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  1. WOW - if that's what a current D4 is like - I'm staying well away
  2. If this is a Robusto from a top brand I'm avoiding young cigars from now on. Bland, bland, bland.
  3. VG construction as found in most German REs. Light cigar but if you like RG it's very good. A bit steep for the vitola and i'm not a huge fan of RG so have stayed away but all in all a good cigar
  4. Just had one. Looked good with a plenty of oil and maduro wrapper. A bit tight but lacking in personality. Very forgetful. Glad I only bought one.
  5. Clearing a dealer of Hoyo des Dieux 03 Cab 50s and Boli Cor Xtra 08 Cab 50s - 2 great cigars
  6. Smoking it now - no shortage of flavour. Plenty of cedary, tarry notes. Like it but would prefer to lay it down for a couple of years.
  7. Good but I think they'll b better in a year or two. Just a few hard edges left to smooth out.
  8. incredible how light the cigar is in youth - or maybe just the 13s. well done to those who got it and especially famous for the 3 for 3
  9. Great work, invaluable site - top of my bookmarks, forever grateful, thank you
  10. Pinot Noir with a bit of umph from the New World perhaps but would steer clear of Euro Pinots with cigars. Agree with wood aged ports such as Tawny and Colheita, perhaps Boal Madeira. Also had fruity Barbera from Piedmont with Pigrims and Tino recently that worked well. Like the idea of a spicy Grenache, again with a good bit of ripe fruit.
  11. Finished a box last year which was brilliant - perfect age for Mag 46 IMO If it's a nice box I would definitely grab it
  12. not a fan of JL 2s so easy choice for me. IMO the 4s need a couple more years to round out edges but a much more interesting smoke
  13. If they're good, I smoke 'em! Whatever size or brand. Having said that Corona Grandes, especially HDM des Dieux, feels the perfect size for me
  14. Plenty of time Tino - bad luck on your last stick - we better get onto the DC before the weather turns!
  15. Great news on the Hoyo 50s The PL Picadores seems like a slightly thicker PC with 44 ring gauge - is that right? Surely a Robusto, Corona Gorda or bigger would be more interesting for this brand!!?? Can anyone enlighten me on the size/vitola of these two: - HDM HOYO LE HOYO DE SAN JUAN (10'S/25'S/3'S) - TRINIDAD VIGIA 12'S Cheers
  16. Best of luck for the future Smithy
  17. Mine please Really wanted to stay away but these are the last of the PCCs I don't have. Off to Beirut this week so very expensive week!

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