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  1. Happy Australia Day to both our Ausie mates and us adopted Ausies!!
  2. To my palate, as a general rule, cigars get better with age. Age allows flavors to shine through without the edge or tannins that mask the flavor. PSD4s are the expectation. Those are better young. Aged PSD4s seem to get floral notes I would rather not see in a Partagas. I prefer the earthy peppery power in this stick.
  3. I agree that mild cigars aren’t necessarily poor aging candidates. In particular HU2s were infamously mild when young and in my experience gained both flavor and power with age. Boxes I have start getting good, to my palate, at about 8 years. 01s that were flat are smooth and flavorful now, even in the opinion of buddies that love punchy new cigars. To put some context to the topic of whether the 18/19s will age well because they are smoking well now, I remember a similar concern in 08. My 08s were some of my best at 9/10 years old. I tried to go long on current production and am hoping.🤞
  4. Here’s the link:
  5. I saw a CA rating tabulation. CC received the highest percentage of 90+ scores. If I recall they also had the greatest number of cigars rating 90+ I was surprised.
  6. Prayers for you both and your family. Stay strong.
  7. Interesting. — I must only pick those from known Partagas codes. Thanks for clarification.
  8. I noticed some RASCC with SOU code up for sale on 24:24. I have bought these RA for many years and have always been made at Partagas, as I understand exclusively. This may be a good indication 🤔
  9. Wondering if any fellow code hound dogs have detected what all these new codes are? I saw MAR is EL; TAU is Partagas. I was wondering if anyone has sniffed out what SOU is? Hit some July 20 CoRos. I trust Rob’s eyes and sniffer, never steered me wrong. Just wondering TIA gents
  10. Conn Bs look great. A new favorite for me. They smoke good now and I am hopeful will age well.🤞
  11. 1. Aged La Gloria medal no 1 or early 90s CORO 2. Le Grand S.T. Dupont, blue lacquer

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