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  1. I started about the same time as you. 2005ish and only have a small handful of cigars from that time, mostly kept for a special occasions. The height of pandemic lockdown allowed the chance to smoke through several I had been hanging onto for that reason.
  2. I'll echo several other posts and recommend the Haut 10. I tried the Toro version of this last summer and it was one of the most complex NCs I have ever tried. It opened with a smoked meat flavor, transitioned to a lighter more floral note, transitioned to cream and caramel in the second half and finished with a cream and spice note. I also enjoy the Holy Lance in the candela wrapper. grassy and cream most of the way through. I got into Illusione through the Epernay and loved the cookies and cream note I got from it, but I think the Haut 10 is next level from the Epernay and worth seeking out.
  3. It was tough to see that Monte 4 from the blind tasting was a 2014. It was so special I was ready and willing to go box code hunting to find more of those if it were current production. But that proves your initial point even more that Montes can be so inconsistent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I have experienced the “sick period” in cigars several times throughout the years. My last experience started in mid-2020. I picked up a box of H. Upmann Majestics with a late 2018 code. I rested them the customary 30 days and then enjoyed my first one. It was harsh and terrible tasting. Had I not acquired these from a reputable source I would have sworn it was leaves from the local woods. I tossed the cigar just before the halfway point thinking I couldn’t remember the last time I had a cigar so bad. Later on in the year, September or October I tried another. This time the harshness had subsided and light flavors of spice and cream were noticeable, not jumping out, but obscured. It wasn’t a great cigar, but I didn’t pitch it. I smoked another in early 2021 and the same obscured flavors were present but now more center stage, and joined by a couple of others and more nuanced. I look forward to smoking the rest. It has gone that way the few other times I had “sick” cigars, but that seemed the most noticeable to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. This was my thought exactly. Age does wonders to many cigars. Sometimes that ugly duckling turns into a swan. But you can’t blame the vendor unless that taste is mold. BTW…Young PSD4s can have a bitter note that sometimes I taste as espresso and an earthy note. So it could just be the blend. Either way, it’s definitely not the vendors fault and they aren’t required to provide any relief. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Very nice review! I have seen these in shops and never grabbed one, but now I will. I also like Tatuaje a lot, so if this brand is in the same league for you it is definitely worth a try. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Great review! I have a few cigars with the same code and it seems they could rest some more. I find the same inconsistencies with the marca that you do. When a Monte is on it is outstanding, but those times are very hit or miss. I also find a lot of differences in flavors between the same cigar in different boxes. I have tried Monte 4s that have all the core Monte flavors and are uninteresting, and others that are amazing (blind tasting cigar), and some that I wouldn’t think was Monte without the band. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. A Dalia sounds fantastic! I like the 6x47 does sound interesting. I would like that instead of the full Churchill.
  9. This cigar is a colorado claro in color and had a cocoa note on the dry draw It opened with grassy notes and hints of herbs on the finish. A cream note quickly developed and maintained through the end of the first third. In the 2/3 the grassy notes moved into the background and the cream stayed dominant with a little ground coffee note on the finish. At the end of the 2/3 some cocoa joined in the mix. The last third kept with a cream dominance and the herbs and grassy notes came back on the retrohale and finish. The cocoa and coffee notes where there as well but danced in and out. This cigar was a solid medium in body throughout and stayed steady with smoke production and burn. It was down to two choices for me on this one but I went with my gut, although my gut hasn't been right at all for the first three, lol. Very enjoyable smoke 89 rating
  10. I got this wrong. Even though I got the chocolate/cocoa notes all the way through, I was convinced it was an RGPC because of the earth notes and hint of banana. @El Presidente Will you reveal year and/or box codes for these? I would mind hunting a box, the flavors were amazing in my sample.
  11. Cigar number 2 looked much better in appearance than cigar no 1. This one was a Colorado Maduro in color and had hints of cocoa and barnyard pre-light The first third started off with dark chocolate and hints of berry. The smoke was rich and lush, it coated my tongue completely. Long cocoa finish. When the second third was just getting underway the chocolate died down some and a sweet banana note emerged for a few puffs replaced quickly by floral and honey notes. A little more chocolate intermingles with the floral notes. The draw was perfect and burn was a little wonky, requiring a few touch ups. In the last third a earth note comes forward, mixing nicely with the chocolate and floral already present. The floral note fades away slowly and the end of the cigar was marked with the chocolate and earth notes. This cigar was a powerhouse of flavors. For only resting about 30 days I can imagine it would be stellar if given another month. Box worthy for sure. 91 points Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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