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  1. Actually came here to post this too. Great article. The TLDR is that Boeing made some inexplicable choices leading to a design flaw. Staggeringly incompetent pilots, ground crew, and corrupt aviation authorities in Indonesia and Ethiopia made it lethal.
  2. Hi Nino, the question is though, is there any difference in the boxes? If you had both side by side, could you tell which one was which, and if so, how?
  3. Yes, this pretty much. None of these sources is infallible;5th Avenue discontinuation lists have been known to be wrong, as has the HSA website, and things that aren't produced for years sometimes come back, but all together ... it passes my bar for "official". Will gladly hear the case for them still being around if someone wants to make one. This is why I haven't marked of the 2019 5th Avenue discontinuations btw... thus far it's just one source.
  4. Thread reminded me on one that was auctioned a few years ago... fetched £40,000, but if you have the means.... A Louis Vuitton Cigar Trunk/Humidor: A Louis Vuitton humidor trunk capable of holding 1000 cigars. The 'Malle Cigares' is based on the classic 1926 Stowkowski trunk. The hinged doors open to reveal a stunning marquetry-inlaid removable humidor and a fully fitted interior, comprising two small drawers for cutters and accessories, above a further nine humidified drawers graduating in size. All the drawers are cedar lined with divisions and drawer fronts in lacquered rosewood with leather and brass pulls. The lid of the trunk is lined with suede and the exterior is covered in Louis Vuitton's iconic famed monogram canvas with brass trim and side carrying handles in leather.
  5. I'm assuming it's Vegas del Caribe S.A.C., who are the distributors for Boliva, Peru, and Ecuador. This assumption is based entirely on the fact that the last release for the Andes region was "Andino B.P.E." If that was the case though I would expect that an LCDH in Lima would be all over it. They seem to be available at a fair few European retailers which is a bit odd for a South American release this soon after it came out. The other Andean nations... Argentina and Chile are with one distributor, Columbia and Venezuela each have their own... I guess it's plausible that one of them decided to call their release Andes for reasons unknown. Perhaps @cigarbigboy or @Lotusguy can settle it... you guys have boxes, can you please post a pic of the leaflet that came in the box? Or tell us which distributor is named on it?
  6. The press packet reckons that the Kon Tiki part is to pay tribute to the Thor Heyerdahl expedition, and the 1973 is because that was the year the 50 SBN in four layers was discontinued. Seems a bit random, but sure, why not?
  7. First I'm hearing. What's the size? And how many boxes? Let me know and I'll add them to CCW. Cheers! PS. 50k boxes of the LFdC Mágicos! Another huge release for Spain. Equal second most numerous regional.
  8. They're from the 2018 festival. 450 humidors of 100. If a single roller is doing 75 per day, for a total of 4500 cigars... well... they have a full-time job for the next two years on this one. The press release at the time had them at a slightly more palatable 56 x 190.
  9. I find this edition of the program a lot more plausible than previous incarnations... it didn't seem all that believable that HSA would have rolled cigars in unique vitolas and had them stored somewhere for 8 years without anybody knowing about it. It seems a lot more believable that central warehousing isn't that well run, and that a pallet of Chuchills in tubes might be neglected in some dark corner for a decade and then discovered and released as an anjedos.
  10. I'm a rinser. It sounds dumb until you try it, but once you do the results speak for themselves.
  11. So just to clarify, cigars will be "from" a year, even if they don't come out in that year... in the case of regionals, they will be commissioned for 2018... and then the cigars won't actually get made and released until 2019 or 2020, but they're still "from 2018". Just like the Upmann Propios EL is a 2018 cigar even though it will probably be rolled and released in late 2019. With regionals because they don't have the formal announcement at the festival and don't have years on their bands like limited editions etc, it's not always easy to tell what the year is ... most of the time it is written on the paper flyer inside the box. In the case of the ERdM Tanios ER Formosa I haven't seen the flyer, but PCC's press is describing it as a 2018 cigar. And that's what is meant by no regionals in 2019 - plenty of 2017 and 2018 regionals will be rolled and released in 2019, but there won't be any "from 2019."
  12. It's coming out in 2019 (as have a few others), but it's from the 2018 programme... we're still waiting on 5-10 from 2018 as well as a few from 2017. As of yet, I have not heard an announcement of any REs from the 2019 programme. So I guess the expectation is that we'll continue to see 2018 and 2017 cigars come out regularly for the rest of the year, and then next year they will start with 2020 releases that will actually come out in 2020.
  13. Happy birthday, John! You're a prince among men.

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