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  1. westg


    Brings back fond memories of an amazing place with the best people in the world....cheers Mike and Rob I really miss 🇮🇪 has been a while
  2. westg

    Box of the Day

    I am sure Mr Garget will accomodate you adequately...would make for a great review mate....try them on.
  3. westg

    Box of the Day

    A little more info would be nice. Are you going to smoke them ..where did you get them...how many in the box..10 count ?
  4. du Dauphin nothing but cream.I have had my far share of Gourmet and found them to be very average . If you can find them...du Roi, they have the sweetest creamy cider taste to a cigar you will ever find in my opinion. Sensational !
  5. Yep...100 % I only picked up 10 Wish I grabbed 50 now . Beautiful cigars. On what Fuzz said
  6. westg

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    La Puntilla. From Alex ...I hope I spelt it right 😆
  7. westg

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    That would have been amazing 😀
  8. westg

    Made it to Italy

    Looking good..keep the pics coming Mike...say hi to Dana for me
  9. westg

    Hello Maiori

    Amazing , looks beautiful. Why did you and Dianna mess up that poor little boat yard like that Rob ? 😎🤔
  10. westg

    Circle Hooks - How often do you use them?

    For bigger fish I am a fan of circle hooks...alot harder for the fish to dislodge....they dont look right..but very effective Nice catch there
  11. Classic...thanks for a great laugh...over the side...I can't drink that 🤣😄
  12. I have seen many a Red in the reviews. Plesse do us all a favour and drink in in the next review...dont punish us mate.

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