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  1. lostsoulcamero

    Campers....I need a hand

    My set up
  2. There trying to think of the future
  3. lostsoulcamero

    Bourbon in Las Vegas ?

    Lee's is off the strip it's worth the trip have found some gems I usually carry a flask of what I like and order beers at the bars no sticker shock that way You could see if the whiskey attic has any available spots gets pricey but they have just about anything you could want to try
  4. lostsoulcamero

    Bourbon in Las Vegas ?

    Lee's discount liquor and as for a bar parasol up parasol down in the Wynn
  5. lostsoulcamero

    FOH Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    Still breaking it in I'll let you know when I get back from Jamaica In a couple of weeks
  6. lostsoulcamero

    FOH Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    Finally got her
  7. lostsoulcamero

    Dark wrappers that won't burn!

    Fridge for an hour before smoking
  8. lostsoulcamero

    Di's first fish

    Wow that's a great first fish congratulations
  9. lostsoulcamero

    FOH Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    My last bike was w 2003 cbrrr Looking at the hd sport glide later this year
  10. Smashing pumpkins landslide not better but just as good
  11. lostsoulcamero

    Dream Cigar Beverage

    Parkers heritage promise of hope it was a great bottle of bourbon
  12. lostsoulcamero

    Las Vegas cigar bars

    Parasol up parasol down at the Wynn I always make time for a smoke and a drink but bring your own cigar
  13. lostsoulcamero

    blanton's bourbons

    If you can get Stagg from the btac it's a nice pour

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