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  1. Public faith in government would have to be at an all time low, so trusting them on a vaccine at this point just seems hard given the emergency approval. Just seems rushed. Still, if it gives people an incentive to fly again I’m all for it. I’m personally gonna wait til it’s well and truly been ironed out. “You never want the A model of anything”.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Eve. Lots to be thankful for this year; first year as a family, still employed and touchwood still sucking air. Highly likely this is my last one. Always had an afinity for them.
  3. Mille Fleurs are great value. There’s something amazing about opening a box of cazzies with some down time tho. All marinating and stewing in their own juices...
  4. Always wondered exactly what an Australian shepherd is?
  5. Tasty example. Anyone know if Royal Robustos are still being rolled?
  6. Couldn’t find any in stock so ordered the Puerto Rican.
  7. Wait, what? The SP non plus was discontinued!?!? One of my regular old faithfuls. Damn, and out of stock everywhere.
  8. Interested in what you’d keep your ready smoking cigars at in 82-84 degree ambient temp.
  9. Hawaii doing its darndest to become a true third world back water.
  10. I’d personally go back and start a career that’s more stable. it’s a highly specialised career so if you lose your medical, fail some training or suffer at the hands of a recession it’s hard to transfer those skills into something later in life and earn similar money. It’s also traditionally quite a journey to work up to a job where you earn significant compensation to balance out the risk. I enjoy the flying aspect, don’t get me wrong but like doing anything as a job there’s aspects one doesn’t care for. These include things like circadian rhythm disruption, time away from loved ones, working with idiots, career progression tied to seniority vs skill and so on. It’s also incredibly mundane (a good thing but also bad). Airline flying is highly structured and procedural. You can fly your personal plane where you want and how you want. Added bonus is you don’t have to sit next to some guy occasionally you wouldn’t wanna have a beer with but yet have to spend the best part of a week with listening to their rants, opinions, racist views and pictures of their vacation home whilst you yourself are on the furlough list about to be unemployed in just over a month. Just my 2 cents!

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