus back in April. Flying with Emirates is great, especially shopping cigars in Dubai. But if you ever consider flying with FlyDubai, think twice! 6 hrs. stuck in a 737 en route to Dubrovnik without the entertainment system working in some of the tightest seats ever was very testing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. He might be referring to Manuel’s. My favorite place in Zurich for buying cigars and spending a few hours in the Lounge! Lounge and Humidor are upstairs, downstairs he’s got a good coffee and spirits selection. Manuel is a young guy that started off with a Webshop as a University project and finally opened up his shop maybe five years ago. So far I’ve always received outstanding service there, lots of regulars catching up to play chess but any walk in is always welcome. It’s not far from the main train station.
  5. I‘m with you, best meat I’ve ever had was in Chile! Down south in Punta Arenas/Patagonia they raise lamb in the wild, no fences, no feeding them, no medicine. They get rounded up once twice a year by all the farmers and looked over, that’s it. Loads of Restaurants down there offer roasted lamb, grilled over char coal. The whole lamb gets butterflied and grilled, that’s it. You then get served three courses of meat, shoulder, rib and leg, and no sides necessary! We’ve been there 11 years ago and to this day my wife (she’s Japanese) and I rave about it. No Wagyu or other fancy shmancy meat anywhere in the world ever came close to the Chilenean lamb!
  6. Thanks for the congrats ladies and gents. But as this forum is about sharing the love for cigars I’ve decided to give somebody else the chance to enjoy these cigars (and I’ve honestly got enough smokes for years😂). Lisa has informed Steve and they’ll soon draw another winner. So fingers crossed for all of you! My wife had a look into the package from the April draw yesterday, big thanks to @El Presidente and team for the Upmann Mag54 and what I think was a Cohiba Medio Siglo! Cheers, Leif
  7. What what? Thanks soooo much FoH!🎉 How is this even possible? You might want to check your program that draws “random” winners! This is the second time that I win at this competition in four weeks! Believe me, I’ll have a hard time to explain to my wife how I could “win” at this again😂 The last price just arrived a few days ago, but I’m on a business trip so will only be able to post them when I’m back home in a few weeks! Cheers, Leif
  8. Hey Chris, hope you’re enjoying your time in Oman! I’m currently in Spain, arrived inn Mallorca yesterday. Finally the sun is out again, spring is in full swing but the evenings still get a bit chilly. Today I had time to kick back, relax and enjoy the RA Canada ER that you gifted me when we met last in the Seychelles. Love the format, tons of smoke but well rounded with the age on it! Thanks again! Smooth sailing for you! Let me know when you head to Japan, I don’t know when I get back but I might be around when you get there!
  9. No worries mate! Was worth a shot. Enjoy the North, some of the best seafood in all of Europe up there! Leif
  10. Are you by any chance in Barcelona today? I‘m always keen to catch up for a smoke! Unfortunately I‘ll be flying out tomorrow morning - finally the sun is out after six days of rain and I have to leave... Leif
  11. I have to second this opinion, took me many phone calls and eventually a not so friendly letter from the family lawyer in Germany until they refunded my money. And that’s a good 10 years ago now. Used to go there regularly when I lived in Hamburg in the early 2000’s. In the shop and in Person it was always ok. But now I’m with Claus! Stay away as far as you can! In Berlin I’ve always been treated very well at ‘Herzog am Hafen’. Even though it’s the same owner as the LCDH I’ve always received great service from the guys, either online or in the lounge.
  12. Awesome! Thanks so much for putting up prices regularly for all of us! Absolutely stocked that I won this time around! Keep up your awesome work! Will post the mystery sticks once they arrive at my door step! Cheers!
  13. Finally managed to catch up with Chris [mention=5835]ChanceSchmerr[/mention] over the last two days in the Seychelles of all places. Both of us sailors, we’ve coincidentally ended up on the same island at the same time! Love FoH for stuff like that! Yesterday we drove around the main island of Mahe a bit, had a good seafood lunch on the beach at ‘Del Place’ on the west coast! Afterwards we enjoyed some cigars down at Anse Royal at ‘Cafe Kreol’. I have spend many weeks down here over this winter season and can highly recommend the islands. There are not just high end resorts here, you’ll find anything from cheap AirBnB’s to $10.000 a night villas. And if you ever cross path with Chris, don’t miss the chance to catch up, what a great Botl! Thanks Chris!
  14. Shopping at Dubai Airport yesterday. VR Don Alejandro from 2014 RA UAE boxed 2016 Diplomaticos Ammunition 2018 Catching up with Chris[mention=5835]ChanceSchmerr[/mention] tonight, let’s see if we can try them all three today[emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I was lucky once, about four years ago and got the whole series, wine wood, MWR and Double distillery’s in small 200ml bottles for $20 dollars each. Great stuff! Loved the long skinny bottles. Saw them for the first time in a while again today at Dubai Duty free at $200 per 700ml bottle! Crazy! If I ever come across any other Ichiro Whisky in Japan it’s usually at shops that specialize in buying up stuff and reselling it and the go from anywhere between $500 to $1000 per bottle. Had a chat last year with the owner of a local shop and he said he only sells them to selected customers where he’s pretty sure that they will drink it instead of reselling it! He’s got random Chinese coming in daily and offering him ridiculous amounts of money for the bottles but he won’t sell as they only want to take them back home and resell them. There are guys now flying I to Japan and just hunting down bottle shop after bottle shop searching g for any decent whisky to buy and then take home to resell. Absolutely nuts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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