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  1. I see a black market for vaccine cards in the near future. They fake every form of identification in the world, guarantee this will be next.
  2. Hold up... they have a problem with a 500-participant orgy but they let her be the health minister?
  3. Just another weekend at work, aircraft still flying and still need maintenance.
  4. How many people are actually having to work at home or work at home in general? Here in Ohio they have all but locked down the state but everyone in my immediate family still have to report to work everyday with the exception of my dad who technically can work from home but they have not forced anyone to do so.
  5. I work as an aircraft mechanic at CVG (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky) airport. In the first two weeks of January myself and 5 others came down with what I believe was the worst flu I have ever had. One person I know was tested and they never officially diagnosed him. Long story short, I've never been so sick in my life and I didn't fully recover until mid February. Most likely not coronavirus but I wonder the same thing because I work on Boeing 747 cargo freighters that fly to and from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan.
  6. Bolivar Royal Corona. A box of 10 tubos I ordered after discovering I could actually obtain the forbidden fruit. ?
  7. Here are the pictures of the cigars from the find.
  8. I saw the pictures from the office and thought that is very impressive! Then I continue scrolling through 17 pages and well......
  9. Just arrived this morning! PSP PLPC from our host! They look and smell amazing!
  10. Here is my NewAir 180 wineador. Currently have four boxes in it with two on the way. I am running out of room fast lol. On top is a 100 count desktop humidor for all my singles.
  11. Wish my pictures would quit rotating on my phone lol. This is the first cuban I have smoked since 2012 and now I understand all the talk about some of the current production smokes coming out of cuba. I haven't smoked a cigar to the point of burning my lips and fingers in years! This little thing never even got bitter! I had to put it down because it was painful to smoke lol.
  12. At my parents house right after work for a cookout. It's a bit windy out so I decided to smoke in the garage. Just finished my first RASCC... oh my god where have you been all my life! I will probably post an actual review but for now here's some pics! After dinner I will be firing up my first 898!
  13. Tomorrow's Friday so I will set aside time to try both. Also received an email this morning that my box of PSP PLPC shipped
  14. I'm rather a "noob" to habanos I have never had anything from Ramon Allones and I've only had the PSD4 from Partagas so this is new territory for me. Buying is one thing but once they get here... Amazing to think where all these two boxes have been since they were rolled lol.

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