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  1. ..Are these just sitting on a bench also? like, No humidification?
  2. Like I needed another reason to hate the world this morning Rob. Hope your well, And hope to share a cigar with you again someday soon!
  3. Been a long time fan of the XM42. Initially when it was first manufactured they even shipped into Australia as at the time I believe there weren't laws specifically outlining "flamethrowers" as "firearms".. Unfortunately I found this all out about 12 months too late and now I just look and wish..
  4. I'm fairly sure in a previous life I was a Bowerbird.. I seem to have retained the likeness of collecting unusual and shinny things.. Bit of a collector but I'm also a sucker for a project, I guess my current favorite is the one I've just completed. Saw it for sale rather cheap, My limited knowledge told me it was worth 4 times as much restored so I bought it to restore.. 1977 Boosey and Hawkes Imperial Tuba in E-Flat I was to discover later... I did majority of the work myself, Then had the main body chemically cleaned and parts serviced as part of assisted re-assembly.. Turns out it could be worth 20 times what I paid... Rather than 4. Not bad for a winter project.
  5. I'm lead to believe by one of the more recent establishments locally "Fosseys Gin" it has allot to do with tax etc making it an affordable entry. He had planned Rum also but apparently the taxes etc are crippling.
  6. Have been indulging more lately. Just hard getting the good stuff here Enjoy it while there visitting the mrs family however,
  7. It's not true what they say Rob, your a good man. Jealous as, Enjoy all!
  8. Working on it slowly.. I've got allot of the pieces.. And I've got the space now.. It's just balancing the time, Restoration and building with budget My pool table is one of the original 4, Number 1 actually of the 4 original in the "Mildura Working Mans Club" which until it was "Renovated" which by i mean destroyed in the fashion of all traditional clubs to make room for soul destroying pokie machines had the worlds longest bar until 96, A record still not beaten. Couple years ago I was lucky enough to find a 1920's era Copper pool table light also which I've recently had restored mostly, Just needs to be re-wired and polished now.. I've got plenty of other quirky and cool stuff.. Few vintage bikes I'll have around the place also.. Just need more time and money to renovate the garage into a mancave now! And all the other stuff.. But meh. I've got time I think
  9. Feeling it now lads! Contract is drawn, Just sent off my business details.. Signing should happen tomorrow I guess? I've kept it all pretty well secret.. So now the dreaded resignation needs to be quickly considered and I've gotta find the courage to do it o.O I'm a pretty central and important part of the family business I currently work in.. So I've been dreading this awhile..
  10. Kopi or Vietnamese style coffee I'm more familiar with and enjoy, I've made a bundle of Nitro inquiries yesterday and hopefully that's going to be my point of difference when I open! The casual staff thing is something I just clued into between my solicitor and the guy I'm taking over from, Very wise advice! Hear you on the Cigars too Rob and think my biggest weakness is probably that I do get excited and try to do a million things at once! Going to really work on the breaking it down into prioritized steps and coming up with a good business plan around it. " Everything you do will cost twice as much as you think, take three times as long and deliver half the revenue you expect. It is a good rule to work to. " Yeah,, I'm finding that already with expanding equipment and freight etc.. contract fee's and times also... Yikes. Potentially I've considered the delivery side but I know allot of the big orders there are already loyal to other businesses. Council I'm still yet to really delve into.. I've got a few folk in there I know already loosely so I'm hoping I can leverage that and get good advice etc.. the 15 a day thing is great advice too and reinforces something else I'd had in mind to offer a range of $10 combo's of meal and beverage and then always have in house baked items etc available from the $3-$5 mark. I'll post some before and after photos and keep progress notes going possibly, Kitchen is pretty good, Lay out isn't too bad. Just bloody hard keeping everything quiet locally and trying to get balls rolling at the same time.
  11. Yeah my partner is Italian so the coffee has to be top notch or she'll leave pigs heads in my bed, Regardless we're both pretty passionate about food and drink etc I don't think I've seen nitro coffee.. Familiar with cold pressed.. I'll start looking into it! We're definetly very mindful about offering an amazing package as far as great food and drink, Service, Atmosphere. Now more than ever hospitality sector has become what needs to be an experience,
  12. Your speaking my language mate. Cafe already utilizes a very popular locally roasted coffee, I intend once contracts are signed to approach them and discuss a few tweaks to make a slightly stronger signature blend. I've already decided allot of the tables and chairs aren't large enough or comfortable or inviting enough so I'll be replacing them immediately with better options and soon adding a lounge area to make the place overall more inviting. Food quality and local ingredients are something I've made a bit of a name for locally so I'm confident there. There are already some large framed photos of the building in its original scenery some 80 or so years ago that will be in the lounge area. There's a nice rustic brick feature wall across from the bar area with a bar along it I plan to hang an attractive 1948 BSA Bantam from as a feature but not in the way of any potential dining space. Bar etc and rotating well done cocktails etc I'm very keen on doing and enjoy myself. There's an outdoor space I could redevelop as a beer garden the only issue there is timeline vs. money to do it, I've got strong relationships and support from local suppliers etc though so I'm confident that will be both excellent and fantastic once done. Mildura is a strange town, If I've got a strong Cafe scene being open only Thursday to Saturday as a Gastro Bistro wouldnt actually make bad sense here. The early week scene is usually only strong if you have corporate clientele or if your one of the larger businesses in "Feast Street" in town. Otherwise it'd likely be hardly worth doing. As far as art goes, My mother dabbles.. But I'm trying to attract some more artists I like also.. Ofcourse I have a few suppliers of Alcohol keen to give me their advertising stuff too some of which is actually quite attractive.
  13. Fuzz I've told you before, I'm not buying your rubber fists! I don't care how the latex feels..

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