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  1. I'm probably a future 911 owner. I used to have an 86 944 turbo, which I sold after 10 years. My current car is a 2003 Audi s8, which has been a phenomenal machine......227k miles on the original battery
  2. Finishing off a fantastic 2011 bolivar pc w/ highland park 12. What a great night!
  3. After following Brazos aging method on a couple porterhouses, a nice mag 46 on the patio.
  4. Finishing what is left of a great El principe. After a rough morning, nothing cheers you up like a great cigar!
  5. I love 'Em! They taste like almond cookies in the middle.
  6. My first "good" CORO complements of the Czar; highly enjoyable!
  7. I followed this recipe over the last couple days and the results were fantastic! Thanks Brazo. This made for one great steak.
  8. That's what I figured. Thanks. I guess the minimum 2 box to one location threw me off.
  9. Ah, but I am confused how it would work in this case. Does one person buy and collect funds from others in the group?
  10. I bought a box where every stick thus far has been like that; molasses and almond cookie. It's actually been my favorite smoke of the past year. I would definitely miss these.

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