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  1. LFD thanks to lordanubis , actually very nice cigar... peanuts 🌴😎
  2. Clearly you need to lift your game. Sounds as though you are slowing a little 😎🌴😀😘
  3. Balcony cigars last night watching Port finish the cats off nicely. Our apartment is on the top floor one of only three so hopefully no complaints 🤮 Theatre today at his majesty's then a stand up comedy show tonight . I have to dress up 🌴😎
  4. For the last year and I given up on them altogether prior to that . Soft ginger Spice , luscious texture . TUA something 20 I think , just gorgeous R&J Wide Churchill
  5. Tough, went the Bolivar only because I would rather smoke a Lancero on my own .
  6. I can understand that completely. A Mexican wanting to be a Kiwi ..you shouldn't have any problems ❤️😎🌴
  7. Wow that is really impressive considering you don't know who they buy looking at them .26% so .... probably better than the rest of the world against them . Tosser
  8. No I didn't dickhead 😎🌴👍🏿. Last time they played the All Blacks here we gave them a good old fashioned flogging. 😀 . Anyway I am sure those days are behind them ... better days coming for the Wallabies and as I said a great bunch of men..why would I want to upset them . 🤔

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