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  1. Was in Cabarete kiteboarding a month ago. Very neat place. I'd say bring your own, honestly...didn't even bother with local domestics.
  2. Difference Coffee in the UK is the absolute apex of Nespresso-type pods. Not cheap... But the reason I've kept the machine around is to have special occasion shots from them. Also a Technivorm & Phillips superauto owner. Difference pods I tried with Eddie at Davidoff London for the first time--a Kopi Luwak. Also have tried their Kona, Geisha, Jamaican. They do a Brazilian every now and then which is quite close to Nespresso pod cost (~$2, vs the $7+ of above). For more everyday, haven't tried, but there are biodegradable options from The Pod Lab, Volcano Coffee Works, Novell, Dualit, Artizan. Only tip would be, for each pod, I usually do a pre and post shot of just water to clean the machine.
  3. It's not a sexy size for lovers of 56+ RG behemoths. More for us. Not rolled at El Laguito since 2010, but still, a fantastic cigar.
  4. Unless Señior Llewen was a Station Chief in the Havana CIA outpost pre-Castro... 🤣🤣
  5. I'd say (not reg anymore) RS11, aged Epi#1 (not as prominently woodsy), aged Fuerza, aged La Punta? Montecarlo has too much sweetness to be an analogue for me. Of course, maybe keep an eye out for well-stored Mouton/Latour/#2 😉
  6. 1972 Land Rover 88 Series III 1978 Merc 6.9 2015 Audi S3, hotted up and stage 3 turbo And the newest, 2021 Plaid. Hate the yoke in parking lot maneuvers but 1020HP and feels like it. Bonkers.
  7. Undecided on root cause, but I prefer to think of it as "Leaving Miyo y Tuyo at 5AM Four Days Running Syndrome."
  9. Would not surprise me if they just said this on the phone and had tons in-stock 😝. Have been told many times walking into La Civette that there was nothing special, only to wear down the staff and leave with a Reserva/GR/Capitolio box.
  10. Looks like you won't be going North, but highly recommend for a later trip renting a car and going from Madrid to Bilbao...lovely shop in Logroño, Estanco Julio de Miguel. He's @cigarsmylife on IG, I believe, and his daughter helps run his social media. I had bought a bunch of boxes in advance, and he and his wife took me out to dinner after several cigars upstairs above the shop. In Madrid, I've had good luck with La Cava de Miguel Àngel 2 blocks from the Sorolla museum. Gentleman with short hair is the owner. And yes, as Nino said storage at the El Corte Inglês is not optimal, but I have found troves of older regular production at the multi-floor big box one. Can't remember where, Princesa? Nothing LE, but have never failed to find UPE Double Edmundo, MUR E2, etc...
  11. Cohiba Lanceros in vBN50 as recently as 2000ish, intended as a diplomatic gift. (Not sure where it falls in hierarchy, always guessed below diplomatic 'historic' cardboard B25, although it is more Lanceros for a smoker...).
  12. They stopped being made at EL in 2009. Haven't been the same since.
  13. ...but I can buy two NFT's of pet rocks for that much!

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