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  1. Used to carry a knife and lighter, since entering human services they just live in my personal car. Private life sometimes I'll still have them on me. I forage, hunt, boxes, letters, fruit etc. Nothing special anymore, had some nice ones stolen so mostly just use quality stuff to purpose or cheap pocket Knives. If I was in USA don't know if I'd carry a sidearm.. find it hard to believe I'd ever be in a situation where it unnecessarily escalated things. Not about to shoot someone over anything below immediate threat of life so don't need to be waving a hand cannon around
  2. If space and money were no object.. I recently got my old man to purchase a 4 burner kitchen aid BBQ.. fairly impressed with the build quality and functionality but its a little low temp on high for my liking so I'm not sure where I'm leaning now. I've been using a Weber q to get by at home, transitional phase in life.. love the high and low.. the build is good, maybe a candidate for future I just like the bbq grill set up with traditional BBQs in aust Occasionally use a charcoal kettle, had been using a charcoal pit that's inbuilt to my outdoor area but its just poorly designed Use a fornicello Occasionally for arrusticini etc due to Mrs heritage.. Have a catering company built around an off set smoker also.. Next couple years when my land settles etc I'm hopeful to build myself a cold smoker again, new pizza oven, few different qs.. money and time.. I'm too good at burning money on motorcycles and guns currently
  3. What a wonderful tradition.. heavenly. I hope to oneday find suitable misfits to do similar.
  4. I've been doing allot of reflecting lately, reminiscing about the old guard of different haunts.. Before I lose myself in a spiralling tangent.. I looked at a long standing post here a few weeks ago and I was saddened. The daily smoke, pages and pages of a hand holding a cigar or a cigar by itself. Cigars are a good vice.. I occasionally use them as a sign I need some time to myself.. but what makes them great is the same thing that makes this community great. It's some of the special people we share this community with. Remember to make time for yourselves, the most of the time you have but most importantly.. make time to share it with other people.
  5. Heya, Chef here.. been in hospitality 15 years..currently it's my side gig catering. I've had a wide variety.. best bang for buck and versatile I recommend victorinox fibrox. German steels, a good medium and fine victorinox or f.dick. All other knives are minimal improvement on work quality and mostly boasting rights/ego. For reference my work kit was victorinox in kitchens i wasn't familiar with and f disks where I knew the other chefs respected others knives. My show off knives are tojiro flash I've got a set of global and other bits also Used just about everything
  6. I'm a jack of many hobbies, master of none. I enjoy finding old things to fix or restore thatre odd.. Play with motorcycles Guns, militaria Video games still occasionally.. Dabble in cooking still, been in hospitality for going on 15 years owned a catering side hustle for a few years now.. Work in human services so enjoy diving into politics, religious and cultural stuff but I try to stay grounded and not get too far into any of that.. Gardening Brewed beer until it was about to become very expensive Etc??
  7. I've always thought lf it as more of an asylum than anything..
  8. I think it's important to be mindful when we spend money on trivial pursuits or entertainment. I'm not a wealthy man, I've scarcely done well paid work but I'm first to offer my vices. I like to remind myself ultimately I was going to literally burn it or piss it against the lemon tree anyway. Something isn't as I expected but within its description that's on me. That said.. I offloaded allot of my stuff before covid, have shifted towards other interests in recent times.. someone smoked 3 of a full Monte 520 and asked for a refund.. needless to say I told them to get burnt and piss off to the lemon tree. Further to this.. I gave away allot of monte 2s. Weren't to my taste so I gifted them. In my eyes.. that money was already burnt. Why not try put it in hands where it could be enjoyed?
  9. There's so many angles on this.. I think the industry needs an overhaul but beyond that I think if your indulging in the service industry and experience quality food or service you should where appropriate recognise that and reward it. How that's done is complicated but should be built in via transparent payments. Mostly.. I think the house should keep its hands out of the tip jar.
  10. I have one of these gifted by a member here for sentimental reasons replacing one I'd bought and smoked as my first Cuban I think. At a minimum the first I had as a recognised and appreciated Cuban As mentioned
  11. Acquired these a few years ago, thought some might enjoy seeing them. Couldn't tell you a lot about them other than I adore them and found it very challenging not to take home the 8 which were available
  12. I dabbled in shisha, ncs, cheap Cubans and flavoured cigars as a youngen, read a cigar czar review on a Cohiba that was incredibly written back in 2006 and in 2007 or 2008 bought that cigar and some others.. went from there. Could reminisce for hours about different things this place has been and taught me since. Was lucky enough to meet some of the stalwarts at a havanathon probably 8 years ago now. Time flies
  13. Initially passed to me by a forum member who unfortunately no longer seems to frequent the place.. it was a dark time for me and surprisingly many a member here I've never met reached out and helped more than they'll know, ole pres included The Serenity Prayer is a prayer written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. It is commonly quoted as: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Originally published: 1951
  14. After a hiatus, Fuzz is definitely one of the names that was immediately familiar again.
  15. I really like the piper ash tray.. not sure why. The lighter is nice also. The Yamaha is Rob's fault. After I saw his bike in Brisbane I wanted to add a little Cohiba to one of mine. I've got some cigar box presses somewhere also, I'll post them next time I'm near them
  16. A sentimental cactus that's followed me around for many years.. every time I move I break a peice off and replant. Flowers once a year, flowers last one day. Originally propagated from a cactus my great aunty had in her garden. It's got a sister now.. I had a kitchen had once, older Italian lady, she washed dishes in resteraunta to be social and busy.. was a millionaire We got talking about my cactus and the next day she bought me a blade of her prickly pear.. that follows me everywhere now too
  17. That's the last thing I put on the road. Lock up your wives I was born to be mild. I had a pretty steezy Jeep 99 grand cherokee not long ago.. but I sold it to get something more robust and bail my old man out of his bad decision
  18. I spent a decade in hospitality as a successful chef then moved into social work a few years ago. I haven't wasted that time, you should see the file human resources has on me. There's a curious marriage between intolerance and free speech which I think has possibly gotten to its lowest in recent times. The world could do with more eastern philosophy and the art of war and less political correctness.
  19. *drives You had me excited on false advertising here. Cars have never really come into the limelight for me, I got into motorcycles early and wasted all my money and time on those so never got into cars.
  20. Few things there I recognise.. Marcos White Heat is a great example of a glimpse into what was once considered the benchmark and shows how quickly food becomes dated and trends change. That said some of the big people in food manage to stay relevant. Rene and Alex are examples I'm particularly fond of.
  21. Salami and Bacon is an easy start. There are good books etc out there.. find a good mentor and a good butcher I've done a bit over the years so anything specific feel free to ask

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