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  1. Last year due to covid I was way down in my consumption of cigars due to several reasons; general feeling of malaise, doing full time daddy day care plus also kind of falling away from the hobby. I definitely enjoyed some cigars I’ve been keeping for special occasions but thoroughly enjoy more regular production (or discontinued regular production) more than ELs.
  2. Interesting! Never heard anything about these. If only Rob shipped to Hawaii
  3. Can’t wait til we start flying back to Brisbane again.
  4. Great for a football game or round of golf (I think - never done it but like the concept).
  5. Watching the dees game (AFL) tonight. Getting quotes for a bathroom reno tomorrow we’ve been trying to get organised since last year… honestly near my wits end, if you’re a contractor you’d clean up in Hawaii. Painful. Sunday gotta pull the finger out and refresh for airplane training to go back to my old job pre COVID. Hope everyone gets some cigars in. Having a random custom Churchill from Havana circa 2016. Pretty light so far.
  6. Nice find digging through the stash. Forgot about these! Had one tonight, really enjoyed it, especially the body - medium plus.
  7. Had a Grand Am that started shaking while I was driving over a bridge in Georgia (SSI), car gave me so much grief I just put the floor down and limped it into the driveway where it promptly conked out never to start again.
  8. My mother said the same thing. I think she was actually spotted crying today. THAT BLOODY GOOD. If committed atrocities thats the meal I’d have as my death row meal.
  9. Was a great place! I remember going there after some Sydney cigar gathering and quickly made it a favorite. I can taste those damn Pipis!!! Fuzz go get the XO sauce recipe. I’m sure they’ll prob come back as something else when the madness stops.
  10. I just wish these jerk-offs would let me come home and pick up my cigars!
  11. Yes. I believe they can. My employer just came out and gave us til Sept to get vaccinated. People kicking up a fuss but I highly doubt anyone would be willing to throw away their job over it. Travel industry related field - Airlines.
  12. Lol I was born in ‘82! It was a good year. I’d love a single from that year. Anyone up for a 25 way box split!?!?
  13. Anything bigge Wow. Great size and up there as one of my GOAT cigars. Bite the bullet and have a crack! For me it’s any modern Trinidad. Can’t get a decent one and just not much going on, or too subtle.

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