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  1. I bought an '18 hybrid purely as a business decision. It's won me over, just effortless, comfortable (dare I say more so than my mates 330i) It's amazing. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome plan... Dont know if they stock it, but a few places to try... Big Red Shed at Darra A Wood Shed also at Darra David Linton Furniture & Timber at Maleny Also just a little more info that i learnt when thinking about doing something similar.... i believe Spanish Cedar isnt a Cedar and is more in the mahogany family. There is a maghogany which has the same properties in terms of humidication and smell as red cedar. Buggered if i can remeber which but im sure the wood places will tell you.
  3. I have a mate who was in Cuba a week ago and he couldn't get one either. No longer being sold, whether this is a 'waiting for stock' or whatever im not sure. I love them, keep trying to find them.
  4. mmm yeh middle of the pack for me. Need to mix it up a little and sneak in a few roughies... As for my team, well we are going gang busters!! Go Pats!
  5. Bring on the Bronco's. What an out stand performance from both the Queensland teams.
  6. Ill admit i had my doubts he would make it. He has earned that spot, defiantly wasn't due to marketing IMO. I think he will get very limited downs this year but will grow as a player and will end up 1st string either with 49'ers or elsewhere. Big call, but im sticking to it...He has blown me away to be honest. All aboard the Hayne Plane!!
  7. Yeh ill keep an eye on it.... Im big into the NFL but enjoy watching TCU games. As an aussie, gotta keep an eye on College Basketball this coming year... Ben Simmons and LSU
  8. Dam! Id love to do this! Just a bit to far away... Always need a good reason to get the ol' Cafe Racer out for a spin. I think i have a pic laying around here somewhere.....
  9. My deepest condolence's for you and your family. This really hit home to me, im a (relatively) new father and really made me think of how i want to impact my son's life. You have a truly amazing role model, father, best friend.
  10. Brilliant, what a great way to start work this morning. Thanks very much

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