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  1. Wife and I were in Mexico for Christmas with her family (she’s from Mexico). Everyone had heard such good things about Roma and, it being a Mexican film we had to watch it. M-i-L walked out about 30 minutes in, wife fell asleep, I managed to get to the end because I was convinced something good had to be coming up - after all, all those glowing reviews could not be that far off the mark, could they? Of course, myself and all 5 family members chatted afterwards to see if anyone thought it was amazing. Not one. Average at best. Having watched a number of the other awards darlings (and
  2. Nicko


  3. I always freeze. A habit. I think better safe than sorry. Usually take a months supply at a time out of the coolers into my desktops. No temp control so I think of the damage that could be done to 40-50 boxes in a month or so if left unchecked.
  4. Really enjoyed the first royal robusto I had. Also had my first gold medal which was amazing. Had my first aged Boli lonsdale and a Yolanda canonazo which both stood out amongst everything else over the past year.
  5. Oldboy Cool Hand Luke (Good to see it on lists - didn't realize that it was still so popular) Amelie Man on Fire (La femme) Nikita City of God Lawrence of Arabia Seven Samurai Yojimbo Once upon a time in the west And the list goes on and on......
  6. I can tell you a recent box I had shipped in that got taxed was assessed at $100 and duties etc amounted to $252. That was BC.
  7. On the issue of telling customs that you are bringing cigars in for someone else. I had a couple visiting from the states while I was working in TO a couple of years ago and they drove across with a hundred cigars I had shipped to them when I knew they would visit. They got a few questions thrown at them at the border and said that the cigars were for a friend and they were just bringing them across. The sticks got confiscated. I appealed but it got thrown out. I always explain clearly now to anyone doing any muling for me that they say the cigars are for them. I'm sure most of the time
  8. Started around three years ago and got hooked - badly! Am now at over 2500 sticks. Initially 80 - 90% NC. Now, after a great and very productive Cuban trip am at around 50/50 and heading fast towards a vast majority of CC's. Smoking at least 2 NC to 1 CC should help to change the balance :thumbsup:
  9. I purchased the G C limited around three weeks ago and it is great. Yes, it has a large engine (although you have the option of a smaller engine if you don't need the V8 - not sure on the overland) and it is not the best on gas but it has improved considerably over the past few years in that area. It is really well appointed inside and feels like a luxury car. The few friends who have ridden inside it so far have all been impressed at the vast improvement over older models. it is a lot of car for the money and when the snow is on the roads and I'm on the way up the mountain I'm sure I'll a
  10. And I thought I did ok bringing back 4 people's duty free limit a few weeks ago. You managed nine. Very impressive. You must have a thing for the RA Extras? 350 in one month?
  11. From Havana last week - all prices in CUC's Hoyo Short Pyramides (10's) - 72 RA Extra's - 153.75 Boli Gold Medals (10's) - 54 Upmann Royal Robo (10's) - 69 Partagas 898 (10's) - 76 Upmann mag 48 (single) - 6.40 Monte Edmundo (single) - 6.70 Great List - used by many. Thanks.

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