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  1. Search ‘tradie underwear’ on YouTube for the way Aussies sell undies your wife might not mind watching the honey badger in action either.
  2. No Landrover, that's because a faulty airbag is the last thing on the 'to be fixed' list. To clarify mine had done over 260,000km atm and is probably worth about 2 cartons of beer. That said its still going strong and the son has it 2,000km from home on a trip this week.
  3. I vote for Sid Vicious version of "I did it my way" over old blue eyes, but then again I'm getting older and grumpier so the angst is relatable .
  4. converted to Islam in the last few days, something about 99 virgins.....
  5. Ditto mate, sending some WA love your way.
  6. Watching "Ferris Bueller's Day off" for the thousandth time and nailed a pretty good version of 'Danke shen' followed up with "Twist and Shout" but interrupted by the dogs barking and howling. No respect for an artist.
  7. Totally agree with those sentiments and I'll be there to watch the Cowboys and the Storm's holy trinity (Smith, Cronk and Slatter) do their thing. Hopefully its a season of fairy tails, restores your faith in this F#@! up world.
  8. We have a Tiger against a Crow, then the Cowboys against a Storm. where does the masturbating cat come in??
  9. Given its finals season in Oz for our football codes, I thought this was about umpires / referees
  10. I just remembered about Race day, more particularly after the races. A line about 100 m long, guys lined up pissing against the fence with backs to the highway. And the young fillies walking bare foot with torn stockings, heels over the shoulder, hats askew and off the to the pub. All class.
  11. Great pictures, brings back some memories as I used to live there 2004-2009. Where's the view from Castle Hill ?
  12. And you forgot to mention that wonder of a hang-over cure, IRN-BRU.
  13. except for the flesh eating sea lice down around Melbourne beaches....but the trick is to keep moving and toughen up. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/08/sea-fleas-lice-australia-injury-video-spd/
  14. "no you're not seeing things, the lower value is the AUD price" - too much...too soon ??
  15. jat

    Sexy Shelves

    power coating - final product is a thermoplastic skin, inert and non-porous. Anodising - effectively an aluminium oxide, still chemically reactive (though the kinetics are very slow) and porous (thick coatings) I'm not planning to put cigars directly on the shelves, that's what old boxes are for. Suggest you do the research to make your own mind up.

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