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  1. The half corona is better than most of cheapy cigars!
  2. Don't tempt me so as I can't resist paying my money for CCs. lol
  3. I know NCs are not good as CCs at least in the point of cost . I've smoked great NCs like premium Padrons, Opus X , regular tatuajes and etc though, I'd rather to choose CCs than NCs for the money. So. This is just a curiosity like when you go to Cuba, You'd purchase custom rolls which are mostly not good as Habanos.
  4. BG, I've been looking forward to try Oliva serie V. 😏 Still can't decide purchasing yet though..
  5. Kim, I think They recommend the #2 due to a tubed cigar. Most of beginners even don't know what humidor is.
  6. Monte #4 PL MC HU HC RG PE and ... Villiger's small cigars. I have only them.
  7. Hmm... It seems Android's pokerstars doesn't allow me to play FOH games.. I was expecting to enjoy from outside my house.
  8. Thanks, I'll buy it sometime when good deal is.
  9. It's not an old poster I guess.. You can see even a VR band.

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