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  1. I can't remember how long time has passed after We met but You still like to wear black clothes Alex don't you? Cheers
  2. The ship probably equips cruise missiles. not a big difference...
  3. Our former prime minister and current minister of finance might smoke... I wonder if He'd gift some diplomatic cigars for his vote.?
  4. You may not know but We have such a business for women. She probably did it instead of going gyms.?
  5. The super dry is a kind of ordinary and balanced beer for dinner. There're some relatively expensive beer like Premium malts and Ebisu. The Asahi forces on dryness though, The malts does on creaminess and mildness. I don't have experience with the Ebisu. Anyway, I don't think Japanese beers match well with cigars. Those are created as with meals mainly rice.
  6. very impressive to read @bkdash ! I am strongly attracted to see NCs reviews , I think It's because of difficulties of getting NCs. Enjoy the environment that You can smoke CCs and NCs!
  7. I don't have any stats but I have seen many such failures.

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