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  1. Alex has done a great job, both before and after taking over the full work load required by CCW. I cannot thank him enough for his continuing development and improvement of the website. He is a worthy successor. 👍 Trevor Leask.
  2. I'm in.....and a heads up.....Pokerstars did a system upgrade a few days ago, so get in a few minutes early as there are no later registrations.
  3. I'm in, and thanks to Rob for running the Poker Tournament. I just received a stunning selection of cigars for my previous wins. Thanks Rob and Steve. ??
  4. Five minutes sounds reasonable. Not too much happens in the first few rounds. If it helps to get a few more players in...all the better. However I have absolutely if this is technically's just a thought.
  5. A marathon game excess of 1 & ½ hours. Another win from behind for me with nevrkno followed by HababaMikeFOH.
  6. Hi guys, apologies that my Chat function was not working. A great game tonight. My luck continued with the third win of the season. BigGunsLA was the runner up, with ianpmccarty third.
  7. Best: Peter Brock Director (V8 carb. Holden Calais). It did not survive a head-on. Worst: Austin Kimberley - Annoying habit of dying about halfway when pulling out into traffic.
  8. What the Hoarders are doing with the Toilet Paper WhatsApp Video 2020-04-06 at 18.50.36.mp4

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