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  1. Forgot to mention, I can forward the full post to you if you wish. I have it saved as an e-mail.
  2. The following is an excerpt from the original now deleted post from El Pres dated 6 JAN I will have a dedicated thread for 2015 FOH BLIND TASTING Cigar 1 pinned to the forum from the Feb 15th . You are invited to provide a brief review but not disclose the cigar on the forum. You will e-mail Lisa your selection. April 6th (or earlier if you wish). I will post up a spreadsheet of the results and the answer. For the following cigars it is easy. Cigar 2 by April 30, Cigar 3 by May 31st (etc etc). Each time I will post the results via spreadsheet on the forum 7 days after the close.
  3. Grew up just outside of Bridgeton, NJ, USA Own a home in Quinton, NJ where my wife lives (I go there on long weekends and when I am on leave) Currently stationed at Fort Drum, NY
  4. H Upmann Mag 48 EL. I will smoke them but never really found these to be worth the time invested in smoking them. To make matters worse the box that I had ordered had been delayed in the mail for some months, second one was delivered and they both arrived at the same time. By that time I was already in Afghanistan and rather than have my wife return one I just paid for them both. I probably have about 30 left.
  5. I am not generally a follower of the RE/LE program because of price vs enjoyment. However I have recently been looking at these. I don't have access to singles to decide for myself so I would appreciate some advice. I am a big fan of Bolivar and I recently started enjoying long skinnies when the mood strikes me. So is the Bolivar Especiales No. 2 RE Germany faithful to the marca? If so I may consider this long skinny variation.
  6. Welcome. I am currently stationed at Fort Drum, NY but regularly go home to the Bridgeton, Cumberland County area of South Jersey.
  7. For whatever reason, I can't log in to league. Yahoo says that I am not a member of the league. It's a shame because I am tied for 5th at 25 and 7 on under the name hurimoto.

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