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  1. I recently revisited my 2018 box of Bs. For me a very enjoyable medium bodied, flavorful experience. Love them when I first got ‘em; then went flat flavorwise. Seem to be coming out of the dead-period at about 3 years.
  2. I’m with Ken. In my experience Mag 46 are excellent… with age. That’s is, to my palate
  3. Agreed. I find SP flat when young but start to come alive at 5 years and go uphill from there. PIA — I know. Patience is rewarded I found.
  4. Agreed! though best (Goodyear welt) and better SF Italian calf uppers are the “Tramezza” line — among the best. Look for them on sale, that’s the way to go imo. Also Santoini makes killer whole cut oxfords and double monks, again Goodyear welted.
  5. I have a cab I haven’t revisited in awhile. It may be time. Thanks for an excellent review!
  6. Agreed on RyJ and Boli. More recent Cohibas are much better than have been in a long while. I think tobacco strains are different than 90s so probably gone forever 😢
  7. What are you currently smoking that is head and shoulders above other cigars in your inventory? For me it’s: * TUA 21 BRC * TUA 21 BBFs * SOU late 19 Siglo IVs soo much flavor! IVs are strong as well.
  8. Siglo VI certainly wouldn’t suck, but if I was picking on straight pleasure, Lancero.
  9. MSU and TUA Bolivar Royal Coronas - like a long haul train, they just keep rolling!

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