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  1. Airlines and Banks excluded ...amongst a host of others..200 million...I would love to see how that is broken down...and how we are paying for it..especially travel expenses ..
  2. 2010 Monte 2 , Monte PE Now Dantes EL 2016, I have just cracked a PSP 2013 Punch Punch box...I may well have found perfection within a box of cigars....sensational ...
  3. Thanks Rob...always in my thoughts x
  4. I managed to tune in after half time...To my great mate Clive (Miner) so sorry I missed you today I love you ...Bill Hayes thanks for the message ol sea mate...what an epic game. Collingwood and all your supporters what a great year ....you have the biggest hearts and easily the best supporters ....except for Richmond ...keep well ....Eddy ....eat shit... I am going to celebrate tonight. Rob Di and Ken .....and all FOH family ...this is as hard as it gets ....what a game...what a thrill.... West Coast Premiers 2018 Keep well folks West X
  5. Ha you think so....Now they do whay ever they can to get here ...and not go back...we house 100 thousand poms living and working here illegally Now just bums ..looking for a free ride out that god forsakin dump 😁
  6. westg

    for fans of hemingway

    Once again, awesome...thanks Ken 👍
  7. Brilliant ol mate ...thanks
  8. westg

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My absolute favourite..enjoy...nice paring
  9. It appeared to be about 50mm of fishing line from a Litto Gomez..Now Rob did mention something of cured fish of late...hmmmm..
  10. westg

    top 10 movie sharks

    Bruce was it...so clever....finally a post from Ken with the name Bruce ...which actaully means something other than some gravel voiced screamer ...who clearly eats to much dairy..😁
  11. westg

    top 10 movie sharks

    Ha yes thanks for reminding us...a classic
  12. westg

    best rums under US$50.

    Cheers Ken...US prices...If you could buy Diplimatico in Aus for forty notes....I woild be in serious trouble most weekends

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