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  1. Here’s an interesting life insurance tidbit from my recent foray into obtaining it. I did the blood test and then at underwriting the first company wouldn’t cover anyone with travel plans to Japan or Australia due their COVID 19 policies!!! Crazy.
  2. Island mutt called Scooter. He’s a good boy though, just has allergy issues that we’re finding it hard to get control of.
  3. Lol last cigar I shared in a social setting was prob with some SYD crew!!! I just finished my longest stretch so far. Nov - Last few weeks.
  4. I thought this tidbit on the subject would make a few people happy......... On the circle where my condo is there’s a guy that appears to live in his truck, reasonably close to across the street. Guy doesn’t create any mischief and is an older fellow that prob lived somewhere previously I imagine. Knows a lot of folks. I used to fret about cigar smoke leaking from my place but this guy sits in his truck every day and smokes prob 3-5 cigars throughout the course of a day. Smoke permeating around the neighborhood and nobody seems to care. I love it .
  5. In my condo, I use this out on the lanai. I’ve got a 650cfm duct fan pulling through a charcoal filter and ducted outside the tent. Little fan for inlet air and it works well. Have a comfy chair and a table with the charcoal filter on it sitting next to ashtray. Slight residual smell I cover with an incense stick/use my blue air air filter.
  6. Love the Royal Robbo. Couple years ago they were crazy good, I’ll have to go have a dig and see if I can find another box. They’ve all but disappeared from the market. Are they on hiatus or finished?
  7. TD was not permitting trading on margin. I believe still can with cash.
  8. Public faith in government would have to be at an all time low, so trusting them on a vaccine at this point just seems hard given the emergency approval. Just seems rushed. Still, if it gives people an incentive to fly again I’m all for it. I’m personally gonna wait til it’s well and truly been ironed out. “You never want the A model of anything”.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving Eve. Lots to be thankful for this year; first year as a family, still employed and touchwood still sucking air. Highly likely this is my last one. Always had an afinity for them.
  10. Mille Fleurs are great value. There’s something amazing about opening a box of cazzies with some down time tho. All marinating and stewing in their own juices...

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