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  1. Ken, You mean the "ee-moos" ?
  2. Trevor2118

    OZ Store access

    Yes, this works........ it is not geoblocked. I was not expecting that.
  3. Trevor2118

    OZ Store access

    That's what I thought, but something is not right. I get onto the main FOH site with the "nominal" IP address but not the store. We can discuss further when we get together tomorrow......I'm off out now. Cheers.
  4. Trevor2118

    OZ Store access

    Hi John, yes I use Opera with VPN activated.
  5. Trevor2118

    OZ Store access

    I tried to access the OZ store today (from the links on the home page), but only the international store opens (complete with the cheap US prices ). Any ideas? Trevor.
  6. Trevor2118

    Why is it so?

    As a consulting civil, structural & hydraulic engineer (retired some 15+ years now) I always sought to make things Foolproof. However I always keep in mind this little axiom: "Fools can be very ingenious."
  7. Two cigars......just because I don't seem to be able to allocate the time. They are from the 2004 Montecristo Humidor (one very long & one very unique) Montecristo A - 47 x 235 Salomones II - 57 x 174
  8. Trevor2118

    Cuba's rarest Tubo ?

    The Box Stamp is pre-September 1960 and the Warranty Seal was used between 1931 & 1961.
  9. We will be watching my Daughter-in-law's dog for two weeks soon....she (the dog) pretty well encompasses all 12 points.
  10. "eloquently addressing issues" Yes, I think that defines us ....... Eloquence is fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive speaking. It is primarily the power of expressing strong emotions in striking and appropriate language, thereby producing conviction or persuasion. and if that fails......we have the power to ban.
  11. How about: Python Take-away.
  12. The blue bottle is not a jelly fish. Current relief measures used on beaches is to: Pick off the stringers, wash area with warm to hot water, apply "sting-go" spray, and then apply ice packs. Back in my day, we were told to "rub with wet sand" Vinegar came later, but is still used in remote areas where hot water is not available. Using urine was never an official thing.
  13. That might explain my ex-wife's problem.
  14. Ex-wife purchased one.....apparently it was totally useless. You would probably more success by training your cat to lick up his/her/its (trying to be politically correct here) own fur.
  15. Trevor2118

    Hello from NSW

    Welcome to FOH.

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