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  1. very impressive to read @bkdash ! I am strongly attracted to see NCs reviews , I think It's because of difficulties of getting NCs. Enjoy the environment that You can smoke CCs and NCs!
  2. I don't have any stats but I have seen many such failures.
  3. On the contrary, A country's still struggling to have Olympic...😱
  4. Hate to say but .. It's hard to find such cigars at the price range and first of all those cigars are lately in shortage. In the selection, SW is best imho. You may also pick up Cohiba lancero/coronas especial instead of what you listed.
  5. I got what you don't include Ken as a famous writer,😆
  6. I finally understood why PCC chose those 3 nations from Asia... red/commie connections😆
  7. I heard a good thing. have to wait til Black Friday 😜
  8. Cigars are less popular than whisky in Japan... (Most of people believe Cigars are for the extreme wealthy or mafia. ) Even JTI doesn't invest on cigar and pipe industry only but withdrew from their pipe tobacco production .
  9. From my pipe smoking experiences, too loosed packed tobaccos are not so tasty. I think the burning speed or temperature makes taste worse.
  10. Any chocolate sticks soon? I missed today's monte#2

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