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  1. Money's not the key - education, and the patience to wait for the right car for the right price are most important. And I haven't even hit mid-life yet! Not having kids helps a lot too
  2. Just grabbed 3x 12's in Varadero last week. $8.60 cuc per stick. Look and smell dynamite but have yet to try one. The Robusto T is still one of my fav cigars ever.
  3. I'd like to know this as well - hoping to pick up a box or 2 when I'm there in Feb.
  4. Glad you're okay - quite the shunt, that's a fast downhill. As someone who follows a lot of grassroots racing, it seems some of these guys are getting dumber by the day out there.
  5. If you ever need a volunteer wheel washer, I'm your man!!
  6. Shlomo, because your room is so small and it seems your need is for a small, not-too-pricey surround set-up, I'd recommend a decent surround receiver like a Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha and then pair that with one of the Bose Acoustimass speaker systems. Out the door for less than $2k, and the sound will be quite good. Axiom is awesome, and all-Canadian (in fact, my brother's their senior designer), but not cheap and not small. I have a set of Mirage Omnisat 6's which are easily hung on the wall and sound great (very wide image for the immersive movie experience), but sadly they aren't made anymore. Consider shopping used - Canuck Audio Mart is a good stop.
  7. I'm no authority, but I did learn a few key things in my hunt for a couple watches. Most mechanical Swiss watches under about $1500 generally use a common movement made by ETA. There are some brands that don't, but they are generally the higher end (Rolex, Omega, Zenith). In the case of more expensive units, watchmakers will start with an ETA movement and then modify it to make it their own. Unless you're willing to go up to $3k plus, you're going to get essentially the same watch on the inside, so then it just becomes a cosmetic choice. Automatic movements aren't the most accurate and tend to go off by a minute or 2 every few months. Some of my favourite Swiss-made affordable brands are Hamilton, Oris, Longines. Good luck on your search. Be sure to let us know what you end up with.
  8. I never realized that the CC Cohiba didn't have any ownership in the NC Cohiba. Absolute BS ruling, but I guess it's what can be expected from a U.S.-based organization deciding on an American vs. Cuban company ruling.
  9. Amazing restaurant, but I've never been able to get in on a reservation under 3 days in advance. This place is always rammed!
  10. What he said! Being a pretty hardcore car guy, it's not fair to label this brand as that or such and such an era as pointless. Every model year breeds new cars, some of which are a$$, and some that go on to be classics. While I agree that many new performance cars are way too littered with sensors and electronics to be worthwhile, there are still some greats out there, the Porsche 911 GT3 being a prime example...well, up until the release of the 991 GT3 a few days ago. And for those who truly do want to experience the capabilities of cars like these, you do need to take it to the track. I've had the pleasure of driving many of the best circuits in Canada and the US and I am by no means a speed freak on public roads. You CAN enjoy these cars for what they were meant to do, you just need to go the proper place to do it.
  11. For the time-zoneally challenged like myself, is this a 1 hour delay (11am Brissy/8pm New York) or a 3 hour delay (1pm Brissy/10pm New York)? Don't want to miss a thing!!
  12. This is great, guys - I'll be in NY towards the end of March, so will be looking for a place like this.
  13. I was at the LCDH in the Pueblo La Estrella last winter - pretty decent selection and the service was good too. I didn't find much not to like about shopping there. It's attached to the Memories Paraiso/Azul resort complex, but there are daily buses from all of the resorts in the area. I stayed at the Melia Cayo Santa Maria and there was a walk-in humidor at the resort, also with some nice selection and helpful staff. All the sticks I bought between those 2 stores were in great shape. Your friend should do just fine there.
  14. Yah, great intro man - that mentality means a lot in a place like Manhattan. Welcome!
  15. Hey Riaz, payment sent and an email w/dinner choices. Back to shovelling...
  16. So stoked for this, Riaz! I'll be there for all activities on Friday and Saturday. Will send payment tonight/tomorrow. Mike
  17. Last night in the DR. Saying goodbye with a '10 Trini Rob T. Can't get over the creaminess of these...
  18. 2 year old Siglo IV before dinner. Do these ever disappoint?

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