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  1. I recently revisited my 2018 box of Bs. For me a very enjoyable medium bodied, flavorful experience. Love them when I first got ‘em; then went flat flavorwise. Seem to be coming out of the dead-period at about 3 years.
  2. I’m with Ken. In my experience Mag 46 are excellent… with age. That’s is, to my palate
  3. Agreed. I find SP flat when young but start to come alive at 5 years and go uphill from there. PIA — I know. Patience is rewarded I found.
  4. Agreed! though best (Goodyear welt) and better SF Italian calf uppers are the “Tramezza” line — among the best. Look for them on sale, that’s the way to go imo. Also Santoini makes killer whole cut oxfords and double monks, again Goodyear welted.
  5. I have a cab I haven’t revisited in awhile. It may be time. Thanks for an excellent review!
  6. Agreed on RyJ and Boli. More recent Cohibas are much better than have been in a long while. I think tobacco strains are different than 90s so probably gone forever 😢
  7. What are you currently smoking that is head and shoulders above other cigars in your inventory? For me it’s: * TUA 21 BRC * TUA 21 BBFs * SOU late 19 Siglo IVs soo much flavor! IVs are strong as well.
  8. Siglo VI certainly wouldn’t suck, but if I was picking on straight pleasure, Lancero.
  9. MSU and TUA Bolivar Royal Coronas - like a long haul train, they just keep rolling!
  10. I thought the same way as you — until let a cab (remaining part) age about 8 years. It is a way different cigar, very flavorful and balanced, with notes of that Carmel and honey I like.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DI!! Hope you indulge in celebration. Enjoy.
  12. Happy Birthday Prez! You and Princess of War do some serious painting the town, aka city, red.
  13. I haven’t tried any in sometime, so I too am interested in your and Ken’s opinions. I really enjoyed a box of 15s and 08s that are now ash. i gave some to a number of mates and all, to a man, like them. Some bought boxes for themselves. I put a couple more recent coded boxes down for aging. In general, I like em.
  14. I really like the LeGrand in Blue But some of the reviews suggest they scratch very easily. That would be a concern. In your experience is this true?
  15. Happy Australia Day to both our Ausie mates and us adopted Ausies!!
  16. To my palate, as a general rule, cigars get better with age. Age allows flavors to shine through without the edge or tannins that mask the flavor. PSD4s are the expectation. Those are better young. Aged PSD4s seem to get floral notes I would rather not see in a Partagas. I prefer the earthy peppery power in this stick.

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