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  1. used to be unicos for me, but they have become pretty crap these days. can't find a good box. Monte 2 is winer for me.
  2. I have forgotten coronas too. I dont have one in my humidor and i think in the last 2 years only smoked 2 coronas. There are just much better sizes to choose from now buuuut. I think its because habana isn't making new and exciting coronas for us to want to buy.
  3. Yep thats what their doin. But you know whats worse. The government compared to the people, is like our moon compared to our sun. Why do we let them do it?
  4. I think we need to say thx to rob. Before i bought cigars from rob i got quite a few more wind tunnels and pluged ones. It seems robs selection process makes it an epic win for us. Thx rob keep up the good work.
  5. This is my kind of gran reserva. I love big smokes and now they made one thats top notch. gota try some. I am very interested in this.
  6. i have to agree with you all. never would i try some thing like this. great short smoke. is it better than a trinidad reyes....no but cheaper. i say get a box for when time isnt available or you are out with friends who dont smoke. also thr aroma wont turn ppl off.
  7. LoL. At the end of those photos should say. Welcome to AUSTRALIA!!!!!
  8. What else than some Lamb on BBQ and a h upmann royal robusto. Warren i am going to quote you and say that cigar is roast lamb material. oh and beer of choice for this day is the Mountain goat rare breed IPA. That beer is viscous and so is the cigar, the lamb has strong flavour. And no way will u see aussie mud water at my BBQ. I am reffering to fosters, VB and carlton draught

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