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  1. A great album from cover to cover.. theres the obvious hits but some great album tracks. i dont think there is a weak track on this album. Feature Venetta Fields on backing vocals... as well.. I love her voice.
  2. Love this album... one of the greatest rock albums of all time... apart from the obvious singles i really like, Have a drink on me, Shoot to thrill. every song is a winner Many have tried but the Gretsch rhythm guitar sound of Malcolm is hard to match.
  3. Some great songs on this album.. Sledgehammer doesn't date... loved the Kate Bush duet as well.
  4. Fat bastard Diet Monday 21st Feb Unfortunately I am not doing that well.. I work in an office full of people that love eating... these turned up this morning My diet today will include locally made donuts.
  5. Ive been wanting to try the Haut 10 range... are they worth the price?
  6. Legendary performer and seemed like a good guy.
  7. Maybe before and after photos for body weight comp.. some of the % in past comps were so unbelievable it would be great to see the transformation!!
  8. anyone willing to offer a good additive free Rum you can easily buy for under $120 in Australia?
  9. Great instrumental version of the awesome song from the amazing album by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach
  10. Picked up a fake box of Monte 5s from Singapore airport DF some years ago... tasted absolutely disgusting and that was all i had to smoke during my trip... super let down. made me realize that i cannot rely on Duty Free for my holiday smokes.
  11. A brilliant album and one I never get sick of. Ken What was the E street band contribution?
  12. If you drink it straight, its Diplomatico Reserva for mine.

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