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    Followed, but you need to add at least 50 hash tags per post and start doing obvious product placement as though you'd been drinking product x multiple times a day forever and no mention of sponsorship or freebies of course...
  2. Doesn't this come back to nicotine being either a stimulant or a relaxant depending on the mode/rate of absorption? Stimulants (fast absorption, cigarrettes/vapes etc) generally being appetite suppressants, I wonder if therefore relaxants (slow absorption, cigars (not all cigars I guess)) could increase appetite? And hence the aforementioned big bonedness...
  3. They were available for as little as £45 though the exchange rate was better so probably $65-70. I bought a few.
  4. Zigatoh

    bad puns

    Very gouda.
  5. Google to the rescue, first link I found - https://www.livescience.com/7113-tongue-map-tasteless-myth-debunked.html More detail here - http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20171012-do-our-tongues-have-different-taste-zones
  6. Funny, I was telling my 6 Yr old son about how different areas of the tongue taste different things like salty sweet etc more than other areas and he totally schooled me, turns out that whole idea has been disproven completely, doesn't relate much to this thread except the image in the original post but yet another widely held belief that isn't true. Also umami to taste makes me think of quantum to physics.
  7. Amusingly you have a Mandela effect in there, apparently the line is actually "no, I am your father"!
  8. Without knowing much science it does sound possible, doesn't shingles do something similar, hang around in your spinal nerve tissue or something?
  9. Not exactly... Epidermal growth factor, which may have been originally derived from a baby foreskin but will then have been cloned in a lab. Pretty grim anyway but egf has been proven to speed up wound healing as well as improving skin. Then again ambergris (gunk from in blue whales digestive systems), musk (anal gland secretions from musk deer and musk rat), ground up beetles to colour lipstick, etc have all been around for years!
  10. Perfect bar's of chocolate, not too dark, not too light, smooth and silky.
  11. Thanksgiving dinner special trouser Button extender?
  12. Has the dog filter been legalised over there yet?
  13. Odd, most on here seem to agree that 30-90 days down is required or you risk making your cigars duds, but I guess that's acclimatisation rather than aging... But if you smoked one or two of the box rott, then buried them for a few years those 'duds' might turn to gold? Or a dud might be a dud because it's too strong, wasn't the ra Celestiales Finos panned for being too strong on release? Look at it now, if you're lucky enough to have some, is that a dud to gold? Or more common example, plpc, some wouldn't touch the mongrel of a fresh plpc, dud(?), but would relish the caramel at 5+ years. Burn, age has been shown to improve that... So construction is the only area age can't change? Though storage / humidity / dry boxing can remedy to some extent. So I guess aging can't fix an overly filled or under filled cigar, aging can't change construction. On the flipside aging may do nothing or may make all of the above, barring construction, worse. Age at your peril/safety.

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