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  1. - RyJ Robustos 2001 - H. Upmann Magnum 50 - 2005 - Cohiba 1966 - 2011
  2. They're more commonly known as "Armadeiras" in Portuguese (to arm = "armar"). The name comes from their stance before attacking, when they raise their front legs.
  3. Upon release and a couple of years ago I remember people praising them for reasons I never understood, considering that from the 10 samples I bought, 8 were plugged and unsmokable and 2 were very tight that I couldn't finish the cigar. On the other hand, the Punch Super Robustos that were released in the same year were great until last year when I smoked the last one I had.
  4. Love gin. Citadelle for G&T, Hendricks for Martinis and Caorunn (and Antica Formula) for Negroni.
  5. I've never been to Beirut, but I was really impressed with Dubai's selection and prices! Hands down best cigar shop I've been. I guess I may have to stop by Beirut one of these days!
  6. I had my last one about a year ago and this was one of my favorites EL. It was like eating a Black Forest Cake. To me this is what the EL program should be, a mix between the marca profile and the typical "chocolatiness" of the EL. I've been trying to get some more of these but it's been really hard to find.
  7. Tsukiji is a must-see, however sushi there is overrated and crowded IMO. It certainly is fresh and affordable but not exactly the best you can have in Tokyo. Kyoto is really amazing, if you have the opportunity to stay one or two nights at a nice Ryokan it also a unique opportunity. I've stayed at Hiiragiya and highly recommend their kaiseki.
  8. Ken, not sure if enjoy sushi. But if you do and is undecided of which 2 or 3 star to try, go to Sushi Yoshitake in Ginza. Although not cheap, certainly worth the experience. Yoshitake and all the staff are very friendly and his food phenomenal. I did try some of the other famous venues such as Sukiyabashi Jiro (in Ginza), Mizutani and Kanesaka, they're also very good but Yoshitake is definitely a favorite.
  9. I've always enjoyed them after the 2 - 3 year mark. However the last one I had in November looked like they went back in time. Nicotine bomb and rough around the edges. I'll try another one when it hits its 5 year anniversary (have ti check my box code).
  10. All the best! I broke my shoulder snowboarding back in February... Hurts like a b*tch. I never took care of it and regret it. And it also sucks not being able to mountain bike for at least 6 months!
  11. x3 Interestingly enough, check out the Lectores description in the website: "By tradition, a reader reads to the Torcedores as they work, from daily newspapers and from novels selected by popular vote." Is it just me or this is oddly paradoxical?
  12. GSM Arena was one of my favorites websites before the first iPhone was out. Nowadays I usually don't care much about other phones. Nonetheless they do make make thorough and independent reviews and comparisons.
  13. Obviously manual transmission is way more fun. It gives a lot more control cornering or braking (reducing gear when necessary). However, try to drive daily for an hour-commute in the traffic. It gets pretty boring clutching from neutral to first so many times after a while...

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