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    Cigars, travel, enjoying great food & wine with friends, Qld Reds, Tottenham Hotspur, Golden State Warriors

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  1. Dimmers


    Happy birthday Lisa!!!!
  2. Dimmers

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Ace Luca, cant wait to try them out. Tasty!!!
  3. Dimmers

    Happy birthday Ken

    heavily belated birthday wishes Ken :-)
  4. Dimmers

    Happy Birthday to Smithy

    Happy birthday Smithy!!!!
  5. Congrats to Bob on his retirement, well deserved! Big loss to the community though.
  6. Dimmers

    tolkien's final book

    This is ace Ken thanks for the heads up! I'm also a Tolkien tragic from way back, and have even consumed (and loved), the whole history of middle earth series (this sets out early writings etc and evolution of ideas that JRRT continually crafted over his entire life).
  7. ^^ Lol that was hilarious
  8. Dimmers

    Eid-ul-Hajj Mubarak

    Id vote for you Mus!
  9. Aristocrat group buy interesting hmm...
  10. Fantastic! I wish there was a more cost effective way to get such units here in Aus
  11. Old-ish info, but when there Dec 2017 very little found by way of French regionals. Try Art Tabac and Publicis Drugstore, these were my fav of the stores visited. Agree the QdO secretos are rather tasty if you can find them.
  12. Luca sorry just saw this! I've been away from the boards for a while as a much happening on the home front. Sent you a PM.
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