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  1. Partagas SD4 from 2010. More pepper than I expected for the age but goooood Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I totally disagree with any idea that after 2005 aging stopped being relevant. During that time I got a few boxes that were stellar after three or four years of age. Standouts for me from memory are El Rey del Mundo Petit Coronas '08- The last couple I smoked in '16-'17 were full of baking spices and cream Partagas Serie du Connaissuer no1 '08- earthy with hints of espresso, sea salt and that "Partagas spice". Beautiful... Cohiba Siglo IV '06- By 2010 these were some of the best cigars I have enjoyed PERIOD. Fresh ground coffee, honey, vanilla. Oh yeah. These were IT. Bolivar Gold Medal '08- By about '12 or '13 these were AMAZING. The puchiness faded though still had a strong earthiness, fruity notes, and dark cocoa. A few others I had that were really good without specific notes are Rafael Gonzales Corona Extra from '06, Diplomatico #5 '05 or '06, ERDM Grades de Espana '07 and ERDM Lunch Club '06. What sucks is that so many of these stellar smokes got axed by 2010. But all mentioned above were definitely different experiences when smoked years after and there was a definite progression in them.
  3. What a great video! Thanks for putting it together! I have wondered about pairings and tried many up there but never OJ. I like a flavored seltzer water, mostly lime (like Bubbly or LaCroix). That seems to act as a good pallet cleanser between puffs.
  4. That is what so frustrating about the choice to ax them. I would think if there were a release of regular production MdO2, RA 8-9-8s that they would sell tremendously. I loved the VR Classico, by the time I was able to try a few Dip 5s and MdO2s stock was drying up, there were random sightings, and then they were axed. I think all of those cigars would be decent sellers. Is it just that skinner cigars require more skill to roll lead to more quality issues? One would think that with less overall tobacco required to produce cigars like ERDM Grades de Espana, Mdo1, Partagas SdC 1, 2, &3 that these would be more profitable to produce. I miss all the skinnies greatly.
  5. I get a small window of time while my daughter has her afternoon nap so I thought it would be nice to get in a smoke today. I came around to the H. Upmann marca after some years of enjoying cigars because I think Partagas and Bolivar were my first loves. This wasn't the best looking specimen to begin with, a few bumpy veins and it took somewhat of a beating in the humi (beat up foot and cracked above the band). A little hay smell pre-light. Once burning the draw gave a little resistance and produced plenty of smoke. Flavors in the first 1/3 cream and that Upmann spice,a pungent spice similar to an earthy cologne with an underlying sweetness. The 2/3 brought more spice and hints of leather. The last third opened with more spice but this time it was more a cinnamon and less sweet. As it burned on there were notes of espresso and cream here and there. Medium to full in body and it burned even throughout. I have grown to LOVE an aged H. Upmann. There is a classiness in these cigars that let you know you are smoking something special. A solid 4 smoke rings. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The Monte Especial #2 is my personal favorite. I have had a few different recent samples (2013-current) of the Monte #3 that have been OUTSTANDING though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I would say mine is about 15%. Most of mine are in the 38-42 range. I really like the Dalia and Laguito #2 vitolas, too bad there aren't too many cigars in these sizes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. A Warped El Oso for me this evening with a cup of joe. I have really been wanting to try this smoke and it was worth the wait. REALLY good NC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Big thumbs up for me. I love this cigar and the Dalias size is probably my favorite size for cigars period. Like most other Partagas, I love these fresh and with age [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. From the most cream I really like Juan Lopez Seleccion 2 HdM Epicure 2 The RG Coronas Extra was by far the cigar loaded with the most cream for me but unfortunately no longer in production. For pepper PSD4- more green pepper than black for me but you can't beat a good one fresh for those pepper flavors BBF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Monte #3 is a great stick. In fact your thread inspired me to light up a sample I have from 2012 to see how it was. Halfway though and it is mocha goodness all the way.
  12. I have ordered tea a few different times from Dragon Tea House on eBay. Quality tea shipped directly from China at a reasonable price. I can definitely recommend them
  13. Tough choice. Depending on your budget the Mag 46 may be a better bang for your buck (25s instead of 10s). The Superiores are definitely more approachable young than many RASS or RASCC that I have tried and will likely be good right away. But I have heard really good things about the Mag 46 production over the last several years they so they may be just as good young. Hmmm..I say go with the RA

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