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  1. I just don't get this box.They all Look stunning. That said one smokes beautifully, then you get one like this which is boring and no flavour at all.
  2. Loved it. Then read the description. Uncle Sam on the top. Nice looking piece apart from that.
  3. We spent 3 on that little bus in Cuba ...you had the front seat. The guy with a few crossed wires at the back pumped away .😄 Great post 👍👍
  4. With you on this. I cant be bothered nursing a cigar with a long ash. like to keep it clean .Sit back relax a little. 😄
  5. I enjoy them as well , one of my favourite cigars . I like the size .Sweet and ripe , my thoughts also
  6. Red wine , gin and tonic, rum , coffee. I simply cannot do cigars and water .
  7. Wow, amazing...why would you have it any other way . 👍👍
  8. Ha . They have not . Had a good laugh at that one. At the very least , we are talking about their cigars .🤔

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