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  1. Hand made paper craft bookmarks but inexpensive 6 bucks for 6s...
  2. Already more expensive than Cohiba here in Japan. Their cigars are not cheap in US as well but even the pipe tobacco cost extremely high.
  3. Difficult to win when the prize is nice😜
  4. Mate, Why do you decrease the opportunity that I can get cigars. 🤣
  5. No, I actually want even JLP. You may not know but I have literally no cigar...🥶
  6. Would choose a cheaper winedoor...
  7. Molds cannot be wiped. I think. However, You should have better to concern the wrappers' cracks.. or May I smoke instead of you?😝
  8. I can understand their thought but I also want them to understand the value of their history. Who wanna buy EV Harley Davidson?
  9. I think I did but maybe wrong. Was the movie about people around tobacco store?
  10. @LocoM Love the Avatar of ALF. Was the best comedy for my kid days.
  11. I see. You are well come on the weekly poker table😜
  12. The problem probably will happen if they actually get new subs... I doubt It won't unlikely.🤭
  13. I was thinking Aussie is a quite wealthy country where tried to get normal submarines at the almost same price of US nuke boomers.

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