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  1. He is the match referee in today's 5th test against England in Tasmania... barrel of laughs Boonie
  2. You could always trade ? perhaps for something else. Be honest state you don't like the taste of this particular box. I am pretty sure you will receive trade offers on 22 D4 ....not to many on the net sites for sale
  3. Always very sad to hear the passing of a FOH member . Thoughts and love to his family. Thanks Rob
  4. On the contrary , I think the rest of the world will follow suit. Paul Macandcheese was a great ten pin bowler
  5. I must need glasses , I can't read this it's to blurry.
  6. Sweet oaky notes... very smooth picked up some Don Julio as well. Not sure how long the tequila thing will last maybe a month or two.
  7. Went for a swim this morning , perfect clear water , nice small swell to swim in . Off to buy Some tequila my new go to with cigars and eat that steak in the meat thread 😋
  8. My local , not too bad really , grabbed a sirloin 😎🌴
  9. I have always bought cigars back in and never declared , coming back from Cuba a whole suit case full. Never declared . Coming back from Dubai once my ex wife was terribly sick on the plane. I had twelve boxes , never had the chance to declare , we where escorted in an ambulance . I will always run it . Always !
  10. Interesting. Just one briquette or collective pile . You have some heat with a pile.
  11. It's the world we live in . If by some chance our decision makers get something right, it is usually a mistake. Very weak and Novak will love this and probably go on and win it. I don't think Nick will be playing if he is I hope he can pull of something special and wipe the floor with him.
  12. The Australian Trouser Snake , they don't come any bigger 😎🌴
  13. I am not one for long ash. Construction is the major underlying fact. I am not one for pulling dirty ash through the cigar , for me the difference is considerable . I am definitely not one for nursing ash at length either.

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