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  1. 737 ironically. Great flying airplane, probably stretched too far now and over modified.
  2. I flew the 777 for a few years and now on the 330. The Boeing flew nicer in many ways and went faster in cruise. Airbus is very efficient, the wing itself is amazing but it’s an electronic plane with glitches reminiscent of a windows pc at times. Everything has multiple redundancies but it’s very common to have to reset things. I just downloaded the book ‘No mans land - the story of QF72’, which may interest you. It’s about the uncommanded nose down of a 330 due to faulty air data modules.
  3. Basic stick and rudder skills probably not as good (on average to Western pilots) but calling them incompetent might be a bit harsh. The MCAS and the function of it was not trained nor a description of it even found in the technical manuals (FCOM/FCTM) for that aircraft. A real Cock up.
  4. I have the same box of ERdM. Ugh. Haven’t had one yet but doesn’t look promising .
  5. In the cesspool known as Sydney, we got asked to put our cigars out in the completely closed off smoking area (by some snarky cigarette toking women!) Ignored them until management backed them up.
  6. Always enjoy the “what are you celebrating?” Comments. Tuesday is usually my response!
  7. PSD4, maybe Hoyo EPI 2 (white pepper/spice)
  8. Anyone know the lag time for certain month boxcodes to come to market? I’ll be chasing an Oct box of Cohiba or HDM Dc, when will they flow into the market? January?
  9. With Facebook meddling in all the alcohol, tobacco etc groups and removing many of them there just may be a swing away from Facebook. Personally, living in Hawaii it’s amazing watching many folks on hikes and at the beach just posing for an instagram photo and then walking off. People don’t seem to live in the moment and enjoy things anymore. Kinda sad, and as the clock to bringing a new life into this world counts down I worry about what life will be like in 15 years when my offspring is a teenager.
  10. The word ‘Libation’ reminds me of that cigar show with the loud mouth. Hated the word ever since! Answering the question: Diplomatico anejo Reserva w/ one ice cube (prob hot there in FL). Zaya is decent too. I like rum in summer or a cocktail (usually a Manhattan).

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