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  1. Be interesting to know if they were tested due to random symptoms or just regular testing, a vaccine surely can't stop you 'catching' an illness, you still get it on your hands, up your nose etc, but once it's in you your immune system can fight it off - which surely isn't instant, so if exposed to the illness wouldn't you potentially test positive for it while your immune system is mopping it up? Has there ever been (before this) a rollout of a vaccine where huge numbers of people were being tested regularly after getting the vaccine, whether they showed symptoms or not? Upda
  2. One thought about this, sales last year fell through the floor for obvious reasons, and the best selling car of december cost over £40k! Just a guess but that suggests to me the people who bought cars last december were relatively minted, and Tesla are definitely in the "look at what I'm driving while I drop off the kids" category, a bit range rover... Basically I don't think car sales over the last year can be compared meaningfully with any other year.
  3. So the biggest rollout of a vaccine ever, and you're saying we should do an antibody test on everybody before they get vaccinated? And seeing as anyone can potentially pass on the virus, there isn't anyone who absolutely doesn't need it. Also, if the antibodies fade after say a year, similar to flu for example, then you'd still need to start getting the vaccine next year anyway, and you may have no idea when you initially got infected so how long your antibodies will last, getting vaccinated gives you that information so you know when you need your next vaccination. In the very
  4. Except that in this case currently the advice is for pregnant people not to get the vaccine and there may be issues around people with strong allergies. In the case of 'live' vaccines as another example, people undergoing cancer treatment may not be able to be vaccinated. There are likely other reasons why the person you could infect may not be able to have a vaccine, so there will be people out there who cannot protect themselves. And that's not taking into account how effective the vaccine is, the more people who are vaccinated the higher the overall protection to everyone.
  5. Oculus quest 2, 1 or 2 hrs a day 5 days a week - pistol whip, beat saber, super hot etc - it's gruelling but you gotta keep in shape somehow.
  6. Bellininitini 2 shots vodka, 1/2 or 1 peach schnapps, top up with champagne in a martini glass with a block of ice. 1st one goes well with any cigar, 2nd goes great, not sure about the third and can't remember the fourth or fifth...
  7. Microchip is only required to keep power running for location services even when the battery is taken out, the NSA likely used a trojan horse virus, meaning even when you think you have turned the location services and bluetooth and even the phone 'off' they can still locate you. Only way to stop this on even on a non microchipped phone is to remove the battery. Not saying the NSA have infected your phone with this virus, but it is possible to do.
  8. But do you take the battery out...? https://slate.com/technology/2013/07/nsa-can-reportedly-track-cellphones-even-when-they-re-turned-off.html
  9. I'm sure there was BUM DIC and definitely MOB(y) DIC
  10. I'm assuming government probably works a bit like the local councils I've worked with, there are a lot of managers and higher ups who are simply in those jobs because they've worked there the longest as opposed to having the required skills, and plenty of older types simply clinging onto that job, which they don't want and do badly, to get the final salary based pension at the end.
  11. Drinking it won't help but turns out 30%+ will do it externally - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.techtimes.com/amp/articles/248178/20200319/seriously-whisky-kill-coronavirus-hear-experts.htm Sorry, back to the funnys
  12. Doh, no I was referring to the TV licence, if you want to watch live anything on any channel you have to pay the BBC for some reason... Hence the pay me to use any toilet because I have a toilet comparison... But anyway, carry on!
  13. Of course it's not, bbc don't have breaks, which is why anyone in the UK who watches any live broadcast from any channel has to pay the BBC for the 'privilege'. Watching live sport on itv? Pay the bbc! Its like me saying "I have a toilet, so if you use a toilet you can pay me every time, cos of my toilet".

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