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  1. Enjoy your trip! Shame you don’t drop into the islands!
  2. Duxnutz

    high roller bourbons

    I think Scotch/single malt is going to feel it more than bourbon. Couple years and maybe a recession and things will be back to normal.
  3. Duxnutz

    high roller bourbons

    Geez you must have a cupboard filled with good bourbon! Can you shed light on the reasoning on why Blantons Gold/SFTB was never released locally in the States?
  4. 1. Cohiba Siglo VI 2. Cohiba Robusto 3. RASS (50 cab) 4. Partagas PC of choice 5. Monte 2 6. Hoyo DC 7. JL2 8. SLR Serie A (assuming it’s still current) 9. Upmann Royal Robusto 10. SP Non Plus or RG PC.
  5. Thoughts and prayers for any members visiting or living in Osaka. We cancelled our flight there today after we released it would take too long to fit the floats to the Airbus 😳
  6. Which facility? I’m a HAL 330 driver.
  7. Duxnutz

    Video Review - Trinidad La Trova LCDH

    How’s regular production Trinidad going? They seeing any uptick in quality?
  8. Duxnutz

    New Tobacco Rate In Oz

    Back of the napkin (serviette, sorry) most of us would have at least 20-30k in duty alone sitting in our stash. My last boxes just arrived, kinda wishing I’d liquidated.
  9. Most likely garbage, just like the recently released Metallica stuff.
  10. Duxnutz

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Celebrating the final shipment of my cigar collection across international waters. Didn’t lose or damage a single one. Hoyo Double Epicure 👌
  11. Thanks @JohnS. Definitely has the potential to be a bit of an ‘event’. My girlfriend and I stopped at target yesterday and couldn’t believe how quickly the food section had been cleared out. Ditto lines at the petrol station. I actually flew out to Japan this afternoon so frantically tried to (as best one can a Hawaiian fibro house) wrap up the house this morning and secure stuff outside. I’m actually scheduled to land at 10:20 am Friday with the storm approaching Oahu by 6pm so should be an interesting day. It’s funny how even movie theatres are closed but yet the airplanes are still flying. Might just be an occasion to crack a nice bottle of bourbon and hunker down. Thought with you @Islandboy. Fingers crossed the weakening continues, just worried about the water.
  12. Haven’t bought a box in yonks. Looking for some Hoyo DCs, Cohiba CE ( Siglo VI or Espys) and some smaller staples. I’ve run through a lot of my little ones I take for granted such as PL Panatelas, Montecarlos, El Principe and RG PCs.
  13. Duxnutz

    high roller bourbons

    Back a few years ago I did the famed 60:40 marriage of Antique and Weller 12 as my house bourbon I offered guests. Truly great. I actually prefer the Antique 107 and am drinking it as I type this. Weller is sent to japan, amazed it’s not imported into Oz directly.
  14. Since we’re in the pineapple state I’ll keep a look out. Recently bought a bottle of tequila that made me completely rethink it as a cigar go-to, delightful stuff.
  15. Duxnutz

    high roller bourbons

    Wish the hipsters would back off Weller 12. Darn near hyped into non existence. Belle Meade is solid and a staple in my cabinet. Agree with the Barrel bottlings, always pretty good if not overpriced.

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