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  1. El Prez, which Cornelius & Anthony smoked close to a CC? In the market for some good NC's.
  2. Regius Black Label Petit Corona. The first time I had one I thought if I was smoking this blind, I'd swear it was HDM Du Prince. It is a Nicaraguan Puro blended for the European market initially. So I guess they had to make it "Cubanesque" to appeal to that market.
  3. I haven't been able to smoke as often as I want because of not having a comfortable place to smoke at the apartment. All will change with the move to our house with a back deck ??
  4. I have at Por Larranaga Montecarlos from November 1991, my birth month and year. Gifted from a great BOTL! Has been hard to find an occasion to smoke it.
  5. Sorry I should have said that these wont be smoked at the wedding but instead the night before with groomsmen and then taken on honeymoon.
  6. Boxes to give cigars only to my wedding party the night before and then the rest will be taken on honeymoon and kept to remember. Thanks guys for all the help.
  7. Hey guys I am getting married Summer 2015 and looking for two boxes of cigars to get for my wedding. I am looking for one box of double coronas/churchills and then a box of corona extras or robustos. I love the Hoyo de Monterrey profile and am leaning towards HDM double coronas but I don't know how the quality of current production is? I am not to sure what to get for the other size. Any help and information is greatly appreciated. Regards, Patrick
  8. No Bart I think yours is classier you have more expensive cigar boxes ha looks great!
  9. Nah I just made this lamp yesterday ha must have been someone else. Thanks guys for the compliments!
  10. Been waiting for when I smoked through enough boxes to do this project. Here's the results.
  11. As a senior in Mechanical Engineering I really enjoyed number 4. Great post!
  12. My first Trinidad Reyes from feb 13. Loved it great smooth flavors and never harsh down to the nub. Great smoking experience for such a young cigar.

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