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  1. As soon as they come in , they will be gone. Crank it up all they like . ! All to easy. Nothing for miles at the moment.
  2. Good to see some big cigars pulling through. For me a 2014 PSP R&J Churchill. Medium bodied soft luscious smoke aged to perfection . Just gorgeous.
  3. I made it home. Free for a day at least 🌴😎
  4. Couple of beauties in there. Love the limo one ,😂
  5. The water temperature is cooling down that is obvious once you are in . That said you feel like a million $ once you are out after after a swim .🌴😎
  6. Good to see some girth amongst them 👍🏻👍🏻😁
  7. You can expand a little for us 👍🏻😁
  8. A little catch with Miner Oz Cuban and Joker . Three of the best, we managed to squeeze a little nudity in 😎🌴
  9. Stay safe chaps, sweet breezy sunny days ahead. 🌴😎
  10. Probably the most painful cigar for me . Generally I do like them and love the size. I have smoked Lusi from several boxes and thought that they were very good . Given away cigars from those particular boxes and have been told they were the best cigars those people had ever smoked. Catching up with Clive and Tony Roberto I will take Lusitania 😁
  11. Alcoholic Ginger Beer . Soft lush smoke from a Cohiba robusto a little cream a little spice with Matso's Ginger Beer. Absolutely Supa doopa
  12. Wow. Looks amazing. No kisses for you ol mate 💋
  13. 2014 Cohiba Robusto from Murray Campbell. Outstanding cigar
  14. Loved his cigars . his lanceros especially , in fact can't recall smoking a better one . His Petit Coronas sensational. Yep I smoked all of them . Delicious Goodluck to him
  15. You look at this and just think no. I did meet him and his wife in Cuba in 2018 .No matter what it was , what ever he posted here on FOH I always read it . I loved his stories I enjoyed his description of cigars and to hear about his fishing adventures. Very sad news , FOH and the cigar community at large wil never be the same with out him . Thanks Habana Mike.❤️ Thanks Rob
  16. Waygu and bone marrow pie...one of the dishes that remind of your childhood
  17. Great pics and thankyou for the info Cory. Miss it terribly
  18. Caught up with everyone's favourite mod Lord Anubis last night on the South Perth foreshore
  19. One of favourite cigars , just love them . Enjoy!
  20. Showmanship charisma and unparalleled talent. Brilliant commentary ,if you could be someone for one day , I have always said I would be Shane Warne . Cricket will never be the same .
  21. Mate ...put half in a Thermo mix and blended to make burgers , pretty simple 20mm ab burger homemade tartare sauce brioche bun . The other half went in a risotto which was absolutely magnificent . These are roe abolone . For the big greens we have to travel a couple of South with a retired abolone diver where everything is much bigger there mate
  22. Last day for abolone. 4 Saturdays a year 1hr per Saturday

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