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  1. First I'm hearing. What's the size? And how many boxes? Let me know and I'll add them to CCW. Cheers! PS. 50k boxes of the LFdC Mágicos! Another huge release for Spain. Equal second most numerous regional.
  2. They're from the 2018 festival. 450 humidors of 100. If a single roller is doing 75 per day, for a total of 4500 cigars... well... they have a full-time job for the next two years on this one. The press release at the time had them at a slightly more palatable 56 x 190.
  3. I find this edition of the program a lot more plausible than previous incarnations... it didn't seem all that believable that HSA would have rolled cigars in unique vitolas and had them stored somewhere for 8 years without anybody knowing about it. It seems a lot more believable that central warehousing isn't that well run, and that a pallet of Chuchills in tubes might be neglected in some dark corner for a decade and then discovered and released as an anjedos.
  4. I'm a rinser. It sounds dumb until you try it, but once you do the results speak for themselves.
  5. So just to clarify, cigars will be "from" a year, even if they don't come out in that year... in the case of regionals, they will be commissioned for 2018... and then the cigars won't actually get made and released until 2019 or 2020, but they're still "from 2018". Just like the Upmann Propios EL is a 2018 cigar even though it will probably be rolled and released in late 2019. With regionals because they don't have the formal announcement at the festival and don't have years on their bands like limited editions etc, it's not always easy to tell what the year is ... most of the time it is written on the paper flyer inside the box. In the case of the ERdM Tanios ER Formosa I haven't seen the flyer, but PCC's press is describing it as a 2018 cigar. And that's what is meant by no regionals in 2019 - plenty of 2017 and 2018 regionals will be rolled and released in 2019, but there won't be any "from 2019."
  6. It's coming out in 2019 (as have a few others), but it's from the 2018 programme... we're still waiting on 5-10 from 2018 as well as a few from 2017. As of yet, I have not heard an announcement of any REs from the 2019 programme. So I guess the expectation is that we'll continue to see 2018 and 2017 cigars come out regularly for the rest of the year, and then next year they will start with 2020 releases that will actually come out in 2020.
  7. Happy birthday, John! You're a prince among men.
  8. Over three months later, and the "Countdown to the Habanos Festival" banner is still showing up front and centre when you visit Any tips on how long it'll last?
  9. I smoked a regular 2006 Monte 2 alongside a Monte 2 Gran Reserva Cosecha 2005 a few years ago (ie, theoretically tobacco from the same harvest). The regular Monte 2 was really excellent, as good an example as I've ever had of that cigar. The Gran Reserva was distinctly a cut above. How you assess whether a cigar is worth twice (or three, four, five times) as much as another is pretty subjective, and probably depends a lot on how deep your pockets are. But the GR are very good cigars.
  10. LVMH makes some sense... European company, so probably less worried about US lawsuits than an American company would be, plenty of cash, mostly privately held, definitely see the potential of luxury brands in China and the middle east. They'd be more interested in owning Cohiba than they would in Quintero, though.
  11. Phoenecia always go pretty big, but if they're serious about the 450k, that is HUGE for a regional. For reference, here are the top 10 largest regional releases: 1 500,000 Serie D No.5 Edición Regional España 2017 2 250,000 Phoenicio 35 Edición Regional Líbano 2015 3 225,000 Phoenicio Edición Regional Líbano 2008 4 200,000 Maestros Edición Regional España 2007 5 200,000 Secretos Edición Regional España 2013 6 200,000 WIH 20 Edición Regional Líbano 2017 7 185,000 Short Bolivar Edición Regional Asia Pacifico 2008 8 185,000 Belicosos Extra Edición Regional Asia Pacifico 2008 9 150,000 Capitolio Edición Regional Francia 2018 10 150,000 Eshmoun Edición Regional Líbano 2012 Over the 200 regionals released so far, the average release size is 57,000. For the Phoenicio 40: -4 different coloured humidors of 40, 100 of each colour (100 x 40 x 4 = 16,000) -40 humidors of 40 (40 x 40 = 1,600) -the remainder in boxes of 20 (450k - 16k - 1.6k = 432,400 / 20 = 21,620 boxes) Lot of boxes to move. (an aside, complete speculation, but when I first saw the number on the Serie D No.5 my thought was "must be an error in the reporting", but eventually box pictures came out, and sure enough, the number plates said x/50000. It seemed like they actually produced most of them as well, I've seen numbers as high as 35,000/50,000. The cigars are basic, competitively priced cigars, fairly normal, approachable every day size, not a big ultra-premium hoopla like the Phoenicio. So my theory is that in an era of limited supply of most lines, the Serie D 5 was an effort by the Spanish to ensure they had stock of at least one good every day cigar for their market.)
  12. I've been wondering about the status of Belinda for a while, actually. Does anyone know if they're still available anywhere? As far as I can tell, I think they were discontinued around 2014. Be keen to hear about it if anyone has a more recent box date than that.
  13. The cigar pictured on CCW (no accent) is as real as possible - it was sent to me by a PCC exec in Hong Kong. My opinion on this is both real. They just had two different bands going for whatever reason (left overs, changed halfway through the batch, two machines etc). Would be very keen for you to smoke 'em and see though.
  14. Nice fakes, guys. Just thought I'd post this pic of the genuine article for comparison. My friend was given it free as a "bonus" when buying a few singles at a hotel shop in Cuba.🤔

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