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  1. Holding off to hear how some of my favourites are smoking at the moment. Not had any 2019 yet.
  2. Pretty much all the Lonsdales, Dalias and PCs no longer around. Old Punch was great; SS#1/2 and black prince. ERDM and SLR Lonsdales. The way cigar releases are going, no one will know how to blend these sizes before long.
  3. This thread is good motivation for a smoke off! Have to have a gander and see what I have left!
  4. Encantos and Edmundo Dantes Conde 109. Celestiales finos, PL Robusto, RA Estupendos easily interchangeable.
  5. Always cracks me up when the drive through is jammed but one can walk into a bank or even Maccas (McDonalds) and there’s no line! I personally find drive through weddings efficient though, gonna hit up the ‘walk through wedding chapel’ in Honolulu soon.
  6. If you recall, other aircraft models had issues on release and were rectified. DC10 etc. As a former 737 driver I’d happily fly it after they sort out the MCAS issue of sourcing from only one AoA vane. The spiffy new engines and their resultant pitch up couple due changed location on the wing is a bit troubling, but even the 737-800 was a handful on a full thrust go around. Looking at the pictures of built airplanes sitting in the parking lot in Renton due no parking space is mind boggling though. What a screw up.
  7. The Buffalo Trace Kentucky version is pretty good for US folks.
  8. Add Southwest Airlines, much blame for the perpetual upgrades is SWA’s love affair with the 737 type and reluctance to make wholesale changes that would require a new aircraft certification. Every time I hit my head on the archaic overhead instrument panel with knobs and switches protruding every which way I cursed Southwest!
  9. Great lil find at the bottom of the Coolidore on Father’s Day. 06 SLR Churchill.
  10. This week. Getting towards the end of my supply of Serie du connoisseur no.2’s, Bolivar CE?, Half corona and now having a Tatuaje. Can’t remember last time I had one of those. Brought a shelter dog home yesterday. Trying to come up with a name. Currently goes by ‘scooter’ but doesn’t even respond to that. Any ideas on helping a skittish dog (9 month puppy?) settle in?
  11. That good huh? Might have to find someone to split a box. Hope you’re well @JohnS, would be great to join you for a smoke!
  12. Thanks. Several years ago the coloniales mediocrity led me back to the reyes. Seems like I’ll just stock up on them until Rob ships to my location again.

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