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  1. Oh snap. All I need is a 50 cab of Hoyo DCs and some Esplendidos with Oct 2019 box date and I’m golden.
  2. Maybe use google and research ‘sense of humour’.
  3. Are you smoking crack? Been great Punch Punch, Punch DCs and even Punch REs during this time. Almost tempted at send you a Punch Emiratos.
  4. Staring down the barrel of the mrs giving birth this week. Have the whiskey picked out, hard part is finding the cigar.
  5. Should have some referral link from the video! Just bought a 5 pack of the Petite Robustos (corona out of stock funnily enough). I smoke NCs here and there, mainly when it’s above 70% humidity as they burn better and are more flavourful. I buy bundles of Connecticut house rolls from a cigar shop on the mainland that are amazingly consistent and very well priced. 👌 Keen to give these a whirl.
  6. Anybody know anything near (train ride) from Narita?
  7. Good luck on #8. Half of Asia is on holiday here.
  8. 737 ironically. Great flying airplane, probably stretched too far now and over modified.
  9. I flew the 777 for a few years and now on the 330. The Boeing flew nicer in many ways and went faster in cruise. Airbus is very efficient, the wing itself is amazing but it’s an electronic plane with glitches reminiscent of a windows pc at times. Everything has multiple redundancies but it’s very common to have to reset things. I just downloaded the book ‘No mans land - the story of QF72’, which may interest you. It’s about the uncommanded nose down of a 330 due to faulty air data modules.
  10. Basic stick and rudder skills probably not as good (on average to Western pilots) but calling them incompetent might be a bit harsh. The MCAS and the function of it was not trained nor a description of it even found in the technical manuals (FCOM/FCTM) for that aircraft. A real Cock up.

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