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  1. If these allegations are true, it won't surprise some of our more outspoken Warner detractors "Those in the hierarchy at CA have been made aware of suggestions that the vice-captain was the chief conspirator and that Smith foolishly agreed"
  2. Epi 2 and Mag 46 - both 2012 from our host. Smithy helped me out. Still have a couple left.
  3. ** WARNING ** Metal covers inbound... Leo Moracchioli's version of Sia's "Elastic Heart" or his version of Adele's "Hello". I might be biased though (39 million views on Youtube )
  4. Great job Fuzz.. Only really been to Sydney once.. Had my wallet stolen in Glebe. Like your version better But man, am I hungry right now!!!
  5. Anyone tried this? AUSTRALIAN GREEN ANT GIN Limited Edition, 42% $109.99 It's got real green ants floating in it! This formigable (sic) and elegant gin offers a constant reminder that Australia has abundant and important native botanicals that many are ignorant about. Bush tucker from the distant past combines brilliantly with Adelaide Hills gin and adds a pleasant fragrant and elegant edge, without being dominant. You shouldn't be reluctant to try it, it's a triumphant celebration of all things extravagant in the new dawn of Australian distilling. We urge you to grab some as we are sure you'll love it and pretty soon the bottle will be vacant! Traditionally favoured by Indigenous societies for their medicinal benefits and protein content, Green Ants display vibrant flavours of Lime and Coriander. This unique bush tucker is hand harvested in the Northern Territory by the Motlop family of the Larrakia people. This product is handcrafted and bottled in The Adelaide Hills. 700mL | 42% Alc/Vol SOMETHING WILD GREEN ANT GIN BOTANICAL PROFILE Australian Green Ants | Coriander & lime like acidity Boobiala | Native Juniper Finger Lime | Citrus with perfume and floral notes Strawberry Gum | Strawberries and leafy herbaceousness Lemon Myrtle | Lemon with leafy herbaceousness Pepper Berry | Spicey notes
  6. Gangemi's posted the following on their mailing list Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin available tomorrow 1st June. Contact us now to reserve one or head on down to the G tomorrow or jump on line tomorrow AM here If you were lucky enough to get one first time around last year you'll be itching to get another and if you missed out then no doubt you will have heard the hype. $94.99 - this will sell out
  7. This was my introduction to Soundgarden and Chris Cornell. Courtesy of Pump Up The Volume stoundtrack
  8. Something international visitors need to be made aware of....
  9. Great acoustic version of this instrumental - excuse the 'hipster-ishness' of the video
  10. Better post my own offering - don't let the cartoony video put you off
  11. DAmn.. you beat me to it. I've been listening to that version, and everything I can get my ears on from Middle Kids, for the past hour.. love it.
  12. I was pretty shocked to hear this... he was only 68. Have been reading some great words about him in The Age.. but his own words described his bowling action perfectly I remember trying to imitate the action once or twice as a kid - something akin to trying perform the butterfly stroke whilst trying to bowl.. not a good look, and usually resulted in a delivery so wide, it should've counted as 2 byes. I grew up with the Aeroguard ad "aveagoodweekend Mr. Walker" and his commentary on the cricket. RIP Tangles

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