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  1. So, When the pricing on Cohiba will be as regular?😘
  2. Aussie is popular here. It's known as a high salary and low tax country. Things are so multi-dimensional..😏
  3. I know you obviously smoke more than 1 stick a day @ATGroom, I just wonder (not a request) that If Wish list/moocher feature is added , Some nice guys would fill my coolidor 😜
  4. I have sometime watched it on TV. Isn't popular outside the islands?
  5. I didn't know Chicken katsu is understood outside Japan. I loved honey mustard flavor from another brand but discontinued..
  6. 5 years later, As and salomones will become ordinary sizes. 🤭
  7. From so called "club international" 😂 My worst Monte #2 Damaged HDM SJ
  8. The half corona is better than most of cheapy cigars!

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