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  1. "All leaves are placed with their lighter-flavoured tips towards what will be the foot (the lit end) of the cigar so that the flavour will intensify as it is smoked. The stronger-flavoured, slower burning medio tiempo and ligero leaves are always placed at the centre." - The World of the Habano (2012) p.55
  2. You take passion to a whole new level and I like it!
  3. That is the most extensive collection I have ever seen. Just by the looks of it, I would've guess you are a retailer.
  4. Simply put, there needs to be discussion and dialogue about Cuaba and it is happening right here. This, in my humble opinion, is education itself.
  5. You will be missed! All the best.
  6. I predict these will be priced around the Monte Edmundos, yet I'm still excited for these.
  7. Hi Tom. Yum, SLR Regio........

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