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  1. 2011 HQ Genios Only 4 left and no saving them . They will be all gone within the next week . Just brilliant
  2. Starwars. I can say that i have never watched a single HP movie .
  3. KW it must of been perfect down at MR today. I am actually a couple of hundred k's North atm. Sorry I missed you .Enjoy your time down there ...and the red 👍👍
  4. Always very sad news to hear a member of FOH is no longer with us . Obviously a terrific fellow. Thoughts to his friends and family RIP 💐
  5. Cheers Ken. Thanks Steve. I just had a mate bring me a box of the D5 back from Dubai.That was a nice surprise . They do look amazing. Red silky wrappers. The 24, not sure if that was what the Fox boys gave as to sample last November amongst a few others in Cuba. I enjoy the 12 and 15 and I am actually fond of most Irish single malt. Pretty sure the 24 will sting us Aus boys around 500 notes per bottle .
  6. I see kangaroos everyday...a bear .No thanks
  7. Spent a few hours with him in Cuba last November . Can't wait for the book.Thanks Rob .
  8. On the treadmill....15 heads turn to see what I am laughing at.🤣

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