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  1. It’s all getting F-ing rediculous. Haven’t seen my parents and sister in 18+ months and if I am to travel there’s no guarantee I can leave. Australia is looking like 1940s Eastern Germany.
  2. No advice. I generally think that in this day and age as a society we generally care very little about our fellow inhabitants of this planet. I don’t think I can remember the last time someone said hello when you walk past them. We should probably all pray for an asteroid to bring a clean slate.
  3. Can also be more complicated than that…… life can get in the way and you just don’t enjoy them much anymore or finding the time is hard. The debate comes in on whether to liquidate or hold and see if the time or predilection comes back.
  4. I’ve got a box from ‘06 I think. Pretty flavorful and nice El Rey flavors. Extremely box pressed though.
  5. Having lots of issues loading here on the rock in the Pacific.
  6. Just got my second (moderna) shot today. Fingers crossed side effects are mild.
  7. Here’s an interesting life insurance tidbit from my recent foray into obtaining it. I did the blood test and then at underwriting the first company wouldn’t cover anyone with travel plans to Japan or Australia due their COVID 19 policies!!! Crazy.
  8. Island mutt called Scooter. He’s a good boy though, just has allergy issues that we’re finding it hard to get control of.
  9. Lol last cigar I shared in a social setting was prob with some SYD crew!!! I just finished my longest stretch so far. Nov - Last few weeks.

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