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  1. Just had a siglo 1 two weeks ago, sound like the same experience only shorter time. Will try this viola soon. Nice review Josh!
  2. Year 2011 Monte 2, all I can say I got a good 2 boxes of 25's and a 10's. Without much aging, it was better than the previous one which is 2009 boxes. It came with dark wrapper, the smelt of strong coffee and the experience I had were great. Very smooth coffee taste, creamy and fragrant of woody of the smoke just blowed me away.
  3. Count me in for this! I'd enjoyed it too..
  4. Smoked this Partagas Shorts yesterday, it was awesome and very satisfying that goes along with my chill beer.
  5. I found this little bugger lurking in my kitchen, so I place it in a plastic bag to take some picture of it. Yes it can fly, when you touch it, it play death. Can someone tell me is this so called the tobacco beetles or not.? Thanks.

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