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  1. Was gonna go next week. I think I’ll hold off.
  2. A 50 cab of SLR DC would last me a while. I can’t cope with the Serie A going away since it’s my favourite. I have a few boxes stashed but still. I was under the impression Partagas 898s were still around somewhat?
  3. Best of luck. 18 months ago I was contemplating driving my car off a cliff. Fast forward to the present; have a wonderful relationship with someone else and discovered am going to be a parent. Life is a journey, a scary and wonderful one. Chin up, don’t go off the grid.
  4. One would have thought Trump would be normalising relations and ending the embargo so he could make out like a bandit on the re-development, not doing this. Very surprising.
  5. Duxnutz

    "high roller bourbons"

    In Texas of all places (and Weller Disney land) you can’t find Blantons?
  6. Duxnutz

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    One of my all time favourites! I still have a box squirrelled away somewhere.
  7. There’s still 7 1/2 mo this left in the year. We could easily have 3-5 prime ministers during this time.
  8. Surprised the Aussie government doesn’t block it to be honest.
  9. Duxnutz


    Good, with a kid on the way I’d like to move some excess cigars onto people that will enjoy them!
  10. Duxnutz

    Worst Airports?

    Oh god HNL. I’m based here and most days it could rival any airport in the third world. We’ve got roof leaks, inop escalators, broken TSA X-ray machines, almost zero AC, potholes on the taxi way, hardly any gates to park aircraft... I could go on. In the next few months when ANA start flying the White elephant A380 here it may finally break the back of the limited immigration receiving area. Nothing like flying to paradise only having to w@it on the aircraft for space in the customs hall to open up. 🤮😬😲🤔
  11. Duxnutz

    Worst Airports?

    @Fuzz they respond well to calling them Smurfs. Papa Smurf, Grumpy smurf, Resting B#$ch Face smurf, they all work there.
  12. Duxnutz

    Worst Airports?

    In the States, I like Portland, Detroit (DTW), Vegas, Long Beach and Seattle. Internationally, I absolutely hate Sydney, security are rude and a right royal pain in the butt. Japanese airports are largely a pleasure if a long walk between gates.
  13. Well aged ERDM, QDO or Cohiba. Absolutely phenomenal.
  14. Duxnutz

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Went to the dr last week as we suspected lady Dux was 7 weeks or so pregnant. Turns out we were wrong and she’s a little further along! 11 weeks, Still in shock. Can barely remember the Cohiba but am thoroughly enjoying my last Punch SS#1 right now. There goes the cigar budget!
  15. Absolutely lose flavour after several years. If I happen to buy any cardboard packs now I pull em out ASAP.
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