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  1. I'm assuming government probably works a bit like the local councils I've worked with, there are a lot of managers and higher ups who are simply in those jobs because they've worked there the longest as opposed to having the required skills, and plenty of older types simply clinging onto that job, which they don't want and do badly, to get the final salary based pension at the end.
  2. Drinking it won't help but turns out 30%+ will do it externally - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.techtimes.com/amp/articles/248178/20200319/seriously-whisky-kill-coronavirus-hear-experts.htm Sorry, back to the funnys
  3. Doh, no I was referring to the TV licence, if you want to watch live anything on any channel you have to pay the BBC for some reason... Hence the pay me to use any toilet because I have a toilet comparison... But anyway, carry on!
  4. Of course it's not, bbc don't have breaks, which is why anyone in the UK who watches any live broadcast from any channel has to pay the BBC for the 'privilege'. Watching live sport on itv? Pay the bbc! Its like me saying "I have a toilet, so if you use a toilet you can pay me every time, cos of my toilet".
  5. I would recommend the King killer chronicles, name of the wind etc, by Patrick Rothfuss, except that book one came out in 2007, book two in 2011, and book three still has no release date... The first two are excellent, which makes the delay even more frustrating!
  6. If it makes anyone feel better about the numbers, a lot of deaths are attributed to an underlying health condition such as metastatic cancer when the person actually died of something else like an infection. Arguing about what to put on the death certificate doesn't help anyone. If the projections are accurate then in the UK without social distancing and measures like closing schools 250,000 people die of covid19, with them it's 20,000. I'm staying home with my two kids until I absolutely have to go out for food. Funny thing is it's actually really easy these days, Skype, online gaming, Google classroom and a world of online educational resources, people like Joe Wicks doing daily exercise classes for kids. Imagine social isolation when we were kids.
  7. UK there's talk of military on the street, police only working on priority crime (nothing new there).
  8. Yeah but so does your keyboard, ipad, and game controller - https://www.forbes.com/sites/reehines/2015/08/11/5-gadgets-with-more-germs-than-your-toilet-seat/
  9. Lgc 2+3, luckily I still have a few '02s but not enough... As per Yellot00tr there's an RE or two as well, but I guess that's the point of regional or limited!
  10. The problem with democracy in this case is that you're voting between two groups of arse holes, the best you can do is try and work out which is the lesser of two arse holes based on the guff they spew out.
  11. This immediately felt like over hyped/marketed social media/Instagram "influencers" (paid advertisers/prostitutes) crap so I steered well clear. It's still depressing to be proven right, just once in a while it would be nice for genuine pride in quality workmanship to turn up.
  12. £120, or about $160, here - https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/2940/suntory-yamazaki-12-year-old Amazon showing a bunch of shops with it between £110 and £180.
  13. Looks like it was December, ast year and happens again in 2029.
  14. Solo parenting here so where's option for already do both. All. The. Time?

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