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    I love spending time with my beautiful wife and 2 kids. I also enjoy Scuba diving, traveling, reading among other things. I am a huge NFL football fan and follow the Houston Texans

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  1. Damn, my daughter will be heartbroken. She just recently got into Full/Fuller House on Netflix.
  2. One of the few times that a celebrity passing really affected me. What an amazing lady.
  3. The cap is impeccable, though. 🙄
  4. In my experience, if you have a box of duds, nothing will change that. Not even time.
  5. It looked like long filler to me, too. What am I missing?
  6. I work in the home health industry. My employer requests that all field staff get vaccinated but they don't mandate it. On a side note, more and more of our patients are requesting vaccinated clinicians only.
  7. Find a supportive community. My church was literally a Godsend after Hurricane Harvey. Nor sure what we would have done without our church family. When you find that community, whatever form it may be, be a contributing member and be there for others, pay things forward during better times.
  8. Congrats! I have a nephew named after Nolan Ryan. I wonder how many children have been named after him over the years in the Texas?
  9. Those wrappers on the Montes are stunning! ? I look forward to the video review on these. Thanks in advance.
  10. One of my favorite actors. Loved him in so many movies. Most everyone is familiar with his iconic roles but I loved him in Highlander.
  11. The Texans don't tank for anyone. They just plain suck.
  12. Toxic culture with Dan Snyder at the helm? I am beyond stunned. ?

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