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  1. Odd, most on here seem to agree that 30-90 days down is required or you risk making your cigars duds, but I guess that's acclimatisation rather than aging... But if you smoked one or two of the box rott, then buried them for a few years those 'duds' might turn to gold? Or a dud might be a dud because it's too strong, wasn't the ra Celestiales Finos panned for being too strong on release? Look at it now, if you're lucky enough to have some, is that a dud to gold? Or more common example, plpc, some wouldn't touch the mongrel of a fresh plpc, dud(?), but would relish the caramel at 5+ years. Burn, age has been shown to improve that... So construction is the only area age can't change? Though storage / humidity / dry boxing can remedy to some extent. So I guess aging can't fix an overly filled or under filled cigar, aging can't change construction. On the flipside aging may do nothing or may make all of the above, barring construction, worse. Age at your peril/safety.
  2. AFAIK it's curcumin linked with a phospholipid, as curcumin is more bio available when taken with fat due to it being fat soluble. This seems to be a catch all for fat soluble components. Black pepper has an extract, bioperine (trademark name of pipeline), from memory this helps absorption a lot of useful substances by basically stopping the liver from marking them to be excreted (note this can be a bad thing with some things that Should be pissed out!) As always tho, do what works for you!
  3. As seen above information or knowledge on supplements is, well, chaotic. Just a note on turmeric though, the active component is Curcumin, which is roughly 3% of turmeric. as mentioned it is also not very bio available, bioperin (black pepper extract) helps as does taking it with fat, or as a phytosome where the curcumin is combined with a lipid. As an example a phytosomal curcumin can increase absorption by 29x over standard curcumin, which adds up to nearly 1000 more bio available curcumin than just taking turmeric (29 x (100/3)).
  4. Quick check on a different online retailer (just cos it's listed more easily to see) showed - belvederes coronitas on cedros julieta mille fleurs puritos regalias de londres no2/3 tubed sport largos All 25 count, there are also a lot of 10 count options under $140
  5. Zigatoh

    Pet peeves

    Double post Also a pet peeve.
  6. Zigatoh

    Pet peeves

    And ride in packs 3 or 4 abreast because it's 'safer' - of course it's much safer to force drivers to overtake in the other lane (unless they want to finish their journey at 15mph) rather than just passing in the same lane.
  7. Zigatoh

    Pet peeves

    Swearing in public (esp near my kids) Spitting Someone above also mentioned nose gunning, disgusting Government / health bodies use of statistics to 'categorically prove' something is dangerous e.g. Alcohol - any level of drinking can cause various illnesses including (and this is the people scarer that guarantees they're right) Cancer! And yet drinkers live longer.... E.g. Sunlight - increased exposure to sunlight is a cause of (haha, we win again!) skin cancer! so smother yourself in factor 50 and stay indoors. And yet exposure to sunlight, including chronic exposure (high amounts daily) reduces risk of 'all-cause mortality '...
  8. For ages I thought gin tasted like Christmas tree, and no I've never licked a Christmas tree...
  9. Well, maybe just a whiff of desperation.. How quickly a whiff becomes a stench.
  10. Football - 1) no more showing it on telly 2) minimum wage for professional players 3) play rugby instead
  11. Fact is a cigar contains a lot more nicotine than a cigarette. Fact is cigars are generally relaxing rather than stimulating - see other thread re nicotine being a stimulant And a relaxant. Fact is a cigarette smoker or a chewers goes through hell if they take a few days off, in the vast majority a cigar smoker doesn't. But no, you're both right, cigar smoking is just the same as cigarettes or chewing, worse probably given how much nicotine is in a cigar. One last thing, so a cigar has the same nicotine as a pack or two of cigarettes? Ever tried smoking a pack or two of cigarettes in an hour or two? Wait, two last thing, nicotine isn't carcinogenic so likely has little to do with accepting what you're doing. Okok Three last thing, but that's it I promise, nicotine in isolation hasn't even been proven to be addictive, it is in combination with a load of other fun stuff added to cigarettes, pyrazines for example. So why the hoo-ha about nicotine anyway?! (4 it prevents alzheimer's and parkinsons, shhhh)
  12. Zigatoh

    Cigar Induced Insomnia?

    https://www.researchgate.net/publication/18380775_Stimulant_and_depressant_effects_of_cigarette_smoking_on_brain_activity_in_man "Depending on the number, volume, duration, smoke dilution, and depth of inhalation, nicotine can act as either a stimulant or tranquilizer. This can explain why smokers report that smoking gives them energy, stimulates their mental activity, and helps them to attend and concentrate , while others note that smoking relieves anxiety, leads to feelings of contentment, and relaxes them [23]. Upon entering the bloodstream, nicotine immediately stimulates the release of neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, and hormones , which are responsible for most of nicotine's effects like reducing pain, stress, and anxiety or increasing arousal and enhancing cognitive functions like alertness, concentration, and memory [24]. ..."
  13. Aren't a lot of reviews, especially video reviews, based on a single example?
  14. Isn't this forum a form of social media? Posts can be liked, you can have 'friends', post images daily (smoking threads, weekend threads etc), link/share articles, you have a profile, etc etc

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