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  1. I've had really good luck with robustos but PCs are another story. Recent Bolivar PCs have been particularly troublesome. I had one box that I'd guess 5 of the sticks had really tight draws. I'm looking forward to trying the fridge trick to see if I can save them.
  2. RonHuber

    Diplomaticos discontinuation?

    Dip 4 was my favorite CC. I say was because I haven't had one in so long. I'm down to the last one in my humi, not sure what occasion will justify lighting it up lol. I'd appreciate a PM about the source. Rob any chance you could help us out?
  3. RonHuber

    Live From The Warehouse Today

    I'll take a box of HQ. E-mail sent.
  4. Isn't Tapatalk primarily for devices with smaller screens than the Ipad like cell phones?
  5. RonHuber

    Live From The Warehouse

    I'll take one. E-mail sent.

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