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  1. I'm in, and thanks to Rob for running the Poker Tournament. I just received a stunning selection of cigars for my previous wins. Thanks Rob and Steve. 👍👍
  2. Five minutes sounds reasonable. Not too much happens in the first few rounds. If it helps to get a few more players in...all the better. However I have absolutely if this is technically's just a thought.
  3. A marathon game excess of 1 & ½ hours. Another win from behind for me with nevrkno followed by HababaMikeFOH.
  4. Hi guys, apologies that my Chat function was not working. A great game tonight. My luck continued with the third win of the season. BigGunsLA was the runner up, with ianpmccarty third.
  5. Best: Peter Brock Director (V8 carb. Holden Calais). It did not survive a head-on. Worst: Austin Kimberley - Annoying habit of dying about halfway when pulling out into traffic.
  6. Finally a win. thundercl747 was second closely followed by our own Sir Moe. Good game guys. Cheers.
  7. What the Hoarders are doing with the Toilet Paper WhatsApp Video 2020-04-06 at 18.50.36.mp4
  8. Hi Rob, Tried my first N3 yesterday (after 3 months resting). Perfect construction, absolutely perfect draw, and the first retro-hale was classic Partagas pepper, smoothing out towards the end. A beautiful cigar. Congratulations. Trevor. PS I'll make sure I get in early this time for the 2020's.

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