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  1. Old ass tasty RASS from the days of Tupperware filling singles purchases in the Middle East. I miss those days.
  2. Pretty much the first negative reviews I’ve seen.
  3. First decent NYC layover in a while. Roma craft near city hall. Beautiful building but 50 degrees in April!? 😬
  4. Almost in line with Bourbon pricing to be honest. Blantons as a benchmark Instagram-promoted-trendy bottle in many parts of the country is unobtainable or close to 2.5x msrp. I don’t drink much Blantons personally but it’s a comparison nonetheless. I reckon Cuba may just put themselves backwards 10 years on their current practices. Throw in a US or even global recession and they could conceivably become extinct (or so expensive they will turn into something of Social media posings with watches). Stranger things have happened. Like most here I’ve got more cigars than I know what to do with but I already have sadness everytime I enjoy my favorite cigars, knowing there won’t be another replacement box of SLR Serie A/LGC anything/Sancho Molinos coming my way. Oh well.
  5. Punch Punch and JL all day long. Sancho Panza and Raphael Gonzalez notables as well.
  6. Hopefully there’s sunshine next week when I grace the place with my presence .
  7. I just wish they factory produced more brand sample packs like non CC’s do.
  8. Spreading the wings on what’s prob one of the longest domestic flights in the States. Yep Never been to Boston, have two days. What should I see? Any good place to have a cigar.?
  9. Unremarkable Bushido (box split that all have been pretty lame) and a bird who is hanging out.
  10. I’m still reeling from the news and sat in the park yesterday with a carlotta from last year watching cricket highlights. For mine, Shane was the epitome of a forgone era that some of us might miss; a spade was a spade and he didn’t apologise one iota for who he was. Truly remarkable for 2022. Anyhow, I’m trying to watch this doco of him in the states but for the life of me can’t get around Amazon region B.S. Using a VPN and no dice. Anyone got any ideas?
  11. Back in SYD first time in 2yrs since COVID. Golden Century offshoot -> PIPPIES!!!!!
  12. As for the difficult part….. with all the bangs and whistles (hi tech avionics) flying can appear easy but as a young sprog with 1000 hrs in the logbook and a bit of a chip forming on my shoulder - a wise old timer told me you never master flying. There’s always something to learn. Whether it’s weather, gusty winds or tricky remote area nav with no gps there’s plenty to keep one interested for a long time. Many a dr and a bonanza have found grief with over confidence.
  13. Crazy times. Haven’t been able to find some staples in a fair while.
  14. Cohiba Shorts almost exclusively. Tried the crappy NC variations but keeps coming back to the Cohibas.
  15. Let’s hope they call me for a Vegas trip. Kinda looks like a place you’d find in the Middle East. I regularly go to a lounge up past the Sahara but will give this a try next time I go there. Hopefully not stuffy enough that can’t have a chat.
  16. As has been said Havana 7. I like Zaya 16 (usually on sale) and even Kraken. I use Zaya the most. Not too sweet.
  17. Double ziplock each box and put them in an esky (cooler). Check the cooler and wheel it through on your luggage trolley. Prob highly likely to cruise through. The above mentioned advice regarding booze is GOLDEN. In a galaxy far away I used to often bring an extra bottle of booze back to Oz and declare it. Duty free allowance was around 3 bottles but the 4th would trigger duty (tax) on the whole lot. Being an honest person and declaring the surplus bottle I’d offer to dispose of said excess bottle or forfeit. With the liquor prices in Australia, the red blooded border bloke literally has a mental breakdown with the thought of throwing away any alcohol so waves you through. YMMV and the above is not legal advice!
  18. Back when we used to stay up that way quite frequently, I enjoyed Woodland Hills Cigar Co. Great place. I’m not even sure we have a lounge here (Honolulu, HI) anymore. The one place was pretty run down and didn’t have that great a selection, plus located in a weird spot. I’d love to open a lounge but this is a very anti business and expensive state to do business in.
  19. NOTAMs (Notice to Airman - kinda like a memo) that lots of airports now have higher landing minimums temporarily whilst they figure this quagmire out. CAT 1 minima now (basically have to see the runway to land) vs CAT 3 auto land minima. It IS winter in the states so this should be fun, we did an auto land into Seattle last week.
  20. Most Aussies would also say…. Fear of getting randomly killed by a firearm - negligible. It’s all relative.
  21. The last time Boon’s tale was brought up to me was as we were passing over Malè in the Maldives and some Scottish guy was going hard at trying to out do old Boonie. Apparently the guy had come from Europe and quickly after boarding hops head first into his duty free. Somehow, hid the fact he was necking some scotch from the FAs and after he started going AWOL in the cabin they found a near empty bottle of dewars. We couldn’t believe he was still upright and conscious. Is Boonie still alive?
  22. Airlines make too much money off it for it to be cancelled. Would go against the general post COVID trend to nickel and dime people to death when they travel….. I WILL SAY last week I was surprised to get a blanket on Delta on a trans con. I did have to threaten to drink the bathroom water in order to get a glass of H2O though. No shame in a couple subtle 3 ounce ‘roadies’ of nice bourbon when your experiencing the miracle of flight.
  23. Nope. How else would we get the confidence to land the thing??? * I kid, I kid.

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