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  1. Well said ! Pujara yesterday was incredible , one of the most courageous innings I have seen , against a mindless attack . He did not pull hook or duck , simply took every delivery to his head and body repeatedly....say what you will,.why did he do that...so he would get out to a hook or pull shot. We knocked India over a few weeks back for 30 something and from that 11 they had three players yesterday, one was a net bowler. They owned us all day long, an incredible victory. David Warner admitting that he was only 50 % but loves playing for his country and always gives a 100 % on the field. The IQ of a plant. He should be banned from speaking to the media . So embarrassing. The one thing the Australian team is better than anyone else is talking shit. They can dish it out all day long but just cannot take anything back . Then, and what a pity revert to name calling. Tim Paine must feel like a fool .
  2. A glorious Siglo V. Unfortunately only a few left.
  3. To be fair . Can't blame them for trying or anyone else 😎🌴
  4. Disagree . Yes he has a few wires crossed that has always been obvious. Remove all that plucking pulling and knocking pre ball as it has absolutely no bearing on the outcome of the next delivery he faces . None ! Remove that from his mind set and I think he could reach another level. Better of course.
  5. I just can't fathom how good Steve Smith would be if he somehow managed to rid himself of all that pre ball fidgeting and fussing tapping etc. Not only the energy he would save , from a mental standpoint he could take his batting to another level. All of that has no bearing at all on his next shot. Relax for xucks sake . Now we all know the rules even on hard astro turf decks..If you are not batting you cannot go on thier. With you on this one Ken ....he was off with the fairies...I don't think he was cheating , just a dumb move. This is why he cannot be captain again. He already holds to much public shame and disgrace. Timmy , well you have the most prestigious and highest paid sporting job in Australia . I hope you come out and show us what you are truly made of . You let us down .
  6. An evening net fishing. Some simple stuff. Yep that is mullet 🌴😎
  7. Haha . Just holders on our way out. Bottom fishing 🎣

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