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  1. I have been into cigars 15 or so years now and still love trying new things. That is the way I am with most of my hobbies. Especially with SO MUCH new on a constant basis, there is a lot of opportunities. I do find myself gravitating to specific vitolas if a brand releases one I haven't tried. Specifically when an NC brand I like releases a Lancero, Petit Lancero, Corona Gorda, or anything in 40rg-42rg (Cloud Hopper 53, Warped Kings Stride, Illusione Holy Lance, Black Works Rorscach, etc...). Mainly because in so many cases in the past many NCs would be large RG pepper bombs, but lately there has been so much nuance in blending that have created some GREAT cigars. And many of those I am finding with great flavor are in the under 42RG and under vitolas. When it comes to Habanos I keep going after what I haven't tried to get to round out my experience, and trying to jump on certain things while they are smoking well. When I first started out smoking cigars Partagas, Ramon Allones, and Bolivar were my favorite marcas and the ones I gravitated towards. Over the past 10 years I have gravitated more towards Por Larranaga, H. Upmann, and Montecristo. It definitely helps that the latter two haven't had their lines hollowed out like Partagas and Bolivar. I wholeheartedly agree with you @NSXCIGAR that when I started out smoking Bolivar was one of my favorite marcas, I loved the deep rich earthy notes, espresso, and dried fruit notes. It seems that many of the Bolivars I have tried in the last five years don't seem to compare at to those I tried from the 90s and early 2000s.
  2. Going UP H. Upmann no 2 RyJ Millie Fluer Monte No 1 Going DOWN Partagas Serie D no 4 H. Upmann Connie 1 ERDM Choix Supreme
  3. Very nice! I love the floral notes that the PL marca provides. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. This cigar is a beautiful Lonsdale that has the aroma of cedar and a little barnyard before lighting. Construction on this cigar is close to flawless. The dry draw seems a little loose but not in wind tunnel territory. Here we go! After I light the cigar the first few puffs are that rustic spice you get with aged Havana cigars and a little creamy note. It it very pleasant, but very one note. Close to an inch in and I begin to wonder if this one has gone around the bend because the same spice persists with no change. Slowly a coffee note joins in about an inch and a half into the cigar. Entering into the 2/3 a cocoa note begins to appear now making the profile like a mocha latte with about half the cream. The spice notes are still present on the retrohale and finish. The draw is better than I initially anticipated, producing a good amount of smoke with little effort. This allows me to "sip" the cigar and take my time. Finally a little of the Bolivar earthiness appears and brings a little oomph with it. The cigar was mild in body until now but moves more into the medium territory. The earthy note becomes much more central, by the end of the 2/3 coating my tongue rich earth and leaving a cooca and coffee finish at the edges. The last third goes on much like the end of the 2/3 but with a black cherry/blackberry note mixing into the finish with the coffee and cocoa. This was a great cigar! The opening and mildness make me think it may be time to smoke the last couple I have, it seems these could be receding. The last couple of these I enjoyed had the rich earthiness throughout that seemed to take some time to awaken with this particular cigar. 93 Points
  5. A Nudie N1 while catching up on some email. These have only gotten better with time. I can’t wait to see the 2020 versions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. This is a cigar I received as a single sometime in 2006 and has been in a desktop humi since then taking a rest. The construction on this cigar is near perfect and there is a thick oily sheen on the cigar even after all of these years. Aroma at cold is a little barnyard and dark chocolate. I clipped the cigar and away we went. The draw had a good deal of resistance, but once lit it the cigar drew in a lot of smoke. The flavor I noted in the first few puffs was earth. A few more puffs later I started to notice a dried berry note on the retrohale that increased with each draw of the cigar. Then an espresso note came in much like the berry. There were varying degrees of each of these flavors throughout the first third, with a cocoa powder note joining in just at the end. Into the 2/3 the dried berry and earthy notes disappear with the espresso note changing more to a ground coffee note with the cocoa powder and pencil lead on the finish. I was glad Rob put up the flavor wheel post because it reminded me to keep one out and wouldn't have nailed this more mineral flavor otherwise. The cocoa powder note become more front and center with the coffee notes on the retrohale being a nice compliment. A little cedar note joins in. The evolution of this cigar is really great, the flavors are gliding in and out of intensity. At this point for some reason the keep having to relight the cigar, but it is still burning fine. In the beginning of the last third the cocoa notes again are front and center with the woody and mineral notes in the background. The latter notes fade and the rich earthy notes come back in as the main flavor. In half a dozen more puffs the dried berry notes join back in too but ease in and are at the edges. The cigar finishes with an interplay of the earthy, cocoa, coffee, and berry notes all the way to the nub. One of my favorite Bolivar cigars is the Tubos no 3 and I had quite a few of the same vintage and the profile on this reminds me of the older brother of that cigar. The core of earth, cocoa, coffee, and berries is what I have always picked up in those smokes. I quit on Bolivar for some years and all of the Bolivar I have tried with a 2013 or later date seem to be missing the strong earth and espresso that I used to think were the hallmarks of the marca in favor of a lighter and more fruity profile in most cases. The Liberator was all berry salad for sure. This cigar was worth the wait. 95 Points. An amazing cigar.
  7. This cigar was the first in a box I recently picked up on a 24:24 and right over the 30 day resting point. All of the cigars in the box have a rich oily sheen on them and I was excited to get on to trying them, I will include a pic of the box because it was a nice sight. The cigar was colorado in color and had an aroma of barnyard and toffee before lighting. The cigar gave a little squish when squeezed, neither over or underfilled. I clipped the pyramid at an angle and lit it up. The first couple of puffs are sweet cedar and cream. Very, very mild opening. The flavors migrate to a cake note, or sponge cake as it's often noted. Most of the first 1/3 of the cigar went along this way as far as flavor. The cigar burned fine and produced plenty of smoke. Somewhere in the middle of the second third I noted a mild baking spice mixed in, first on the retrohale, then on the finish. It was a great compliment to the cream and cake note that were fading. The cigar was no where near medium, very mild with delicate flavors. In the last third any trace of the cake note went away and I began to get hints of cocoa and cinnamon on the retrohale. The body picked up very so slightly, still mild though. The cigar finished much like it began, a little cream and cedar, with with a cinnamon note mixed in. A very good cigar! I have tried a few other singles of the HU2 in the last year and all of the others seemed to be much closer to medium in body and have a much more pronounced cinnamon note. This one was much more mild and seemed to have "more to come" hiding in-between. I saw boxes with the same code were up on 24:24 again last night. I think those that grabbed them are in for a treat. A 90 rating
  8. An Upmann no 2 this evening Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @VKUTT I am on the other side of your thoughts when it comes to Partagas. That is the one marca I prefer to have young, I have D4s that I thought were out of this world with up to 2-3 years on the code, but just ok after that. The young D4 provides and earth and green pepper note that just fades as they age. My favorite young cigars are Partagas Serie P no 2 Partagas Shorts Partagas Serie D no 4 H Upmann Mag 46 H Upmann Half Corona As far as marcas to age, I think Por Larranaga, El Rey del Mundo and Cohiba are the marcas that seem to benefit from the most age for me. Some of the best cigars I had the chance to enjoy fall into these three, below are some cigars that I thought had drastic (good) changes with age. ERDM PC, Lonsdale, and Grandes de Espana Por Larranaga PC, Lonsdale, and Panatela Cohiba Coronas Especiales and Siglo IV
  10. This was a cigar I picked up 3 of as singles, so I don’t have any vintage info. It was within the last six months, I am guessing it’s a recent vintage. The cigar is a Colorado-Claro color in appearance and has a slight box press on the closer to the foot of the cigar. The aroma pre-light was a very nice hint of floral and sea salt. Once I clip and light the cigar it starts off mild and with notes of cinnamon. A little cream joins in shortly thereafter. The cigar burns evenly and produced a good amount of smoke. Very mild. In the 2/3 of the cigar the spice flavor morphs from cinnamon alone to be more of a baking spices flavor with a tad of nutmeg detected as well. By the end of the 2/3 I was getting a sweetness in the cigar as well. Similar to the cake notes I get in the HUHC but not fully flushed out. In the last third the cinnamon comes back to dominate the spice flavor and the cream note becomes a tad sweeter and richer, it seemed much more present on the finish. The cigar continued on the same through the end. This cigar was the second of the three I obtained at the time and MUCH better than the first. I have a feeling if I can hold onto the last one for another year or so it will be so much better. I picked up singles a few different times chasing the flavors I got from a stick I tried from BRE ABR19 box that a buddy of mine picked up. That cigar had a much darker wrapper and a rich milk chocolate note, very different from any other H. Upmann I have ever tried. This one wasn’t close to that one, but still very enjoyable. An 89 rating Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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