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  1. Not sure if there is one left. I only see 4 claimed. I available I would like one.
  2. I think these are available, but hard to tell on a phone. If so I will take them. RA Gorditos -LRE MAR 10 -HQ Box A Price USD$145 AUD$363 includes delivery Reply to this post first then email Lisa.
  3. betadawg

    Humidor Planning

    I started out with a couple desk tops, added a couple of coolers, moved up to a end table size cabinet, added a tower cabinet and finally got smart. Last year I picked up a 350 bottle wine cellar on ebay, added a new cooling unit (also controls humidity fairly well) and now I have storage for hundreds of boxes or 6-8 bodies. I wish I had went this route when I first started out.
  4. Damn, I almost had it! I knew I shouldn't have given my wife that 20 to go shopping.
  5. betadawg

    6 x 38 Customs

    How about the Lisancero or Petit Lisancero if you prefer?
  6. betadawg

    Online Humidor

    I love the locker. My only complaint. 4.Upon receiving your request for long term storage of your order, we will select the cigars, photograph the boxes and record the box code before setting up a purchase file under your Online Humidor Account. You will be able to access exactly what you are storing inclusive photo's and box codes. We will not store single cigars. The Professor has the answer.
  7. betadawg

    LGC Deliciosos

    Recent purchase

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