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  1. Had some of my better bands placed in pens.
  2. Now, now, Fuzz...….lets not have any more derogate remarks about our "politicians".
  3. Many years ago the CCW was being blocked in China. It turned out that it was not the content that was the cause of the block, but the fact that the hosting company had us on a common I.P. address. It was solved by obtaining a dedicated I.P. address (for an extra cost naturally). It may have been that someone else on that common I.P. address had content China wished to block....we never found out.
  4. That is a classic! 😂 But, it is nice to see that eBay is using the CCW as their authority. 😎 However I suspect that not too many of us would be using India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan as their primary source of Cuban cigars. 😬
  5. Rest in Peace Simon 🌺 Simon provided me with invaluable advice during the first few months of CCW's development. He will be a great loss to the cigar community, his friends, & family.
  6. I've gone through a few. My current is Meade TM-005X with three TS33C transmitters. It is clear, accurate and easy to set up and re-connect as required.
  7. I have always keep my cigars within the 16C to 18C range, but my target is a maximum RH of 65%. This suits my combined wine / cigar cellar conditions.
  8. To set the record straight......Alex has full ownership and control of CCW. My only involvement is as an Honorary Consultant. CCW has never been about making a profit and donations (at least in my time) only partly offset the costs of running and maintaining the website. This is probably a good time for me to suggest that an annual donation (even to the value of a single cigar ) would be greatly appreciated by Alex.
  9. Goggle says in the US the popularity of the name Julieta peaked in 2011 at 69 per Million babies......a very small market as observed by Mr Bruce.
  10. Yes, this works........ it is not geoblocked. I was not expecting that.

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