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  1. Ideally storage temps should be on the lower side, but considering average temperature in Cuba is right around your current conditions, you probably don’t have too much to worry about. I have no idea how widespread AC is in Cuba, but I would imagine not very much.
  2. My last box from the locker made it home safely. Some PSP from May 14. Happy holidays all!
  3. PSP that had been hibernating? I was under the assumption that OLH had to be emptied by year end. I’ve been slowly making my way through it. One more PSP cab of PLPC remain, which just got ordered home as well.
  4. They have arrived! Clearing out the OLH and sending them home.
  5. I picked up smoking cigars about 9 years ago. I was sitting in a waiting room, well you know...waiting, and saw a Cigar Aficionado laying around. Not having much else to read, I grabbed for it. I can’t recall too much of what was read besides there being a decent article about a pro golf player that smoked cigars often. Can’t remember the guy but I’m sure I could easily google him, but he’s not the point of the story. The point being cigar smoking peaked my interest that day. I had had several before hanging with friends, but likely all were crap and and most of them were split open
  6. I’m usually not a fan of blingy accessories. This one I could go for! Beauty!
  7. Siglo II - 2013 I think... first half was kind of meh, almost pitched it. Dramatic change in the back half, nubbed and burnt the finger tips!
  8. Young- bolivar pc aged - Siglo 2, followed closely by PLPC
  9. Same. I have one going on a decade now. Has never failed me. Multiple drops and dings but it has performed flawlessly for me. Slightly pricey but worth every penny. edit: check that....it’s a maxijet. But I’d imagine you can’t go wrong with anything ST DuPont, minus some of the tacky patterns
  10. Some more locker goodies got sent home PSP M4 PSP/HQ HUPC
  11. I knew I had these but forgot that they were a gift with a sweet note. Was playing some Tetris and stumbled across the message. She’s a keeper but we’ll see on the aging part?
  12. A fresh ROTT RASS is what hooked me. 24 of the others from the same box didn’t come close to the satisfaction I got from the first. Cuba does one thing really well. Getting you off the non CC train in hopes of the CC Nirvana you get from time to time

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