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  1. No oil necessary. Even when cooking the meat will release from the grill when its been on for a couple minutes.
  2. Agree with this. I tried the Euro exchange my first time and felt I took at least a 5% hit on each exchange. Was a hassle and saved little to nothing. The other problem was any unspent/unconverted Euros aren't useful once you return and you never want to be in the position in Cuba where you run out of money.
  3. Do try it again. It to me is sweeter than Santiago 12 and smoother than Seleccion de Maestros. Maybe a bad bottle? Not sure but give it a chance.
  4. Agree on these and enjoy Vigia 18 as well.
  5. I wasn't seeing any Cuba REs in Cuba. Think they get too much for distributing them elsewhere. Seemed really ironic and also disappointing. The one box I regretted was a box of Anejados I saw at the Hotel Park Central. I have never even thought about tasting them before and still don't have a desire to try them but the cigars in this particular box had plume as if they had been aged for decades. They were hard to not smoke on the spot. They best value I did purchase was the RA Club Allones LE 2015. They are about $70 a box for what I think is a great cigar.
  6. The color definitely looks less appetizing but even beyond the color (as I know they color match boxes based on hue) is the difference in character of the wrapper leaf. Pale ones look almost plastic where as the darker wrappers have obvious oils, texture and look like a real leaf. Would love to have a review done on both at the same time. We can help if necessary....
  7. I've been looking for a domestic CC dealer for a while. Please post the web address so I can place my order.
  8. HDM Double Corona on New Year's Day. Thanks Rob for mailing those gems my way. Beat out a Cohiba Sig VI and Upmann Mag 56 LE 2015.
  9. Will be interesting to watch the marketing strategy of NC brands change as CCs become available in the US. With a void and American knowledge that CCs are best, it made sense to use the Cuban seed claims in advertising. Post-embargo it would seem more like admitting you make an inferior product.
  10. Was always a fan of box pressed cigars, but prefer ones that are truly square like offerings from Padron. Some of the new rectangle ones can be odd to smoke, but can still be quite good, like the Tatuaje TAA 2015. Don't care as much now that I smoke round CCs a majority of the time. I think about it as part of the experience of different brands and feel that it is as much a part of a companies offering as the tobacco inside. You know the soft, round wrapper of a Behike like you know the maduro, box press of a Padron.
  11. You were absolutely right about the REs. The only thing new I found were the RA Club Allones LEs for 2015. And the only humidor I found them was the LCDH at the Habana Libre.
  12. Thanks Zathan. Was planning to hit the Villanueva and Habana Libre stores. I will see what they have left. Notice any Cuba REs sitting in stock?
  13. In regard to Talisker, haven't tried the 10 yet but had Talisker Storm for the first time last night. Usually a Laphroaig, Ardbeg drinker. This was a very pleasant dram with more salt water, sea air than smoke or peat. Very smooth though a bit dry on the finish. Could see this as someone's go to very easily.
  14. I would love if someone would explain this phenomenon. It used to be slightly more expensive. It is now more expensive than many older bottles by other distilleries. Increased demand? Decreased supply? What is going on with Lagavulin 16?

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