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  1. Sorry to hear ..sad news Oliva.You have plenty of friends here . You are a great guy , was so good meeting you and spending time in Cuba . westgraham16@hotmail.com...viber or whatsap as well or pick up the phone ...anytime you need someone to chat to..please do it !
  2. westg


    Actually ..looks lile you made it .
  3. westg

    Cigar-themed boat names

    We have a winner
  4. westg


    Just reading the posts...I am a little late ...looking good
  5. westg


    Check it out for lunch ....roof top is great at night ...just double check your order...
  6. I can say, never watched 5 minutes of a single episode. In now way am I anti GOF... Just never watched it...
  7. westg

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2008 Monte sublimes...
  8. westg

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Petit Edmundo 15. So good
  9. That is soooooo much funnier than any of Robs jokes ....thankyou Ken 😁
  10. Delete it ..move along and think of it no more....Seriously why people post emails like this baffles me ... Your work is invaluable ...even responding to this single minded &#ck wit ...in his mind ...would give him some credibility. Glad you can have a little fun with it...😁
  11. westg

    Box of the Day : ERDMCX

    Had a lighter one last night....I would settle for dark all day long
  12. Yep he did too...Sealed in all the juices .. I left that jacket hanging in Havana
  13. westg

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Amazing .Congrants 😁
  14. Clive (Miner) gave me a Talisman..We picked them up in Cuba last year Easily the best cigar this year
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