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  1. Good Luck Mates!! Looking to reclaim the league title last won in 2012 lol
  2. Been away from cigars for about a year bc Crypto caught my Interest about the same time. Bitcoin acts like a commodity (gold,silver,) and as we leave this current fear cycle that’s why we saw BTC eat golds lunch. Guys like peter schiff........I’ll just say follow the money. He makes his buy selling gold. I imagine he didn’t like getting his butt kicked by crypto this last cycle. If you are not long BTC yet you will have an opportunity around 3-5k in the next two months or so. (My opinion of course)
  3. I agree with all the above posters. I would add do this half day wine tour of Tuscany. A-MAZ-ING!! It runs out of Florence You also get to walk by the gold market area on the way to the school Be prepared to ship a case or two of wine back to the States.
  4. First off thanks for all the info for everyone with experience in aged cigars. I have zero. I should add some more info. They are in the OLH and it's the oldest box of cigars I own. It's it wierd that I feel some sort of sentimental value to them bc they are the oldest I have availabile?? On the other hand I've never smoked a cigar anywhere near that old so..... maybe it's time to try 🤔 Cheers!
  5. @Fuzz would it benefit them more to keep them aging till that 10 year mark in your opinion???
  6. So as an example I have a 10 count box that I bought from our host never opened of partagas series D no. 4 box date 2008. Is it worth continuing to age them? Or are they getting close to the point of diminishing returns???
  7. Has anyone one had one of these more recently?? I have a box in long term storage and was hoping to find something of a more updated review now that there are closer to 7 years old.
  8. I stumbled upon four roses by accident as I just started to drink Bourbon. How's the saying go.....sometimes it's better to be lucky in love, cigars and bourbon ... or something like that. Hahaha. Also. I can find a reason to be in Lexington to take you up on the offer. Thanks for the great recs!! -Cheers
  9. gmoney

    Beer brats!

    Looks great.
  10. gmoney

    John Wick 2

    Some seriously intense live fire training.....
  11. Hey brother!!  I'm envious off all the splits you have going that I'm not a part off.  I'm definitely looking out for your next offerer!!  




    1. seattledude


      sounds good brother! once I get these done and pay off my credit card. (hope before interest gets charged) I will host more =)

  12. I see is display says "pre embargo". If so I'd imagine they cost a pretty penny. Or does he use that sign to keep the heat off him for selling post embargo goods.🤔

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